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Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers

I just came across a post on “A Soldier’s Perspective” discussing a rather disgusting and disturbing trend that has guys posing as soldiers on Internet dating sites. Here’s the quote from CJ’s:

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

The BIG red flag here is that the guy is asking for money. NEVER fall for that con.

If you come across anyone on a dating site who is asking you for money, regardless of the reason; block them immediately from further contact and then report them to the internet dating service.

You can also check out who is really behind their email address…

AND / or their telephone number…

To read specific details about about one incident, read CJ’s post “The New Military Dating Scam”.

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  1. Thats right, a man (claims to be john pachecco) tried this with me last night. I told ‘him’ im in a relationship and have kids. He did not care, bacause he wanted me to be close to him?? Like: a good looking guy lime that does not go after a women with kids in a relationship lol ?. And i told him i did not wanted to chwat or go out of my relationship haha Please dont fall for that ladies!! Ask to skype live or on app or something, when he says he can’t for no reason but does have pictures on his page or to send tou, you KNOW its a scam. He did know english very well so beware, they are not always bad in english!!

  2. Claudette Mahlecke says

    This guy contacted me he says his name is Oliver Dave Figueroa, he tells me he loves me after one month , he also tells me he needs an iTunes card to keep his data going I just want to know if that’s true . He also claims he needs $200 a month for food I also want to know if that’s true . He joined a group that I belong to on Facebook which is called chubby girls that rock . I believe in all my heart this is a scam but I just want to make sure I will even include a picture several that he has sent me . I would really appreciate if someone could get back to me ASAP

  3. Eleanor Maria D'Santos says

    Hi there, l met this military US Army man, his name is brandon weeks and always, always asking and also goes by David Luis, big scammer l believe this is an african

  4. Marilyn Scarlett says

    Hi I have been talking to a Sergeant Williams Woodward from the Military in Dubai. I met him on a website. We both came off it then he said he would help me have a soldier arrested for scamming me that was personating a soldier but I had to send some money to do it so I did. I was told they caught him and got him arrested for it. I was going to get £500 pound back but never saw it still waiting for it. Williams in the meantime said he was leaving at Christmas. He said he had a son living with his Auntie in Leamington Spa & he sent me a photo of this boy with a arm round him. He got talking to my daughter & he said it was his daughter too. He kept calling me wife & I was like how can I be ur wife if I have never met u. He said he had fallen in love with me. Well he I ended up paying for him to come home for Christmas & I get a phone call saying that he was in the United States but the President says he has to go back for 4 weeks & do some more then he can come home. In this time I have sent him more money & just talking to him still I should of realise but I had fallen for him. He sent me loads of pictures of him & I believed him to be genuine I still do. But he did over his time 8 weeks or more. He has now left the military again so he says but I want to know if he is genuine or not so far I have sent him£2123.98.

  5. Boy was I ever scammed! Found out the scammer using Aaron Ramos photos! Over a year and devastated heart….guy using Christophis Anderson with me.

  6. You Open our eyes Thanks..

  7. Hi. I am a real US mikitary wife of a senior officer in a very elite sp ops unit.

    Stop listening to Romance Scammers first of all. They claim to know it all and are so rude.
    First of all a soldier is not allowed to give out his military email address as he is on deplyment and not supposed to be speaking to strangers. If he is real he will have very little time to chat as they are on a mission. They are not permitted to share their location or anything about the mission.
    Check out the pics he/ she sends. Scammers send only 2-3 and if you look up close they are usually not of the same person.
    If you want to know if he is real ask him about o,d tv shows from growing up. Ask him what his favourite US Football, basketball team is.
    There are real US and Canadian soldiers right now over in Nigeria and other regions. It is no secret that the US is building a drone base in Africa. So someone saying they are automatically fake is wrong and knows nothing about SP Ops units.
    Ask for a pic in his dress uniform. That will show insignia patches, rank etc…… Ask him what his specialty is. What the times he gets in contact with you. They are 6 hrs a head. I can tell you exactly when my husband gets up everyday. Their routine is regimented and extremely busy.
    No soldier needs $$$ for a leave, phone etc….. He may not have a phone to speak to you as only senior ranking officers get one. Yes they do sound African. It is called Voice recognition software. Google when troops left for Africa. Oct 15, 2015.
    If he is real he will hesitate to tell you his rank etc…….. As they are breaking protocol. Any soldiers who blabs about his whole life to a stranger is fake. My hubby had guys on his team who are on online dating sites. They too get lonely and it is not easy finding a woman who can honestly handle their job. Look at their spelling. So ops have to pass righpurous tests including IQ tests to get in. If he is real he will slowly open up once he knows he can trust you.
    I send my hubby $$$ all the time. Certain missions do not allow access to banking and financial stuff for their safety as it is a secret mission. Go with your gut and trust me if they are real right now they have very very little time to chat as they are swamped in both the Middle East and Afruca dealing with the Boko Haram and Isis.

