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Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers

I just came across a post on “A Soldier’s Perspective” discussing a rather disgusting and disturbing trend that has guys posing as soldiers on Internet dating sites. Here’s the quote from CJ’s:

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

The BIG red flag here is that the guy is asking for money. NEVER fall for that con.

If you come across anyone on a dating site who is asking you for money, regardless of the reason; block them immediately from further contact and then report them to the internet dating service.

You can also check out who is really behind their email address…

AND / or their telephone number…

To read specific details about about one incident, read CJ’s post “The New Military Dating Scam“.

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  1. Elizabeth Lehman says:

    It really bugs me that there are people out there that do this to us. I searched for James Nanu everywhere and many find anything on him. He has and profile with two pics I ask him for a new one and his office is acting up.just bugs me bad I’ve deleted him and blocked him but whatever that was talking on the net is very convincing of his love and devotion to us. Thank the Lord I did not fall for this. He uses the Lord to try and pull you in.

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      Elizabeth – yes actually they really anger me. I know the funds they get from everyone is used to fund terrorists, for their own personal use, and I even had one tell me right out once he used money he got from scamming to party with. Wow – now how does that sit with you. To know you sent your hard earn money so he could dance and drink all night . I have studied scammers and how they operate for 4 years now. Yes they are convincing, because this is their job. Scamming is pretty much accepted in these African countries and is looked upon as just a job. They learn a little about you and so use the info to their advantage. Like if they learn your religious, then they appear to you to be the same. Good you blocked and delted him. That really is the best thing to do.

  2. I have a neighbor who is being scammed for the last 4 years. It breaks my heart to hear her tell me stories and believe them. I’ve tried to gently imply he’s scamming her. Nothing seems to be working.
    I only know the name she calls him. Peter S Rodriguez
    She says he’s in the “Marines” and is stationed in Somalia.
    From what I’ve read, he is using almost all the scams I’ve seen on here.

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      Lori – Of course she is being scammed. You can see it. I am sorry for your neighbor. She is most likely unable to accept in her mind she has been conned for such a long time. It is devastating. You could show her this site and let her read a lot of the posts here. You know there is a saying, you can lead the horse to the trough but you can’t make him drink. You can google his name and see what comes up online. You can google the pic’s he has posted ( most likely stolen) on “Images” in google also. Check these on Sca,, and and see if they have been reported. If you find evidence he has been reported, by all means show her. It will be for her own good in the long run. There are questions he can be asked as taught to us on this website, like what is his MOS, his APO address, what is his dot Mil ID ( these end only in dot Mil.) not in dot com. The name of the Military camp he is stationed in. Last as far as I know, we have no Military in Somalia. I hope she will open her eyes and see the truth.

  3. cindy gere says:

    ok my story talk about a waper people I am so happy found your site ok here dos I thguth I would check out on tagged find me a real man warrior or so special Forsed man ok ya right they don’t exist right ya well I wound up with this so called genral ya a real so called person named ( Gorge Eugean Tomuse or so I thougt ya he was very good looking in the picks and he things that was told to me wow I fell hook line and siker ok so then he is telling me is going to come see me meet me here in Michigan ya and I am going to be his wife I was so taken it was not funny at all I totally believe every thing he told me then hes telling me I need to accept this pacage and he has things in it to send me so I believe it or not sent him my address talk about stupid I had no idea this was not the genral at all it was a freeking fake,, the pick look so real and all the images looked so good well I had a buddy of mine tell me his due is form the texas nationa gard unit air force I sead what he sead look at the pick hun its up in the corner so I did and doun louding the real images wow this was a real man alive and well today shoked the crap out of me,, I was still taling to the fool yap and so this pacage almost arrive in americn yep with about 9000 in side it got stoped in panima and I was so called saved so then I stoped all transactions and made it clear I was not going to go any frather with this fool. he got the message I almost called the fbi I was so mad but did not now I get on the site and expose these fakes to other buy reporting them to any one they talk to ya I thguht I had a big fish but had no fish at all.. I felt so incredibly stupid I tried to get ahold of the real genral from the texas military but sad to say they get so many of this kind of thing I bet and are sick of it they just wont to do there job and not some pr crap

