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6 Dating Tips For Women

6 Dating Tips for Women

People generally think that women don’t have any trouble dating. They get noticed, they get hit on, they get asked out and it seems dating is easy for them.

The truth is, however, that women do struggle with dating sometimes. Sometimes they see a guy they’re immediately attracted to and they don’t know what to do. They might feel that they don’t have enough confidence to ask him directly, or are unsure how he might respond.

Yes, women are incredible observers and they do know what they want from men, but dating can be difficult for them too.

What I decided to do is go ahead and list some simple tips for women that will make them more attractive and desirable in the eyes of men.


  1. Always look good.

    This is extremely important. Men are mostly visual and they do care about how a woman looks. Women are naturally pretty, but a bit of nice, tasteful makeup and a good hairstyle will make men go wild.

  2. Don’t tell men too much at first.

    You might not know this, but men love enigmatic women. They want you to be a mystery. They want to be able to try to guess you. They want you to be secretive.

    If you tell men everything about yourself the moment you meet them, there’s going to be nothing left to keep them interested.

  3. Less is more.

    I am sure you’ve heard people say that you want to leave men wanting more. This is crucial. You don’t want to spend hours upon hours with someone you just came across, because if you do that, there’s not going to be much of that mystery we just talked about.

    Keep your days short and sweet and try to stay in control. Be independent and, most importantly, be yourself.

  4. It’s OK to be a little late.

    You never want to turn up early for your meeting. Instead, what you want to do is show the man that you’re interested in having a relationship with him, but only if he’s good enough for you. Remember, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

  5. Don’t wait for him to call you.

    When you had a great meeting with a man, he’s probably crazy about you. There’s no reason for you to wait for his call. Surprise him by being the first one to respond, you might find him more responsive to a proactive girlfriend.

    Even if he doesn’t call or if he doesn’t take your calls, don’t get yourself down. Go out. Meet other people. Enjoy yourself!

  6. Have fun.

    There’s probably nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who laughs and smiles naturally. When you have fun, you’ll naturally, and almost effortlessly, become the woman of his dreams.

    He’ll think about your smile all the time, if you have fun on that date, so don’t stress and enjoy yourself.

There you go. These quick and easy steps will not only get you more dates, but will cause you to be very attractive to almost any man you meet. Try them, you’ll quickly see how effective they are.

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