    There are so many sites that give such stupid and incorrect info thinking they are experts such as Romance Scammers and Haters United. I informed them legally to remove my husband’s picture as his ID was stolen and then they post my pic saying I am a scammer.

    They can not give their military email address as that is monitored daily by the DOD. They would lose their job and be sent home.
    Spoons are not allowed FB accts or to reveal their face to anyone. You will never see a real General on a chat site or Commander. Neither go on the front line to battle. They aren’t allowed to but all other senior ranking soldiers do. They will tell you very very little about their job and nothing about their mission. If they do that chance are they are real.
    Good luck and play it smart ladies. There are real US soldiers right now fighting in Nigeria and surrounding countries so no they are not all fake.

  8. I was sent a friend request on Facebook from a “US” soldier in Kabul Afghanistan, he started calling me babe from the beginning, he got me to download viber so he could phone me,his first mistake, he had an African accent, when i questioned this he said his dad was from South Africa and thats probably where he got the accent from. There was a lot of inconsistencies in the conversations we had, the next day i went on to f/b to block him and he was gone, all his conversation on messenger was gone, his name was Witchell J Ramos (Purple). Fortunately i caught on, i

  9. Has anyone talked with someone who used the name Gregory Maupin from Nigeria. Or maybe Mike Scott in Ghana.. I was a fool and sent a very small amount of money to each for birthday gifts. Anyway if anyone knows anything about these two I would appreciate hearing from you.

    • Diane mountzouris says

      I have been contacted. Y a man named George who simply says he is military uses a lot of affectionate terms tho we just started talking. When I questioned his phone number it was just weird plus he said very little about himself in his essay except he likes khyacking and fishing and just wanted to be happy. Was very interested in what I do for a living. Have a phone. Umber that “he had changed so he could call the states since he was just deployed to Syria. According to the military scams access is already given to the servicemen for phone calls they don’t do it themselves. The
      Number he gave is 973-240-4923 which is a Newark Nj area code. Says he’s 6’9” and his pics show a body builder with nothing military in the pic

    • I have both of these men on my list…

  10. Hi,

    I met this guy on a chatting site.. He says his name is Williams Porter deployed to camp Marmal in Afghanistan. Says he lost his wife and has a daughter abt 5 yrs old. He started saying he is looking for someone to get married and said he loves me frm d very first day we started talking.. He sent me videos of Williams porter wid his kid and few pics as well. Another video he sent was William Porter having fun wid friends in a van. The first thing that struck me was when i asked him what the time is there… the time difference he was close to 4.5 hrs.. Me being in India knew that the time difference between India and Afghanistan is 1 hour.. when i asked him that he said his watch is not working properly… then when i asked him to send me a video of him saying my name so i can b sure that its him.. he said his phone is spoiled and he is using his laptop to hat and his laptop doesnt have a camera. Also.. he said that he have his daughter wid him at the camp which to me sounded weird coz i thought how can Army allow a soldier to bring his lil kid at the camp… to which he said that he was allowed coz he leads the team.. third thing that made me suspicious was the use of grammar he used while chatting… He would become pissed off when i wud ask questions n ask him to prove himself… then one day he ask me to give him my number so we could chat via whatsapp.. i did and he sent me a voice message which when i heard sounded like a different man.. since i already heard how he sounded in d video n his tone i asked him why he sounded different.. he said since he sent the message via his lappy and due to d environment he is sounding different. Also his English was nt American… when i ask him multiple times.. he always said that its him n he is nt a fake… also.. the country code of that number was of nigeria.. when I asked him..he said that this number is registered for him in his laptop…. He said that he will b going back to states to drop his daughter and i asked him to send me a video message when he gets back to states.. he said he will.. the next day when i asked him if he reached states.. he said he cudnt go and that since i dnt believe him.. he will come to India directly to meet me to prove himself to which i said alright.. But then the again got pissed off and said i need to trust him.. He told me that he is from Vegas but the number that he gave ms for his US address was of pennsylvania… i am jus concerned about the soldier whom he is posing coz poor thin doesnt even know someone is using his identity to con people.. N the worst part is that i am in love wid d person i hv been seeing the pics n videos of… if only there was a way to contact the actual Williams porter to tell him what is happening so that he can take care of it… this guy still has nt asked for any money probably cz i found his bluff soon and confronted him… but i still have d pics n videos of d soldier n m in love wid him n he doesnt even know…