  4. Does anyone know of colonel kelvin Morgan , also goes by name lt desousa or desousa Says he’s in afghan kabul. At camp phoenix and he is US soldier, I thought soldiers sent home to US, are there any still remaining that do not choose to be there He is asking for money, sends me poems I have some photos he sent me, I’m sure he’s a scammer how do I find out please
    Met him a while ago online mil date site.

    • Sally says… There is no soldier in Kabul by that name

    • Flossy go to An it shows all kind of military soldiers pictures. An as far as your scammer Kelvin Morgan. He tried to scam me. It never happened, He had so many emails it was awful. Don’t get yourself caught up with all that Baby, I need you, Yea it all sounds so good. Just be safe.

    • how do you really find out who and were someone is and how to tell if scammer, have one asking for food stuff to be sent ,and a bible . which have no problem doing . but is now saying he needs 250.00 to fill out forms to come home , have spoken to others that say they had to pay even though they are already out , and they can prove they were in service. Im not wanting to made fool of , but if this man is for real then want to help this man has sent pictures and said he got in trouble for doing so. His name is Sgt. Major William Babcock Smith and is now station in Africa
      can you help me with this please

  5. Hello does any one know name of colonel kelvin Morgan, US soldier in kabul afghan at camp phoenix thought all soldiers sent home. Can anyone find out if any mil still at camp phoenix, asking me for money, says he’s not allowed to go on skype, or webcam on yahoo.

  6. My question is this gentlemen I came across on dating site says that his wife cheated on him, started using drugs and is now in jail. He is on deployment in Kabul, Afghanistan in peace keeping. Of course, he already adores me. He is telling me that his mom who recently had a stroke, can’t drive or walk. He wants me to help him get a checking account open for him for her. His son is living with his mother. He needs to hire a nanny and get some money to them. He is so worried over them and doesn’t want them to lack for anything. He is planning to retire next month so he says. He can’t use the phone because of security reasons. He wants a debit card and online banking so he can monitor the account for himself. I understand him to say that his money will go to the bank under direct deposit. All I have to do is put the starting fee to open the account which is $25. He plans to give me some of his money from the account monthly. Which would be very useful since I am no working at the present time. He wanted me to check into USAA. He wanted me to use his name. Of course, they said he would have to go online and set it up for himself but he needed another account to transfer the money from. I checked into Bank of America and they would seem to help. When I gave him the information about what Bank of America wanted to open account. He just sorta like change the conversation and wanted me to give him all the bank names nearby. I didn’t tell him about my bank for safety. That way he can contact his paying officer with the banking info and see if there was one on his list to deposit the money into. Which I tried to tell him that all the bank around here are small and local. He was really hoping for a military account. He did want to put $10 thousand in my bank account and use it. But, I said “No”. Even though very little is in it if any at all. So now I am waiting for him to contact me as to what he has next for me to do. He is on a time limit because he in the planning stages with the army for “mission?”. No idea what that is. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on this. He did send a few extra pictures on my email for me to open. I opened a yahoo mail account just for emails from the guys. I have been chatting with more than one. I have deleted some already because I knew there plans. Any advise?

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      To Gay – yes my advice to you is delete and block ASAP. He is trying to use ALL the scamming options these hoodlums use on you all at once. He’s hoping if one doesn’t work on you maybe another one will. I have seen all these options at one time or another he is trying to use.

