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Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers

I just came across a post on “A Soldier’s Perspective” discussing a rather disgusting and disturbing trend that has guys posing as soldiers on Internet dating sites. Here’s the quote from CJ’s:

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

The BIG red flag here is that the guy is asking for money. NEVER fall for that con.

If you come across anyone on a dating site who is asking you for money, regardless of the reason; block them immediately from further contact and then report them to the internet dating service.

You can also check out who is really behind their email address…

AND / or their telephone number…

To read specific details about about one incident, read CJ’s post “The New Military Dating Scam“.

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  1. Sherry – so sorry for you. Your a delight to scammers. Hope you learned a lot from your ordeal.

  2. Hello Margaret… Can you tell me how to go about pulling up senders IP address in yahoo. I tried but it did not pull it up. i even had one of thier tech’s try to help me on the site. I tried to do it on my own on the yahoo…, perhaps it tooooo technical for me.., I am just not getting it. Sooo., if you could lead me to another place to look or instruct me I would be greatful. Thx.


    • Deborah – I could never trace “chats” in Yahoo Mail but this is my way of tracing Emails coming in on Yahoo.This is why I would try to get them to email me at least once. Bring up your email on the screen.Click the first box next to “More”. In the drop box click on “View Full Header”. Open that page. Scroll down until you see “Received – SPF and write down the number you see there for example would look something like this( At top of your screen go to search box and type in small letters ip (space) and that number. A new page will come up and scroll thru your options and open them. You can check out many until your satisfied you have the origin of the email.Sometimes it takes some studying and searching. If your number comes up showing Sunnyvale, that is the address of yahoo, and is not where the mail is coming from. This means that he has blocked his ip, and or has made it private. That being, you will not find it. Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it. It has saved me alot of time,money and heartbreak. Please keep up the good work. Please take care Anne x

  4. Hi,
    I have been on a friends website for the and the over 50’s,and no I wont be fooled by anyone chatting to me so i check them out.I have met this man who tells me he was a Commander of a Combat hospital.. (former medical physics professor)retired 6/7 years ago.Lives in Florida,1 son whom he doesn’t speak with and 1 daughter who followed in his footsteps.He seems nice but his pic is bad, he is in uniform ,the pixels are terrible and it looks like its been photoshop.His name is John Townsend…can anyone give me any info on this man.

    • If you download that picture and save it in your computer, (where you keep your pic’s) try running the pic thru to see if that picture has ever been reported or used on other websites. Google his name and see what you find. Check him out on, and also. Personally I think the person chatting with you is fake

  5. Natasha – I told you I would follow up with you on James Phillips. He did turn out to be a scammer. I even got him to confess that he was. Every once in awhile they will confess, why exactly, I don’t know. He was stupid enough to ask for money even after confessing. Guess he thought he would give it one more try. I did not try to obtain any further info on him.

  6. MSG Robert McLaughlin says:

    Hi Folks,

    When you talk to a deployed soldier remember that they are AMERICAN first. Disregard all the stories they will tell you asbout where they are. That is of no concern. After all, you are not goint to move to Iraq, Nigeria, or Kenya to be with them. Talk about America.

    Oh they want to go home? Where is home? Family? Friends? Weather? What does their house look like? What school did they go to? Talk about America and not where they are. See how far you get.

    There is a new search site out that’s really interesting. It is actually sort of scary because I have searched people and not only get a name, address, email, but their car’s VIN and if they donate to charity or not. Of course it is not 100% accurate, I ran myself and it had a 15 year old email address listed. But it wwas a valid address at one time.

    The site is

    Have fun with it. I am sure you will find out 99% of the scammers out there will fall flat when you ask for details, and the other 1% won’t last long in a second round of questioning.

    One reminder — we do not need money when deployed. Most of the itme there is nothing to buy in desolate locations so we can have a savings. When I was deployed I’d take home $11,000 a month. I did a LOT of ebay and amazon shopping and when I took leave I treated myself like a king. So we do NOT need money. If anyone asks for ANY cash, block them, it is a scam, sorry.