    • How can you in love with a imposter and a scammer and some one who you will never meet girl wake up this is 2016 find your self a man that you can see and feel and go to dinner with good luck

    • Diane mountzouris says

      Baby you aren’t in love with the soilder because you don’t even know him. You fell for the Nigerian scam who knows what to say and how to make a woman seeking a man to feel a comfort
      Level. I’m sure he said he would take care of you. I had a similar experience with the scammer getting pissed when I would question him then he finally cursed me out in English and Nigerian.

  11. Hi my name. Is Pamela I meet this guy on fastflirt he’s USA solider. His name. Is glaze. I talk. Him lots on bmm massager he show. Me lots. Photo of him today he ask for money for food and he said me he don’t want lose. Me at all his base in Africa soo. He told me what. Should I do. I’m falling. From this guy big time

    • He is a african scammer military guys do not ask for money on food because the government takes care of them they don’t need nothing from Outsiders okay and if they do need the apps their wives not someone they met online so you’re dealing with a Nigerian scammer

    • Stay away from anyone on a dating site or chat site who appears to develop, and then express, strong feelings of romance or love very quickly. Especially if he/ she claims to reside in a different country or even a different continent. (especially Africa and South Africa). It’s almost definitely a highly detail oriented SCAM that utilizes a variety of high tech equipment and sofware, as well as old fashioned, low tech phishing methods and techniques, to extract cash and/or private data such as your personal identity, saved passwords, keystrokes, and financial transactions completed on an electronic device from gullible, trusting, or naively innocent victims. Immediately report any and all suspicious activity to the site administrator or moderator and block the user from your account!

  12. Adrienne says

    I met a guy named Steven Griffin he says he works with the UN and he got granted emergency leave but needs me to buy his ticket I think I’m being scammed but I’m not sure he sent me pictures we’ve even talked on the phone he says the yulin does not let them use their money when they’re not in country right now he says he’s in India

    • Red flag scammer not a millatry guy african scammer a lot of red flags

    • Diane mountzouris says

      Theybwork in teams. You will notice a slight variation in their accents. One will be real sweet and loving while the other will be a. It brusque and challenge you for not trusting him

  13. Lisa schultz says

    I’m tired of theses military guys scammers, iv been hurt so bad I fell in love with this guy and realy didn’t know he was realy a scammer, watch out for richard briggs he is the one who scammed me and hurt me, he asked for 1 000 to leave on , no more will I do, I dint send him anything.

  14. One thing I watch for also is the way they write dollar amounts. In USA we write money amounts with dollar sign first then amount $3.00 scammers write it as 3.00$ just little something I picked up on. Also they call women queens. Say things such as I love you my queen. It’s a scammer!. American men just don’t really talk like that. I have fell for it and been scammed once. I have since been reading all the info I can to be online street smart so to say.

