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Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers

I just came across a post on “A Soldier’s Perspective” discussing a rather disgusting and disturbing trend that has guys posing as soldiers on Internet dating sites. Here’s the quote from CJ’s:

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

The BIG red flag here is that the guy is asking for money. NEVER fall for that con.

If you come across anyone on a dating site who is asking you for money, regardless of the reason; block them immediately from further contact and then report them to the internet dating service.

You can also check out who is really behind their email address…

AND / or their telephone number…

To read specific details about about one incident, read CJ’s post “The New Military Dating Scam“.

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  1. He is a scammer, not sure why females send money to someone that they have never met or would want a man they have to send money to…

  2. Please I want to know is someone who says is General Frank Daren is real him, he contacts to me and we has a great relation chip but he lend me a Ipod and money because he says he lost his ofunds, so I m not secure about that, he has a profile in Google plus and is nice and kind, but that action makes a suspect, please help me to believe in real person or if he is a scamer , thanks for all, and for disturbing your time.

  3. Janet – sorry don’t ever remember trying to contact you on Linkedin as I’m not signed up there but anyway my advice is just delete and block him. Many are aware we run their ip numbers and so will block their email. When it says Sunnyvale, that’s what they have done. Sunnyvale is where the corporate office is for Yahoo. Many are in Nigeria, Ghana, and Malaysia.

  4. Janet – all the dating sites are infested with scammers and have been for years. I stopped going on them several years ago. Was nothing but trouble. It is their highway of choice finding millions of women throughout the world to try and scam. The scamming industry is a billion dollar one.It is basically a waste of time reporting them as all they do is abandon the profile, steal a new pic and name, and post the new one up and start all over. This is what they do. Scamming is just a job to them. Many are Nigerian students in Malaysia and fund their schooling this way. I just chatted with one the other day.He uses the name DrawohmateoVergara. Another new one is Mcghee.williams.

  5. Virginia – this is a scammer. The Military DOES NOT require requests for leave from civilians nor do they pay for a leave.

  6. Donna Hall says:

    could you tell me if anyone has asked about a man , soldier named Col. Raymond Carl Villarreal, i have been in contact with him over 3 yrs and thought we had a great realationship and yes i got caught up in the money sending , but it seems so real, was sending through a courier call emerit express, and even got mail and emails from them over him trying to send me a pkg that turned out to cost me lots and lots and lots of money and never got the pkg , always a problem even claimed homeland security involved over it , but only through email , i should have known better but i got sucked up in it before i did , can you tell me anything or if he is real, sudden i have not heard a word now in 8 months , and the last was like love you and will chat tomorrow with ya and then gone , poof , happen once before that and then sudden he was back but not this time , help me please i fell hard for him of course .

    • robin gilbert says:

      No I haven’t, just stop all contact with them, they aren’t worth it!!

    • Donna – you have been chatting with a scammer. This is a scenario I’ve seen before. Be glad he is gone . Many times they get caught and go to jail. That’s why they disappear for months and then suddenly pop back up.

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