    • Hi Gay, I hope you do not give that man any kind of banking info. routing numbers, I have been asked to do that for a few men that call there self suppose to be military. I do no one thing for sure these people do alot of money laundering, guess what if you would get caught with money in your acct, The scammer is not responsible, you will be the one in trouble. An all that stuff about sending money to anyone that is in the military..Is a lie The military pays for anything those soldiers need, please.!! do not listen to that. How i no much about this. is i have 5 relatives active duty right now, I started asking alot of questions. Then i went to a army recruting place. an they said the same thing. Those so called soldiers are full of BS..!!..Please don’t get scammed. I wish i knew the name of this guy or had a pic. I have talked to 3 guys so far that asked me the same thing. Opening acct’s all you need is $25.00. It maybe someone i have talked to..There is a site called Romance.Com. You will be surprised of people you will see. Even google their name, email address, IP address. Any name they give. I found alot of my so called male friends there. Be safe. If you can let me no how things go. Please..!!..THEY GOT THAT CHARM…Thanks

  7. Met Kirk James, from TX, yesterday. By this evening I was his one and only.
    He will be coming “home” in February.

    I offered to send a care package…suddenly he is off to GHANA…and after 20 minutes of chatting asks for TWO I-phones; one for him and one for his “commanding officer”. This was the first clue I picked up on and I am sure there were many I missed, as I was totally charmed.

    Within minutes, I had his list, which included an I Pad, two pair of Jordan sneakers in size 8 and 9…the pictures sent were of a totally handsome “widower” that was at least 6’3″…

    I responded that I have bigger feet than he….and told him never to contact me. These scammers have a special place in hell reserved for them.

    Although not military, I received THREE emails from men that co-facilitated with a famous financial wizard…all bailed out in Aberdeen, Scotland to become fund managers.

    If you are on a dating site, do not give your personal e-mail until you know whom you are talking to. Never send money. I was totally charmed and luckily was knocked to my senses with such an expensive and ludicrous list. THEN it really dawned on me that Military supplies what soldiers need.

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      To Barb – I found Texas to be one of their favorite places to be from. He is using two first names for given name and surname which they commonly do. He’s planting the seed he will be “home” soon so your thinking you will meet him fairly soon. You can’t send a care package as he has no APO address since he really is not Military and also we have no troops being sent off to Ghana. Your his one and only because he wants to scam you. He needs Jordan sneakers ?? So funny. These are just some of the ludicrous signs. Love how his commanding officer needed help with a phone, who’s salary is possibly more than the two of you put together. I am highlighting these points for the benefit of others out there. I am so happy Barb you saw through all this baloney.

  8. Hi,

    I never thought I would be writing a post about a person claiming to be in the military and not being in the military. I met Sgt. Adam Brown Army on OkCupid his yahoo id is and his OKCupid id is actionmannadam. I told him that I have family in the military. He kept his story simple and mildly believable, so far he hasn’t directly asked for money but he wanted me to send a grant request email to Colonel Eric Morrison with the US Army at to get the request started. Today Colonel Eric Morrison has stated that its mandatory for any family or friends to make a registration fee of $750 to complete all processing charges and taxes this is according to code of conduct of the United States Army. after confirmation and submission of registration fee, I will then be provided with a family and friends form which will be filled and forwarded back to them and also the original scanned copy of the approved grant. when I questioned Sgt. Adam Brown and asked to forward the email to his dot mil email id he left the chat room. He’s supposedly from Tennessee, moved to Kansas, is currently stationed at Fort Bragg NC. because everything was kept in the states it didn’t throw any red flags. the occasional backwards sentence structure was strange but it was understandable when he’s logging in really quick just to say hi and check on me. I’m trying to figure out how to report him before he really hurts someone or steals money.


    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      To Theresa – Right here is a start for reporting him. If he sent you an email you could try looking up the ip header number and see where his email is being sent from. Most likely he is not in the States but it is hard to say without investigating the header info. You can google the name he is using and see what comes up on the internet if anything and if he has a picture, you can google it under images and see what comes up on that also. If you find info that suggests he is trying to deceive then go to and and report him there. I don’t believe what he is asking you for is a legitimate transaction in the Military. You can always contact your local recruiting office and ask them if they have such a policy also. I once had a form that had to do with being a beneficiary and I took the form to their office whereby they had a good laugh….lol.