    • Hi i know you are concern if this man is real okay for one he is a scammer when you ask him for his email he got mad at you why because he told me that you don’t trust them and that’s the reason why he got mad so he got mad because he’s a scammer I need using psychology on you so when you say that you don’t trust them you want to make you feel like is real but he’s not he’s a scammer he wants you to get very comfortable with him and trust him and then he had you for money you won’t you would never see him in July because he’s not going to come and you will never see this guy and you say he takes selfie of himself trust me that’s not him so please do not fall for this guy because he’s not real he’s a African scammer you don’t need a scammer to tell you how beautiful you are all they want is your bank account and you’re foolish to say that your friends are jealous they’re not jealous you are the one good luck

    • Yep, we couldn’t talk on the phone, he was in Kabul, yeah right, ‘asked for money for his daughter, crap, then after I told him how I felt last week, without warning he disappeared and betrayed me. Why I don’t know? I’ve sent text, which he canceled that number yesterday. Found new text number, left several nice messages but he didn’t return calls, no replies to texts, e-mails….so someone I opened my heart to after 3-4 months just kicked me to the curb. I’m done, I don’t ned this. I don’t like games and I’m too sensitive. Watch out ladies and girls.

      Carol, June 23, 2017 @ 9:10 PM

  15. Csilla H says

    I’m texting to a Soldier he says that he is stationed in Afghanistan Peace Corp and I never really talk to him because he’s saying his not allowed , so he’s coming home in July he wants me to pick him up at the airport before he goes back to his home in Washington his retired soon 54 years old , I asked for his Military email he is saying its for only family and kind of got mad I asked , He saying I don’t trust him , He dint ask for money yet , God help me for doubting that he is real I would like him to be so much he even sent me a selfie , all my friends can see where friends on facebook , But one thing I can’t see his friends on facebook !My girlfriends all just jealous because I might be dating a military man , It’s kind of to good to be true 🙁 , Anyone know how to find out by name I got his phone number to ! The area code 405 came out which is registered in Oklahoma he don’t live there but I know there is about three military bases there so I have no idea ! Plz help !

  16. Tina Peterson says

    Hi ,
    my name is Tina Peterson ,I met a soldier on His name is Fred Oliver Milton. I was just wondering if you could tell me how too find out if he is a real soldier or a scammer. He never asked me for Money but with all the scams going on I am just leery but don’t want to hurt hi if indeed he is a real soldier. Yes I have pictures and I have spoken to him on the phone quickly cause he was getting ready to go on patrol. He says he is Special Ops but I was not allowed to tell anyone that, I am just so afraid I am being scammed and have idea how to find out if he is indeed a Special Ops Soldier he says he is a Sgt and his base is in Doral Florida. Could you please tell me how to find out one way or another he is in Afghanistan was in Kabul but since has moved and I didn’t ask where don’t want him in trouble if he is real,

    • My dear dont be foolish he is a scammer these millatry men have tbere wives and kids at home you are dealing with african scammers how are you going to get him in trouble wake up and smell the coffee good luck

  17. Hi! I met this guy on Facebook he said he work with the UN organization as a military doctor so we been talking since March 2 -2016 we still talking do he wants me to sent money with the form that someone sent to me that they also work in the office like he was going to be here with me today 3-16-16 if I had sent the 930$ I when I didn’t sent the money first time he was upset & this person wants me to sent the money to Western Union or money gram to some name no address kid like I doubt him,but I don’t know!

    • beverley ann sutherland says

      to M J hullo from NZ yes this same dirty liar came on my xomputr 2 nights ago Reckons hes has boxes money and a diplomat will bring money to you poses as a doc tor and is on a site supposedly treating israeli victims Told me he had 9 . 6 million dollars diplomat is false I googled
      I dont give a damn how upset he gets he is nothing but a thief

    • beverley ann sutherland says

      did he give name scott levendoskie and a UN diplomat named williams

      • beverley ann sutherland says

        if so did this form list questions like your passport number // where you born etc// parents names
        I think he is trying steal your identity

      • Julie Kinser says

        A few days ago a man found me on Facebook & sent an IM to me. So far he says he’s 58, stationed in Kabul, has 9 yr old son living with his (soldier’s) mom in French speaking country, widower. He’s sent couple pictures. I checked his Facebook profile which has very little info & says he’s separated. He asked for my phone # so we could text & I turned him down saying we didn’t know each other well enough. What kind of questions should I ask him in order to find out if he’s being honest? I’m more concerned about him wanting to have relationship with me & find out he’s married or already involved, etc. Is there a website where you can do a name search & verify if they are truly in the military/army?

