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Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers

I just came across a post on “A Soldier’s Perspective” discussing a rather disgusting and disturbing trend that has guys posing as soldiers on Internet dating sites. Here’s the quote from CJ’s:

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

The BIG red flag here is that the guy is asking for money. NEVER fall for that con.

If you come across anyone on a dating site who is asking you for money, regardless of the reason; block them immediately from further contact and then report them to the internet dating service.

You can also check out who is really behind their email address…

AND / or their telephone number…

To read specific details about about one incident, read CJ’s post “The New Military Dating Scam”.

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  1. I was recently contacted by a soldier named David William. He’s from Los Angeles, CA. He said he was stationed in Nigeria, Africa. He mentioned that the is in the UN Special Striking Force. He said his wife died 3 years ago from Cancer of the Breast. He said he has a 15 year old son named John.

  2. Hello please only use my name Mary on this site, could you please check if there is a US soldier by the name of Colonel Kelvin Morgan at camp Phoenix afghan, not sure if this man is genuine.
    Thanks Mary

  3. Hey there… I know for a fact that I have been talking to a scammer from Nigeria. Please be aware that he goes by the name of Ryan Burke and his email is I guilted him so badly by using reverse psychology that he actually told me himself that he was indeed a scammer after I had busted him on every single thing he had said about the military (I have family that had served before). I would love to locate the real US Army gentleman as I believe his name is Sgt. 1st Class Michael… (and that’s all I have to go on along with his pics). I have been informed that this military man is indeed alive but just not too sure where. I have also used the photo reverse search engines to confirm this scammer. I wish I could tell the real US gentleman that his pics are being used as a scam.

    • Hey Erin, I have a very similar story with the same guy and same email address!! Would love to compare notes 🙂

  4. Hi I’ve been talking to a soldier at fort Irwin, he should of got deployed to Africa , but he said he didn’t put his name down as he’s a staff sergeant, waiting for leave, who was coming to uk to see me with his daughter, but couldn’t as his pay had been stop! Then daughter took bad , now saying owes rent on his house no food so asked me to send money, he’s asked me before said no

  5. Donna
    I met this guy on a dating site call badoo. His name is Jose Sanchez.
    He claims to be a Sgt. In Nigeria. I truly fell in love with him. But when he started asking me for money I thought that it wasn’t right. He says that he is a single dad with beautiful twins. A boy and girl named Julia and jose. He name is weird to me because his a white man with color eyes. But I still did it. He promised to pay me back as soon as he got back to the states but it’s been three months and he keeps on changing the date. I know now that he will never come see or ever love like he promised. His email address is if anyone comes across him and promises and lies.

  6. Hi Guys. I need your help please. I ve met some one on inet . He is a major general James Morris in Syria. How many times I ve tried to ask where is base he didn’t reply . And he is looking from me 3.000 dollars for vacation form ( not he is that’s un office ) Is it possible? and he asked me to contact email and I ve received from un office some details of bank account to whom to transfer and name is Ronda Britt. Could you help me please guys . Is it true or fake do we have to do any payment for military officer for quick vacation form ?

  7. To All Ladies – these are all scammers your chatting with. Soldiers do not have “agents” and there are no troops in Syria or Nigeria.

  8. I’ve been in communication with a 2nd Lt, David Hughes. He said he is stationed in Nigeria. Do we have soldiers there?

    He asked me to delete my dating profile, has a 12 year old daughter who lives with his mother. His wife was killed in car crash 2 years ago.

    He said his birthday is in 3 days and he is asking g for a non-contracted iPhone. Says he has no way of calling me. He asked me not to tell anyone about him, he needed secrecy because of his job with Army. He told he couldn’t receive mail but his “agent” could.

    He is convincing but I have a suspicion it’s a scam. Please help before he ruins my life.

    • He mentioned he is coming home for leave over christmas and will give me his AKO email address and every thing I’m asking for then. In the meantime, I’m not sending a thing to his “agent”.
      He has not asked me to arrange the leave.

    • MSG Robert McLaughlin says

      Read back on this forum, this is ALWAYS the scam they start out with.