    • I wonder if you can help me. I’m British. I now have two usa army soldiers from Djibouti coming up on my Facebook account. One is Weber Leonard Mac and the other is Alex Collins. Are they genuine.

      • Anne – I googled Djibouti as I had never heard of it. It is in eastern Africa between Eritrea and Somalia. They do have their own Military however to my knowledge we do not have any American troops stationed there. I googled Leonard Weber and all came up deceased. You can google his name and look yourself. I then googled Alex Collins and found one electrician and one football player in the States. My feeling is that you have scammers. Possibly one using two names. The odds of two separate people contacting you on facebook from this odd place seems very unlikely. Scammers contact people on facebook to obtain more victims from your friend list, and looking for pictures to copy. Never friend anyone on facebook you do not know. I had to learn that the hard way. My advice is block them.

  7. Hi
    I have been talking to this guy James walker and my gut tells me it’s. Not good

    I don’t know how to prove if he’s real or not

    • I believe that women have a 6th sense when it come to spotting a Bullshit. We subconsciously pick up on body language, facial expressions and tone of voice that is often contradictory to what our sig. other’s want us to believe. It could be legit and I don’t want to ruin something good if hes not a fraud. I’d just proceed with extreme caution. Dr. Phil’s website has excellent suggestions for recognizing online schemes.

  8. I’ve recently belive I have experienced a scam. I met a soldier on OK cupid. Very nice and we’ll mannered guy. Goes by Allen Woods Evans. We’ve been communicating through email then he stated due to Isis breaking into military data base and threatening lived ones security has been heightened and he needed to disable his okcupid account due to safety. He kept insisting that we communicate through messenger or hangouts. We communicated through messenger for the past 4 months. He stated he’s a captain in the US Army and that he relies in 6 months. He has a 7 year old daughter in boarding school and his wife divorced him. He would talk about being very religious and I’m what gets him through the day. He would bypass questions or answer them indirectly. He couldn’t Skype or receive letters or care packages. He would tell me about finding supposed Isis camps. He even told me about the Afghan authorities handing him 1.8 million USA which he needed to send to me to hold til he came home. I said I didn’t buy his story. Then he stated he put me as his next of kin and sending me a package of his personal valuables. Then an email came stating I need to provide a copy of my license and send $3800 to deliver the package. I stated to “Allen” I never provide my personal info and I will not pay the money as this is a bogus email. He’s tried to reach of lit to me but I’m not answering. There’s a lot of sick and desperate people. Not only do I feel violated but this person violated the soldier he stolen the identity from. Not right at all!

    • robin gilbert says:

      Stop communication asap!!! He is full of crap!!! Turn him in!!!! Look on the Web site the left corner is a list of links to turn in scammers. Block him and stop talking to him, best of luck to you.

  9. Michelle – I was most concerned with your post and your friend who has funded over 40K. This money is most likely going to terrorists and first of all the FBI may start looking into this. Second if this money is being sent through western union or money gram, these agencies are now reporting large sums of money being sent out of the country. It is against the law to fund terrorism. I for one do not appreciate her funding these killers around the World. We just had a mass shooting of Marines here today in Tennessee by a person they believe was recruited by terrorists. Her transactions can be traced by our law enforcement agencies if she is in the USA. She is the epitome of what these scoundrels look for.

  10. LADIES – Natasha, Alicia, Mercy, Pam, Michelle, Marie & Brenda. YOU are all chatting with Scammers. I’ve heard and been through all your situations. Typical scammer info your giving. Delete and block these people before you succumb to their methods of infiltrating your soul. Once they have you hooked emotionally, which is their basic tool, you will have a hard way to go. Most of them have now been recruited by terrorists and the money is turned over to fund their cause.

    • By the way Natasha – I have been online with one who calls himself James Philip, says he lives in Beverly Hills Ca., which is the same area as Pasadena. Similar right ? I’m waiting for him to make his move. I’ll keep you posted when he does.