  9. Hello Ladies,

    After reading all your word and conversation,
    I truly believe I was scammed just recently by a soldier named “Leo James” who claimed he serve in army in afghan. Will retired and be sent back to US by next month. I pay lot for his tax.
    What ever, he still saying he will be send back on next Tuesday. What we gonna do.

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      To Mei – sorry for whatever it was you lost. I’m not sure what you mean by “his tax”. The Military takes care of their own. Everything. Civilians don’t pay anything for the troops. If he is retiring next month then he has to have been in for 20years, no less than that. He is gearing up to asking you for more it appears to me. I’ll tell you what you should do and that is delete and block ASAP.

    • Look on military romance scams. I bet you will find him,

  10. I’ve been chatting via email and phone with someone who told me he was a staff sergeant and wanted me to receive his luggage at my home. I’m not sure if anyone has ever been asked to do such a thing?

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      TO BECCA – YES I HAVE !! Many times this one has been tried on me and just recently, actually by one who goes by the name of Michael Ford.
      Never accept boxes, trunks, or packages, or luggage from these people. It can contain almost anything. VERY dangerous to have these articles delivered to your home address, not to mention the fact you are giving out your HOME ADDRESS to someone you have not met in person !!! You could be accessory to some very illegal activity, or even the victim of terrorist’s. The troops bring their belongings home with them. Be very careful in what you do.

  11. I too, have been taking with a scammer. The name he uses is Everything that has been discussed on this website he has said to me one time or another. I did sent money for the phone cost, but that has been all. He even told his “sister” to chat with me on Yahoo messenger. It took me 3 weeks to find out the truth by doing a image search of his picture. That’s how I found out about these scams.

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      To Tanny – sorry you lost the phone money but least you found the truth. Googling names and pictures are one of the first things I do. I can find out what I want to know sometimes right away. I then check out what scamwarners or romancescam has on file. Fortunately for me I pretty much know right off the get-go by their names, location the ip header gives me if I can get them to email me, and what the contents of the conversation is.

    • tamika belt says:

      I just met just yesterday! Have been speaking to him since yesterday..who also showed pics of his son,daughter,sister and his sister daughter..I knew something wasn’t right! I am in contact with this scammer…

      • Just be glad you found out the truth so quickly. I have been talking with him for about a month. Now, after seeing your post, that’s over. Funny, he didn’t have a daughter. But I do. I’m sure be used her picture to send to you. He got me for 900.00 dollars. I was stupid enough to help his “starving” sister and pay for phone calls.

  12. Has anyone come across a claims to be special forces in Nigeria , tells me his parents died when he was young, ex wife killed in car crash and 2 kids living in usa with relatives

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      To Ella – This sounds like the typical form the scammers use. Ask the questions outlined on this website if you want. Like MOS, dot mil email address for instance. If he makes up an excuse not to give this info, then he fake. I am 99 percent sure he is a scammer. Only Military I know of sent to Nigeria was to help locate the girls abducted by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria several months ago. I seriously doubt these men have time to look for romance online. If he asks for anything monetary then you’ll know for sure, scammer, and block.

      • Ella u need to contact me asap .. I have been talking to this david Sullivan told me parents died when he was young, his wife died from leukemia, I actually sent money for a leave request and flight tickets now he wanting more money saying hes in jail , after his flight to Dubai.. started talking to him on nov 5th.. wow claiming he loves me so much and cant live with out me..omg…. im sick to my stomach, I have quit my job and was wanting a life with him.. im so stupid…

        • Margaret Rodgers says:

          To Bekka – So very sorry you got sucked into this trashy scammers lies.Makes me sick too every time I see it on here. The Military takes care of their own. They do not ask civilians to pay for leaves or anything else for that matter. A leave is granted by the number of days on his books that he has earned similar to the way you accumulate time off on your job. They do not pay to have a leave. Your not alone Bekka so don’t blame yourself too much. They look for women who want love and hope they will buy the story they give them. They only want the money. It is just considered another job in their country and they will tell you anything to get your cash away from you. Im very sorry. Read the posts submitted on this website. Now for your own sake, delete this scrounge and block him.