    • My dear he is a scammer please don’t send no money to scammer you ladies have to be careful stop sending money to the scammers that just love you they tell you all you’re beautiful you’re sweet they don’t want to lose you you’re their Queen come on give me a break don’t be foolish be wise you need a man that desperate come on ladies wake up and smell the coffee his 2016 you don’t need a man to tell you’re beautiful all scammers they are not military guys they’re all scammers good luck

  18. Susan Seah Soh Eng says

    Hi, I am presently on line with someone who is also in the military and in negeria, i was on line with him for almost a month and I tried sending him a small package to he address given and he did received with photos taken on the item that I sent him, subsequently, he said he wanted to come visit me for my borthday and he needs me to apply leave for him and also a fee for the leave application. I don’t know to believe him or not.

    • Hi susan. Don’t beleive anything he says. When you are military they pay for anything they need. There was a guy i met on tagged. He started asking for money, but not right away. Red flag..!!. I have family that is active duty in the military an they let me everything i needed to know. So when i told him, OMG.! he told me that i thought i knew about it then he did. It really pissed him off. He did get this one lady for 4 thousands dollars. Please don’t listen. There is a sight you can go to, Military Romance Scams, you might see his picture you never can tell. There is pig Busters. You can even google his name. You will be surprised. There are plenty of sites that have scammers. Just google. Save yourself from getting scammed.

    • Susan don’t send anything he is a scammed .I have say I was a suckered , don’t want you to be

    • MSG Robert McLaughlin (Ret) says

      100% false. You are getting the standard story everyone gets. We do not pay for leave. Anything you send you will never ever see again and may be used to gain information to use against you or steal more form you. Please block the person immediately

    • Don’t he’s a lie

    • He is a scammer you dont pay for soldier leave okay thats number one and they dont ask for money he is a african scammer and a imposter

  19. I met a guy called Kyle Weeks, aged 41 on Badoo in December 2015. He said he had just left the UK for deployment in Yemen and that he wants to start a relationship with me online so when he comes out this Summer for a few months it will be perfect. He said he does combat army and security peace keeping. We have swapped pics and selfies, he also sent me some of his house and car in the US. He messages me nearly every day and quickly started saying that he was missing me which I found odd as we hadn’t met but I felt flattered and was loving the attention from him and began to think about him constantly.

    He said his ex-wife is remarried and lives in Canada with his daughter. I asked him how was Badoo treating him and he said he deleted it, so I asked how many others he was talking to online and he said just me, but he could say anything as I wouldn’t be any the wiser as I’m no longer on there myself.

    Two weeks ago he messages to say that whilst he was spending the holidays with family somebody used his carepack and it now needed refilling so asked me for £100. Luckily I didn’t have it and suggested he ask family, colleagues etc to which he said he’d already tried. The following day he said a colleague gave him some stuff.

    He is very complimentary, says stuff such as falling in love every time he looks at my pics, could stare at me all day, lucky to have met me, crazy about me, can’t wait to meet me and kiss me. Then a few hours later comes the Love word! I’m like what!!!???? He repeats what he said before and added that he has to let me know how he feels as he doesn’t want to lose me because he is away.

    He also has a house in the UK that his aunt lives in which is near to where I live. He will be coming back to the UK in the summer and said no deployment for the next 2 years.

    He gave me his cellphone number and texed me on it to say that I can text him anytime, but when I asked he said he would prefer we continue to communicate via KIK (I assume because it is a free messenger like MSN). He asked me to send him a quick video message which I did, I asked him to send me one back he said he couldn’t due to security protocol.

    Last week I can’t remember what I typed into my search engine but I came across military dating scams and had a good read and compared scenarios of other victims.

    This Saturday I get a message from him “baby I need your help” as soon as I read that my heart sank as he again asked for money as his carepack was almost empty. I replied I thought his colleague helped him, he said yes just only just a few things that didn’t last long. I then asked who used to help him before, he said an ex-girlfriend. I didn’t reply for a few hours as I felt like a fool and was really disappointed in myself for falling for his lines but so thankful that I didn’t send him any money. I sent him a message later on that day saying “your not really interested in me are you, just be honest I can take it” He replied that he was, so I then said to prove it. He sends me an image saying “Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow”. That didn’t cut it with me so I sent another message telling him to be honest and tell me what he wants and no lies. To which he replies that he wants to marry me!! I reply how can he say that after messaging me for a month as we don’t know anything about each other. He replies that is how he feels right now and is “stronger attracted to me” (now I remember seeing to be on my guard for grammatical errors).