  11. Hi my name is Natasha and i’ve been talking to this guy by the name of Scott Philip/ Philip Scott, he said he’s a soldier and is station at Kabul Afghanistan he also said he resides in California U.S in Pasenda. He claims he loves me and want to spend the rest of his life with me, what i would like to know if he’s alive and for real or is he fake i would kindly appreciate any info that can be given thank u.

  12. Hi, i’m the same person who wrote the first 2 post earlier on and i’m talking to this guy by the name of Richard he said he was in Iraq and was sent to Nigeria in the desert of Bokoharam afterwards, he claims that his parents has died and he has no one accept for me i’ll be very grateful for all the info i can get on him if he does exist at all thank u.

    • robin gilbert says:

      Ok i gave been scammrd,2 times best thing to do is stop talking to them!! Ignore them, block their calls and don’t sent anything, and remove yourself from the date sites, completely, that’s how they get you the profile s, are fake !!! Where ever they say they are Google it and will tell you that we don’t have troops there! Best of luck to you

  13. We have been talking on skype but I still can not see his face he said that they’re not allow to show their face because of rules and regulation, i asked him to send me pics he did but still i’m not seeing his face clearly. He also told me he want to come see me but i’m scared because i still don’t know whom i’m speaking with i really don’t know what to do i would kindly appreciate in info u can give me please thank you.

  14. I have meet 4 different men on this site. One after another and l am beginning to wonder if its not the same person using different personalities. First guy Williams Harmon was a soldier who was going to retire in August and was in Afghanistan. After a few months he then asked me to help him by receiving a parcel from him, which had gold and money as he has to have it removed urgently. He needed help to pay for this parcel. I told him I would never send money to someone I do not know. He tried for weeks to get me to send him some money or to send some to his daughter who had decided to help pay for the parcel but now needed the money to pay her college fees. When we stopped communicating, the next guy Brandon Peyton out in Syria who is a doctor with the army. After communicating for a few months then told me he could buy himself out of the contract, as he wants to come home and be with me. He then also was really stressed as his son was not well and so needs to come home. I IM him and told him would never send money to someone I do not know. He stopped communicating. Then guy no 3 came along. He was in Dallas, and he owned his own business dealing in precious stones.
    After communicating for a few months he told me was coming to visit after he has been to India on his business trip. All seemed to be going well on his business trip then a week before leaving to come visit me his identity was stolen. Over $75.000 was stolen and he really felt bad to ask if can I help him. Told him would never send money to someone I do not know. Has communicated a bit but that seems to have stopped. The 4th guy I told at the very beginning I would never send money to anyone I do not know. He has since stopped communicating. I just wanted to know if any one has had the same issue from this same dating site? Are there any genuine guys out there?

    • I have had the same experience almost as you but hate to admit I was a bit dumber, as guy number one claiming to be Cooper Renteria in Kabul Afghanistan, claiming he was a 1st sergeant NCO Blood commander, of us army, he told me he was at white horse camp we chatted now for about 6 months he repeatedly warned me about scammers I never put the 2 together I bought him a 125 in Itune cards giving him the numbers off the cards thinking nothing of it cause due to highten security he could not receive mail, then General Hawkins who ask me for 1,500 but when I refused he said he would prove who he was and actually web camed me but when I questioned what his squadron number was or what unit he was in he got very angry told me I had no trust so I blocked him while still communicating with cooper who said I told you and insisted that I stop going on well I am mull headed and no one was going to tell me what to do so I wen back on this time a Tom Muller contacted me claiming to be in the usa Army I fell for him with in 4 months was sure he was truthful cause he used a uss @usa email address so I sent a care package to address in Africa cause he told me un would bring it to him then 3 party un contacted me had official form so I thought I was so dumb I filled it out sent actual pictures of myself bought him a cell phone he even ask for candy for the poor kids in Syria and dog food for his military dog wow I was stupid then I paid another 350 for what un said was clearance charge omg so stupid I paid it he took me for 1275 total then wanted 6000 for un to bring me his personal belongings claiming money in there wow we fought for weeks over it but I refused to send money so he quit talking to me. then Henry who claimed he was engineer in south Africa, after chatting with him for 4 months he ask me to cash a check for him for 2500 I though t I was smart having my bank to hold it till It cleared then found out it was a stolen check that now I have to pay for wow,so now I am done single life not so bad lol

    • Mercy – one of the best tell tale signs of a scammer is that they stop communicating when you won’t send money.

