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Flirting Mistakes

Flirting might be lots of fun but it is also loaded with dangerous pitfalls for both men and women. Fall into any of these traps and you won’t receive another phone call from your date. Don’t be … [Read more...]

6 Dating Tips For Women

People generally think that women don't have any trouble dating. They get noticed, they get hit on, they get asked out and it seems dating is easy for them. The truth is, however, that women do … [Read more...]

Before You Call Your Man — Read this Book!

Ladies... have you ever WANTED to call a man you like.... but worried endlessly about whether it was the right thing to do? Or, have you ever called a man and later regretted it? Calling Men is … [Read more...]

Are You Meant to be Together?

Are you single, lonely and frustrated? Are you looking for a special someone? Want to know who is around the corner?Dating & Confused? Let me help... So begins the introduction to Psychic Mark … [Read more...]

Dating in the Modern World

As human interaction decreases, so go our social skills. This is what makes dating such a difficult task the modern era. It begins with the problem of how to meet new people, in our small world's … [Read more...]

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships CAN be successful. Everyone is different and some adapt well to long distance relationships whereas others are unable to cope. It often comes down to your upbringing. … [Read more...]