          • thank you for your reply, this has really been bothering me .. getting me very down.. to look at all his pics, he don’t even look like the type of person to scam anyone.. but who knows if that’s even the real guy??? ughhh live and learn I guess right??? Im so done…

  13. Rodger Stansell in the Army. Stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. But currently in Zambian Forrest somewhere in Nigeria. Supposedly!
    He poses as if he were a WO4 20 years in and about to retire. But his pictures he send are all with the rank of specialist or Lance corporal. It’s a good thing I come from a military background or I would probably bought into his scam. As his English had very few errors and his story was quite convincing. But after two weeks his “mom” was in need of financial help and he loves me. So I vetted him and said I do not send money to men that I meet online unless he meets with me in person. Nor would I expect a 20 year vet at a WO4 pay grade to need such minimal assistance like cash for his mom who is a missionary also in nigeria. Red flag, he stole all of Specialist’ Stansell’s personal pics and was sending them to me. I could clearly see his deception as I continued to test him by playing along. I hope the real Rodger Stansell in the Army is aware that his name and ID has been used. The scammed went as far as to give me Lewis McChord As his joint Base in Utah and that he was with the 11th AVM. I presume that I was using too big of a vocabulary for the scammed to truly understand what I meant. He started to get bold even after I stated that I’m a former computer networks engineer for the military and he still asked me to send money. I don’t care if you’ve fallen madly in love with me, but unless you’ve put a ring on it, I don’t hand out cash donations of hundreds of dollars and wore it to a man I’ve never met. Hope Rodger Stansell can get informed that a scammed is using his name. Good luck ladies. This scammed is a good silver tongued devil.

  14. Margaret Rodgers says:

    TO Concerned In Plano – Please – you have a scammer. The Military pays for everything needed. Block and delete asap.

  15. Young female soldier Lanie Thurman on various dating sites and on Facebook. Very good cover story, but the bad English and the rapidity with which “she” became attached was a dead giveawy.

    That darned US Army won’t even pay for its soldiers to come home on leave, did you know that? ;) I just hope Ms. Thurman finds out this is happening. I don’t know if there’s anything she can do, but she can definitely lock down her online profiles so no more photos can be stolen.

  16. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To Jan
    Before any Military personnel can retire he must have 20 yrs of service in. You might casually ask how long he has been in but do not give him that information. See if he trips up. A couple of the tips we were given on this website is to ask for their MOS, and a dot mil email id. All service personnel are given one. It will not end in .com. These are permitted to give out. If he gives you an excuse not to reveal it then that is a red flag. Since you have a name,and supposedly a birthdate and residence, you could go online to one of the website’s available and search the info. I had to frown when he said he lost his wallet. Not sure but I don’t think they take such items on patrol. They have id tags and name on clothing. It just doesn’t sound right to me. Sorry but my gut instinct says scammer.

  17. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To Deborah
    Yes you definitely have a scammer. The “Agent” he is referring to is usually someone who works in a Western Union store and helps the scammers collect the funds coming in. They are in on the scam and receive a percentage of what comes in. Nigeria is high on the risk list for known crime along with Ghana, Benin, and Malaysia just to name a few.