    • Learned one says

      Yes, Susanne, This “gentleman” is a scammer. I was communicating with him for awhile. But, he will at one point ask you for money. He was telling me the same thing. Don’t fall for it. They can sound conviencing but guarantee, he is a scammer. Delete him. Not worth the trouble that could happen to you. Never under any circumstances, have anything sent to your home. Never. It will get you in trouble with the law. These guys are part of our enemy that is trying to destroy our wonderful country and has already killed hundreds of thousands of men and women all ready. How do you think they get the money to finance their purpose. By us lonesome women who are stupid enough to send them lots of money. Not worth it the risk. Trust me.
      Learned by experience.

  9. Hi , i meet someone online on wechat and we had chatting everyday almost a month. After a week he showed me 1 million dollars and would like send money to my house address .The scammer are very smart , he told me his parents died and asked me a lot of money to buy flight ticket for him , to pay courier service charges and so far i had given him 3950 USD . Please remember this name and never ever falling in love or give money to the 3rd parties . I just realize he was a scammer after checked on facebook . He told me that he is an army from US and currently have a mission in nigeria .please take note and be careful with them . Scammer details as below Mr. Roy Arrowood.
    AIRSTAR COURIER EXPRESS (scammer ) Receivers Name: Obichere Charles,
    Receivers Location: No 30 Anthony Street, Maryland, Lagos Nigeria.
    Amount: $350 Dollars
    Receivers Name: Benjamin Nwaorgu
    Receivers Location: 2708 Grindon Ave, Baltimore Md 21214, USA
    Amount: $350 Dollars contact number +2348109821554

  10. Not long ago I received a friend request on Facebook from a man calling himself “Burnette Imran Rick” He claimed he was a serving soldier in Pakistan and he was using Facebook as the only way he could communicate with his daughter. After a bit of internet searching I believe that there are no US army bases in Pakistan as the relationship between the two countries is a bit dodgy at present and especially since 2011. His language was poor and he could never get the time difference correct. He stated he was single because his wife had died however the photos he is using clearly show a wedding band. Also, if servicemen have access to facebook and email, they also have access to phones to call family. I asked him for a postal address and what base he was at however he never replied to these questions. I did call him out on not believing him and I immediately unfriended him while he was having a large rant at me because I called him out hahaha. Sad to say I have noticed his friends list is now growing and all are female. I hope the women on his friend list are as sceptical as I was and get rid of him quicksmart.

  11. I have had a couple of unsolicited Facebook friends requests from guys posing as soldiers. The first guy (before I had heard of the scam) told me he loved me & wanted to spend the rest of his life with me…after a whole 2 days. Having a shred of common sense, I figured he was after more than just me, so I wasn’t really all that suprised when a day later, he had to go on a “secret mission,” where he wouldn’t have access to an ATM & would I be able to lend him some money until he got back? HUGE red flag. I asked where he was going: no answer. I asked how much he needed to get by (having NO intention of parting with a penny) His response: “How much can you afford to send? At that point, I was convinced he was a scammer. While he was waiting for my respinse, I blocked him on Facebook messenger & unfriended him. My next move was to report him to Facebook, but in the 3 minutes it took me to unfriend & block him, his Facebook page had vanished.
    I was contacted by another one a few days ago. Being fully aware of the scam, I told this “gentleman” that I was not interested in a romantic relationship (citing prior bad relationships as my reason). Told him I would be happy to be his friend, since he’s a serving our country, I it’s the least I can do & who knows? If our friendship led to something else, it was meant to be. That’s when he started telling me what he is looking for I a “life partner,” despite the fact I told him I wasn’t interested. Looking at his Facebook page, he has 4 friends besides me…all women & all his activity is within the past 2 weeks, what little there is. He tells me he’s from Hawaii, but stationed in Syria. I didn’t know the US had no troops in Syria before I came to this page. He has a cell phone # posted on his profile with ano area code in the Chicago suburbs. His only activity on Facebook is to post a very generic profile picture of a guy in desert BDU’s wearing a helmet & sunglasses, so you can’t see his face. If I were honestly trolling social media sites for a date, I’d post a picture showing my face. The only other photo on his page is of a Black Lab holding an American Flag.
    This guy is true to format as a scammer. Told him I have no interest in romance. He keeps telling me what type of woman he is looking for, yet when I ask him a question or tell him something, then refer to it later, it’s obvious he pays little or no attention to what I say. Going to try to string him along long enough for him to ask for money or personal information, then I’ll report him. So far he has not crossed that line. He’s held true to format up to now, so I’m positive it’s just a matter of time. I think these individuals posing as American “hetoes” to gain our trust & sympathy are the lowest of low. I can’t believe people actually fall for this blatantly obvious scheme. Unfortunately, there are good hearted, naive people out there, which is a very unsafe thing to be in this day & age. Thankfully, I am not one of them. I realize this guy probably won’t get caught, but someone has to try.