  15. I am talking to a guy that says he is a government contractor in Afgah and says he is from Boston. Within 1 day he tells me he loves me and that he is out of personal supplies, red bulls and needs new flip flops. He has actually called me his phone has an area code from Arkansas. I searched for his name on the Internet and nothing comes up. He has sent me pics of him in California and Afgan. I am concerned because his accent sounds South African and not New England?

  16. Michelle says:

    Hello There,

    A very close friend of mine I believe is in a dating scam with man named David Lex Bianchi stationed in Afghanistan. They have been speaking for about 3 months and she has given him countless amount of money north of 40k. I know she will continue to give until she has nothing left. She will not listen to anyone even with documented accounts of very similar stories that these guys give. situation. Please help!!!!!!!!!

  17. i have been talking to a so say soldier from the us. we talked a few days he even found another soldier to talk to my friend. Next thing i knew they were being deployed to Nigeria and the following day they had arrived and were asking for money to pay the internet for their stay. I went along with this but found out that the army suppose to pay for this. i asked lots of question which he answered and then told me his mate was really mad at me for what i was asking so i signed off to watch him begging me to talk. I dont know if he is a scammer or not i have had all the babe and i am falling in love with you and the rest of it. I asked him to facetime me he said he cant. he says he needs a ts2 form to get a phone. He sends me pics of him and part of me feels sorry for them but then part dont how can i find out if he is a scammer

  18. Could you please let me know if there is a Karl Richardson ADF in afghan please,
    Do not use my surname please

    • Iv been talking to someone smith stefan says he’s in us army but in nigeria but evertime he’s going to get to go home it’s something else he had called an sent pics but something just don’t seem right he won’t send me a live vedio of him or talk to me on face time . But says he wants to come see me I don’t know if he’s real or not he says he is what do y’all think

    • Joy I googled the name Karl Richardson and only one came up and he is married and in the music industry. You can google and see yourself. Unless there are two Karl Richardson’s, you most likely have a scammer. If you have a picture he has posted, you can check on or tineye to see if the picture is posted. Check to see if this name is on also.

  19. rileyannt says:

    I think I’m being scammed from Nigeria. Hot army guy in pic through online dating site contacted me. Same script: quick to declare undying love..not interested in my replies…..differing scripts, some with bad grammar, some not…..claiming he is at a desert camp in Nigeria, fighting the boko haram and within 2 weeks he asks me to be his beneficiary to some award from the UN for reclaiming money from Nigeria’s looted treasury, which was by officials. He had war tales to tell,,,,rushing out on patrol….shots being fired…even id’ed two of his men by first names whom had been supposedly shot…desert camp (no deserts in Nigeria), and the bad grammar….”am” instead of “I am”…..”put to a test”, instead of take an exam. I’ve googled his email, will not pay spokeo to find it. He claims he is to be the recipient of US 4 mil and needs a beneficiary because he cannot trust his daughter. I said, no, I’ve never met the guy. Stolen poems, bad grammar all scream SCAMMER. I did not contact a bogus email he gave me. So today he chats and tells me to open my email with attachment…..repeatedly I’ve asked for his battalion #, no answer….he claims his id is on the document. Will not open email but delete it. He wanted me to ‘receive his funds’ and keep them safe. I explained a beneficiary has to be a relative, with the Army rules, and no civilian beneficiary gets anything until his death. His reply: “In this case I am not dead”. So he turns it around and says I don’t trust him. Duh. I feel sorry for the image of the army man he stole and reported it to the local office of the FBI. His email, in case anyone can find him: Beware, romance scams from Nigeria of criminals posing as us army is on the rise.