    I trawled through Facebook and saw that he was on there, his status said divorced and I even managed to do another search that confirmed his divorce. This morning I sent some more questions. He said he is a staff sergeant, has been in the army for 11 years and has 4 years left when he will be retiring. I asked him to send me any full length pics of him in his uniform which he did,2 are taken outside and one is of him receiving a certificate. I then asked if I would be able to email and send him parcels, he replied yes by using USPS international express mail but did not give me any addresses.

    Last night he messages me to ask again if I was able to sort out the £100, I replied that I will see (even though I had no intention of giving him any and was just keeping him hanging on). He replies “seriously? you are a darling”, I replied “gullible you mean”. He then replies that I am caring and he will owe me. Then seconds later provides me with the name and address of someone called Henry Luke K in Nigeria!!!! and told me to send it via moneygram. I asked who that person was and why send it there he said Henry is his colleague based in Nigeria who is a very good friend who he trusts as he can’t get his money direct; then sends me a pic of the two of them. I then ask dont they have ATMs there and he said no. So now I was well and truly pissed so didnt message him for the rest of the day. He messages me this morning asking how I am, I replied pissed then he asks why to which I ignored. He sent a good morning message a few hours later and then sent this “I know we haven’t met face to face yet but just talking to you last couple of months has made me realise so much”. I asked him what and he said loving again! So I then replied “can’t imagine why”, he asks how, I then reply that he doesn’t know me but he loves me. Then I sent another message saying don’t matter as I’m not stressing over it. He asks if I don’t believe him and I say no, then he sends crying emojis and the message “so you dont feel anything for me? Probably why you don’t want to help” I replied that I have feelings for him but got no money so probably won’t hear from him. He replies “no money? seriously”, I reply “see”, he replies “see what?” I then say how nothing has changed since he first asked me on January 8th. He replied “nothing changed yet, but you could help”. I asked how then he had the cheek to ask if I was poor.I replied “I’m not rich but that should’nt matter if you love someone”. He replies “then why can’t you help me” I reply I havent got any money. He replies “thank you bye” THE CHEEKY *****!!!!!

  20. Hi everyone! Need all your advice. I met a soldier on a gay dating app & he said he’s stationed in Afghanistan. He never asked for money though just some stuffs he need like shirts, towels & a cellphone. He sent me some of his pics but i have doubts if he’s real or fake. We always chat via Skype but never really talked over the phone. I don’t know if i should waste my time with him or take the risk.

  21. Yes it sounds like a scam especially if they keeping stuff away from telling u.

  22. Am also talking with someone still trying to figure out if it’s a scam. .they did ask for money I never send any.

  23. I was contacted my an army soldier who needed money to adopt a Afghanistan kid whose family was blown up. He claimed he was from Texas and net a picture of himself. He needed money which I sent. It was a total slam and caution to all single women who are on dating sites. He found me on match and scammed.

  24. My scammer is still speaking to me who do I report it to , I’m hoping he can be traced that’s why I’m still communicating with him

  25. Hey everyone. I have a question. I am writing about someone else. I know someone who met a guy “military works for United Nations stationed in Libya, Projected deport in set for March 15, 2016.” He told her he is way up in rank and can take an emergency leave and knows how to word it in order to take the leave to come see her and his son. Also, has a son who is 12 lives in Canada with his grandmother (the guys wife died in car wreck four years ago so child lives with his mother’s mother). The guy is Gabriel Giggs or Griggs Cruz or Cruise (Not sure how the middle or last name is spelled). As far as I know he has not ask her for money. They talk on Facebook all the time and she hides some things from everyone so I don’t know a lot about the situation, but for my own mind, Is this guy for real or scammer? I say he is a scammer. Has anyone heard of this name being used as a scammer?

    • You can check him out at there are all kind of names on there so try each one. Tell your friend HE is a SCAMMER. I was scammed by home I fell head over heels. The sweet talk and the poems and things they send just convince you that it is real. Please be careful her whole family could be in danger!!!

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