    • Thanks Margaret.., I have known it for some time now. But., he does not know that I know. It’s been a year now. I have enjoyed our conversations. They truly know what to say to a girl. And how to get really engaged in a conversation. I believe that when you treat good people bad.., bad things will happen to you. “God does not like ugly”. I am going to miss talking to a stranger.(not)

    • Margaret., how can you find out if some is actual military without a SSN . I think I may be wasting my time and I know he’s a scam. Maybe it’s just my hurt pride talking to me. I shared a lot with this person. So now I have fraud alerts on all of my personal info., I am getting a lot of fake calls from loan places(people with accents). I don’t. Pick up the phone. I must report to you though.., since I had this so called agent blocked from my phone., I have not heard from MSGT. Huynhadams. Hummmmmm., wonder why that is. Could they be one in the same?. Do you have any other suggestions of protections that I can do. Deborah.

  18. Has any one been writing to Master Sargent Huynh Adams. Email : I have for sometime now. This person is a total scam. Supposed with died in an accident ., one son with his grandmother. Has used up his allotment to them. He have been trying to retire from the military since last year but they c
    Keep holding him. (Supposed sniper). This guy will ask you for money, and has an agent for you to send it to in Nigeria . Ladies…, Watch out!!!!!. He talks a very smooth game . And will fall for you in a minute. Just checking to see if anyone else has heard from him. Pictures on the internet are probably fake and stolen. Nice looking guy though.., but fake just the same. WATCH OUT ladies. DW

    • concerned in plano says:

      I have a Freddie David Don who I have been communicating with over the past few weeks. He says he is in Afganastan. Been in the army for 20 years, going to retire. If I want him to come home early, I pay the trip back and they pay me back in 3 days. I have been requested to western union money to someone in Revere Massachusetts. I have gotten some very credible emails from the Army Transit consultant. Could this be possible that I would need to pay nearly 2000 to fly him back?

      • I would be willing to bet that 99.9% of the guys/gals that you women/men are asking about are SCAMMERS! One should not have to send ANYONE in the MILITARY MONEY! END OF STORY! But y’all go on ahead and mortgage your house and send him money to get home on or money for his son that is staying with his grandmother because his wife died. It’s the SAME STORY EVERY TIME! People GET A CLUE!

  19. Margaret Rodgers says:

    To Janet H
    I need to know if your post is directed to me. I do not know a Juan Martinez or anyone using the email id of Badass_78. I also am not familiar with this KIK so I do not know what they can do. I would however print the header info from his threatening email and turn it over to all law enforcement agencies. Sorry I do not understand how I am connected to his email.
    Now I would like to let all know that most civilians have left SYRIA if they HAVE BEEN ABLE TO, and there are only SYRIAN soldiers there fighting off the ISIS invasion. There are no other outside troops deployed there. Please do not believe anyone who says they are stationed there and please do not send funds there. You could be aiding terrorist. This Country is totally torn apart by war/ Don’t send money to anyone. Money to Nigerian scammers is funneled off to Boko Haram terrorist. Stay off Badoo, it is 95 percent scammers.

  20. How do I know if I am being scammed? I would like to check if there is a Capt. James Manson, Captain US army in Kabul, Afghanistan. He said he was getting ready to retire, and has had multiple delays on his coming back to the states. He say they have been their almost two years and he has been orphaned, never married, and has no one. We have been talking for about 6 mos. and he seems very sweet. He said he is most recently from Austin, TX. His birthdate was Nov. 3 and he will turn 50 this year. He will not give me an address and has asked for money after he lost his wallet while in a firefight out on patrol. If anyone know anything about him please let me know.

    • Annie Velasco says:


      Don’t believe him just let him go. I spent 6 months talking to someone who said he was from Texas as well. He was very sweet as well. He wouldn’t give me an address to send care packages and was also involved in firefights. Didn’t say he lost his wallet there, but that doesn’t matter. Who needs a wallet in the middle of the desert any way. If he is getting ready to retire then the military will send him home when his time comes. He will have time to get his retirement together and do all of his out processing. It doesn’t take any money from him to get back home. It is a scam and could be the same guy that was contacting me. You never know. Just wish him well. If you ever meet him in the future and in person that is a different thing. I spend 7 months in the desert during the Persian Gulf War and didn’t need money for anything. The military takes care of its own.