    • Good going Rileyannt. You recognized all the signs. I laughed about your comment, “pays no attention to my replies”…lol. I get that all the time.Their so busy reading their dialog and writing it to you that they pay no attention to what your saying, and they do not care. Sounded like he was trying somewhat to get your info and at the same time was trying to rid himself of his cash build up he has by depositing it with you.He’s trying to hide cash. Course this could mean jail time for you by accepting huge amounts of money like that. It makes me angry they think we are so stupid. I also have one who claims to be after Boko Haram in what he claims is northern Nigeria close to the country Niger but I busted him as a scammer a year ago. You can post the soldiers picture he sent you on Scamwarners, com and also showing the picture is stolen and being used by this scammer marvin schommers. Nigeria is the hotbed of scammers. It is sad as these people are stuck in this country and so many are unemployed. There is no help from their government creating these people who are criminals.

    • Trina Morris says:

      This just happend to me this week!
      I met this guy on Ok Cupid his fake name was Danny Blocker We started talking he asked me to move over to Kik! He said he was a Marine over in Nigeria defusing bombs from Isis! He said he had a son named Castro who was back home with a nanny! That he had full custody of him that his mother was a bad person! Red flags started going up when he kept saying that he wanted forever with me and copy and pasting the same thing over and over! Then he wanted me to pay 80 so that we could talk on a line through the base he was supposedly on. He wanted me to go on western union site and send the 80 .I asked how he was paying his bills back home? He said he didn’t have bills only had to pay nanny?Then he started asking me to send him a phone or tablet! Started hounding me when I was going to send the package and did I have the tablet or phone and he was going to let the base know a package was coming.

      I told him I didn’t have any money and could not afford to pay or send anything! It didn’t matter that I didn’t have money he still wanted it sent! Every time we talked he wanted to know when I was sending the package!
      Today I talked to a co worker that had the same thing happen to them! So I messaged him and said that I wouldn’t be sending anything until we got to know each other more! He got really nasty with me! Wanting to know why I was treating that way and that I wasn’t who he thought I was! I just said that I should be asking him the same thing and that I was done that I didn’t want to talk to him anymore
      And told him to hit the road! The sadest thing about this is I was used and children where involved! Theses people are relentless they will use any tactic to get what they want! They don’t care who they hurt in the process! I won’t be on more dating sites anytime soon!

      • Trina – We have no troops in Nigeria diffusing bombs. ISIL is not their major terrorist group . I learned a long time ago to forget dating sites. Infected with scammers. It is their main hang out. He has same story line I’ve heard many times. He is a scammer and everything you said is true.

        • florence says:

          Hi..i was wondering if you have or heard of a soldier in kabul Afghanistan that goes by the name sgt.mcghee stewart..or if you have any information regarding that name thanks

  20. I have been dealing with a supposed soldier for over a year. He says his name is Ryan Halinsky and he is presently stationed in Lybia. Has sent me several pictures and has called. Has asked for money numerous times but have not sent any. Never has asked for any personal information. I have used every search engine and posted his picture on several web sites but not have come up with anything. Every time he asks for anything I tell him I would gladly send it to him. But he constantly tells me it has to go theu an agent in Nigeria. Haha! He just will not give up. Tried blocking him several times but he keeps getting thru blew me know if you have heard his name mentioned before. Thank you.

    • Sorry his email is That is what I email to. His emails sometimes come to me as Halinsky Ryan or Ryan or the above. I think that is why I am having a hard time blocking. Phone calls come thru as no caller id.

    • Deb – Ryan Halinsky is no stranger to the internet. All I did was type in his name in my google browser. I came up with several articles concerning that name. Try again. He has been reported on Pig Busters. You might try sending those pictures you have there and also send to and He is known as a scammer. Oh yes and his “agent” in Nigeria is probably him or an accomplice. I don’t believe we have American troops in Libya. Block all the names he uses on your computer and don’t answer calls that have no id. I only pu calls from callers I know. Saves a lot of headache. I hope all ladies are aware that terroists are aiming to get money thru means of scamming . They are alive like a virus on the internet.

      • Thank you. I did find everything and I will be uploading pictures that I have saved to Pig Busters. I have blocked him and will it answer his calls. The pictures that I have are of a soldier, but the uniform is not of an American Soldier.

    • I’ve been talking with this guy on facebook, claiming to be on active duty in Libya, named Henry Paul. He looks to be about 5’8″, dark hair, nice looking and is with a big black and white dog in his profile picture. he’s also wearing sunglasses. I just lost him when I refused to give him money, after he pursued me vigorously for several days. I called the Army, they said it was a scam, to report it to the FBI, so I did.

    • robin gilbert says:

      Hey I found out there’s no troops there, block him ignore him he is full of crap, go on the army website and there is info to turn them in i have turned in 3 of them!!!

  21. To Deborah – I did some research for you. My source of info is from Google. Asking “What is a military enlistment contract”. I found info under “Findlaw”. It stated joining the military requires the signing of an enlistment contract. Go there for more info. There is a lot of it. Next I googled “how to become a sniper in special forces”. Here also is a lot of info you can read up on. There is a special sniper school and takes quite an indepth of training. I still think he is a scammer. Even tho he may have some right info, it only means he has done his homework. You can block his number on your phone yourself. You do not need your phone service to do that and ignore and delete his emails or change your number. You were not clear exactly why he stated he wanted the 10,000 from you but never fork over any money. His story I have heard many times before ( finding money). It is not a new story. He will continue to haunt you as long as he thinks you are still tied to him emotionally and intrigued by him. That’s all they need for encouragement. Many of them don’t give up easily if they think they can wear you down and give in. Also he has to have been in for 20yrs before he can begin retirement but don’t tell him that. As an interesting point you could ask him how long he has been in and see what his answer is before finally blocking him, and not giving out SSN and License info is standard advice their given for their own security, not because he signed a contract. And finally thanks for the coffee offer. I’ve a book of stories i could write.

  22. I had met this solider online just recently. And I have been skeptical of him ever since since I heard of these scammers and catfish. I have asked him to send me photos and he has. I have plugged them into google reverse image finder and nothing has come up. I have also googled him and nothing has come up. I have told him i have a hard time believing that he is real. I don’t think two people can develop a connection online it is just weird to me. His name is Paul Ingle but he sent me a picture and the name on his uniform was Curtis…he than told me he doesn’t give people his real name because there are many crazy people out there. We keep talking and he keeps assuring me he is real and that in 24 days plus I will know he is real when he comes back from his deployment. And also he says he keeps wishing we met before he left so I wouldn’t doubt him. Has anyone ran into this before? Here is that part that makes me skeptical even more. Though he has never asked me for money he has said his son is without money where he studies abroad and he is doesn’t know how to get it to him. I told him straight out that I would never send money to anyone I don’t know. Is this a scam?

    • Also I have tried Tin Eye and it came up empty also.

      • Also I am going to be honest I am more afraid that he is real because I am doubting. I am hoping he is fake so I guess that is why I am not asking for email addresses and numbers like people are saying to ask for.

        • Delia – yes it is scary. I know the feeling well. You want him to be real but then you don’t. You get mixed feelings. However, I believe he is fake. I came across several who tried to get money by claiming they needed help for their children. Baloney !! Who would send their child abroad to school with no way to support them ?? That’s ludicrous.

          • Delia – also the pictures he has sent could be fresh new ones not used before. I would report them to tineye and the other places also like scamwarners and romancescam. so others can be warned. I doubt you would find him coming home. He already is at home.

  23. Robin – sorry you got sucked into this guys scam. He is hoping to get more from you and will try. Delete and block him so your not bothered with him anymore. I’m sorry not sure if we have troops on the ground in Libya right now but I don’t think we do. This country is in a lot of turmoil right now. Check these pictures out on, report him to, and Google in your browser asking where you can report romance scams. You will get a lot of info I believe.

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