    • Wendy Crew says:

      I have recently become in contact with a Staff Sergeant David Lewis, who has miraculously fallen head over heels in love with me in just 2 days!!! Right there I was skeptical of the guy, but unfortunately I had wired him money, for a SAT Phone through Western Union to a Cheri Sloan in the Amount of $255.00 US Dollars, we have spoken a few times on the phone and he sounds like he has a Texas Accent, Now that we have spoken twice on the phone, he wants me to get him out via Transit Leave and I have to pay an amount of $850.00 US Dollars, This is where I started to ask questions, I do not believe this guy and even believe that this guy has stolen the identity of a real solider. I have contacted the real US Military and attached the “so called” Transit leave email I had received after emailing the US ARMY COUNCIL and or asking if this information is legit, they said they will get back to me in 24 hours. I am not telling him anything of what I did, but if the army tells me this is not their communication, I will have no choice but to block this smooth talker forever. he also has said “he wants to marry me when he gets here”, and “that he will take care of everything when he arrives”, “I have nothing to worry about” ect. the list is endless, of sweet nothing….I have a good feeling this is too good to be true, and I’m usually right, he has even said “he felt like crying” because he is in a war zone and has no friends….just a really lonely and sad man who does “Radio Patrol” and “Officers Mess” if any of this sounds familiar please let me know!

      • Margaret Rodgers says:

        To Wendy Crew – I sure hope you did not fall for any of that baloney. I’ve had it all pulled on me, including the “I have no one story” and “i’m crying” line also. So annoying as it is a ploy to make you feel sorry for them and make you vulnerable to pity whereby their hoping to break you down to “give, give, and give. The real troops are close and are buddies, trust me. This is a scammer. Delete and block.

  21. I met a guy on this dating site and two weeks into instant messaging he said he loved me. I told him I wanted to send a care package to him and he started telling me to send a phone clothes watches ect. He said he could not access his account he claims to be stationed in Syria but cannot provide an apo address in the states. I started doing my research and found out that there is no army base in Nevada where he claims to be stationed. People watch out for sgt bailey collins William. Every red flag is going up about him. He also wanted me to send money to him. Thank goodness I didn’t. Really broke my heart that someone could be so cruel as to use oir soldiers like that. Pathetic.

    • Margaret Rodgers says:

      To Lisa – I am sorry this is a scammer. We have no troops deployed to Syria as of this date.

      • Elizabeth Lehman says:

        How about a James Nanu, in Kabul claiming to be from Florida, coming home soon…..I want to know how do I find out if he is real

  22. Any one heard of Scott Alvin Newbury…he is scanner…claiming to be in Sudan…almost had me believing…

  23. Annie Velasco says:

    There are a few people working together to scam you:
    The so called Soldier – someone is impersonating CPT Michael Hannett, uses email address: and phone #: 1110440602. This # was used for text messaging purposes, I never spoke to him on the phone.
    He says there are a few diplomates assisting him so they contact you for money:
    Diplomat Maxwell Kwateng (stated he was from Holland) uses the email address: and phone #s: 267-396-1430 and 233279363491 when he would call me from Ghana. Supposedly he picked up a package from CPT Hannett then booked his flight to the USA to deliver the package to me. His first stop from Afghanistan was Ghana, then Belgium then the USA. This is believable but then the package gets caught up in Customs, again believable. I am asked to send money to help get the package released. I didn’t for weeks and then after much begging from CPT Hannett I helped thinking he had no one else to help and he would repay me. Yes I did get scammed after communicating with who I thought was a soldier deployed in Afghanistan for six months. I did send money and this is some of the banking information I was given. I am sharing it with you in case you see something like this and stop yourself before you actually do send the money. You might be told you will get contacted by the bank manager and to let him know you are investing in land in Ghana. Crazy but it is a long drawn out story that I got caught up in, it was so believable.



    IN FAVOR OF: (Beneficiary)

    ADDRESS : P.O. BOX CT 4047
    ACCOUNT NUMBER :1050190037772


    A so called Diplomat – Dennis M. – uses a phone # 32466308925, states he is in Belgium and travels to Switzerland, also used the phone # 01132466308925, uses the email address He was supposedly assisting CPT Hannett with items being sent to me through Belgium that got caught up with customs and fines were imposed to release the package so that he could deliver it to me personally. I was asked for money about $26,000 but I didn’t send anything. I actually had family helping me to find these scammers and we did on the Military Romance Scammers site. Use it if you think you might be getting caught up in something that is too good to be true.

    I am not a desperate women. I started out with what I thought was a military soldier pen pal and nothing more. I offered to send care packages but was told he couldn’t get mail. He was a special forces military police officer. Well, I thought all soldiers received mail one way or another so I should have known better. I am educated and ex military myself. I used so many different ways to question the guy and to try to get him to mess up. I even asked what dining facility his soldier ate at for his unit at the Army Base he was stationed at. It was one that I had done my own tour at and he gave me one that was believable and existed and pretty quickly during an IM. So he has help to research and provide quick answers to questions. It was really crazy. There were times he used terminology that I felt weird about but thought he might just be tired and shortening some words like you do when you text. I should have gone with my gut at that time. I didn’t so I will pay the price for years to come.

    Ladies and gentlemen, be cautious. If you can’t meet them in person then don’t continue with what you believe to be a relationship. Just tell them to contact you when they return from deployment. There are so many real people out there that you can meet in person so why not take your chance face to face.

    Good luck.

    • Special Forces is Special Forces, they don’t have MPs (Military Police officer).
      I know this for certain. My husband is SF and was an MP before he went into SF. They are completely separate. Cannot be both at the same time.

  24. I met a man who claims to be in Kabul Afghanistan name Roger Handson email and rog_handson1212@yahoo. Com he always came online at 2-3 am we talked for a few weeks and I was impressed then last night he started telling me he wanted me to do some email so he could come home. He knew I am a disabled single mom and stressed he was ashamed for asking me to do this because it would cost $800 for BTA I asked what BTA was as I was googling it myself. When I told him I was informed that bta is a scam he got very angry told me I didn’t trust him and that he had to go. I found his name in a scammer list and emailed it to him. I informed him how sad it is to not only seek out women like prey but to top it off he pretended to be in the army what a disgrace

    • hi which scammers list did you find him on please? i have a friend who i am positive is been scammed, told her my doubts ( every single thing points to been a scammer been in love with her after a few chats, wanting to retire early from the miltary and needing £1000 to do so, having no family apart from a boy he adopted, wanting money for a plane ticket to come see her, then getting stopped at the airport and missing his flight and needing more money for another ticket, money for his son who is ill,and now wanting to marry her loads and loads of stuff) she believes everything he has told her, she has never met him or spoke to him on the phone only via facebook, i have tried googling his “name” but get nothing back, he also has an agent who emails her telling her what he needs, please help dont want her getting hurt any more than she is already

      • Margaret Rodgers says:

        To Jemma – Wow first I am sorry your friend is being scammed. She needs to read the posts on this website. I say wow as I don’t think I have ever read a post before that listed almost all the deviant ways they use to scam a poor unsuspected person. Every one you have mentioned is a tool they use. As stated before, the Military takes care of all the needs of the enlisted person. No fee’s for leave, or retirement, or to come home. You can go to or . You can report scams to both of these sites and you can go there to view all that has been reported. The agent you mentioned is sometimes them themselves or a person who is working with them. Many times they work in Western Union or Moneygram stores and collect the money and receive a portion collected for themselves. Anyway they are ALL crooks. This is just a job to them and they do not care who they hurt. Their goal is just to collect the money. Often times, sadly, this money goes to Terrorists. Try and remember that….

  25. Addition to the add just placed. He is on Facebook.

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