  12. I have had a couple of unsolicited Facebook friends requests from guys posing as soldiers. The first guy (before I had heard of the scam) told me he loved me & wanted to spend the rest of his life with me…after a whole 2 days. Having a shred of common sense, I figured he was after more than just me, so I wasn’t really all that suprised when a day later, he had to go on a “secret mission,” where he wouldn’t have access to an ATM & would I be able to lend him some money until he got back? HUGE red flag. I asked where he was going: no answer. I asked how much he needed to get by (having NO intention of parting with a penny) His respinse: “How much can you afford to send? I was contacted by another one a few days ago. Being fully aware of the scam, I told this “gentleman” that I was not interested in a romantic relationship (citing prior bad relationships as my reason). Told him I would be happy to be his friend.

    • Hit the post comment button in error…sorry, was not allowed to delete the pist.

    • Laura, May I ask you what name the second one gave you. Kind of sounds like the one I was talking to. I busted his chops November 29, of this year. Only thing, this guy said he was from Sweden and came to the US at age 19. Had two boys. Wife cheated on him so he divorced her. After two days of talking he took his Facebook down, stating someone tried to hack into it. Some of the things he said definitely did not sound American. We talked about two months and I told him off three times. He never got rude with me and always came back. When I came across the articles about US Military scammers, I confronted him and told him to send a photo of his military ID and his military Email address. Haven’t heard from him since. Upon googling his phone #, it came up in Iowa.

  13. Donna – also a scammer will leave once he has scored a large amount and goes on to new ones hoping to score another large amount. He then passes your name, and email on to someone else and they come online to you pretending to be the one before. They keep files, personal info, conversations , on you, so the new one knows all about you. This explains the long absence and sudden re- appearance or like I said they were jailed for awhile. There is nothing to gain with these people, only empty wallets and bank accounts. Learn to know the signs of a scammer.There are tons of websites to educate you.

    • Thank you for the info but its too late for me , i should have check details online before for investigation . Im so sad and depressed .

      • Don’t feel bad, it’s to late for me to, i have already been taken for money, i just happened to come across this site.

  14. Elaine Reis says

    Does anyone know Tony Woods or Tony Woodward, he claims to be captain and that is in Kobane in Syria.

    • We don’t have any troops in Syria

    • Elaine Reis – as of this date I do not believe US troops are in northern Syria yet which is the location of Kobane. You most likely have a scammer. I would proceed with caution.

      • Elaine Reis says

        He says he is “Captain Tony Woodward from Kentucky, USA” and “Presently I’m a Captain in the United State Army and the commanding officer in charge of the 21st Artillery Brigade that operated on board a US Army Chinook helicopter in Iraq, after the war in Iraq I was on break for almost a year and half and later deployed to Syria on a NATO peacekeeping mission where I’ve been stationed for the past 18 months,here I’m in charge of the radar/signals room.”.
        I wonder if it proceeds. After I saw the scammer sites was left with many questions, he never asked me for money, do not send anything, not to make calls, and also could not find pictures of him as a scammer. But when I search the Internet can not find any information about Captain Tony Woodward, no photos, nothing. Just got the pictures he sends me.

        • MSG Robert McLaughlin (ret) says

          Captains are in charge of Companies. Generals are in charge of Brigades. Also we speak of our rank in three letters. I’m a MSG which means Master Sergeant but I never spell it out. Captain is CPT.

          Now I know that for those with no understanding of military opertions it can all sound very confusing. Trust me, I tried cooking on my own once. It was not a pretty sight. So if recipes confuse me, I can understand how miltalk can confuse others.

          Before talking to anyone online in any military, talk to a few in person. I’ll happy skype anyone who has questions. I am afraid that most news here comes a little too late. And even when you have the info you need, remember these scammers are professional. They spent all their time discovering new ways to scam folks. And when this well had run dry, they will find another.

        • Elaine – so at this point you are unable to debunk him as a fake. So keep checking every where online on him anyway. Go along if you want and see what happens but you risk becoming emotionally envolved. Don’t ever send money or your personal info. Especially bank info.or credit info. Do not accept any packages, atm cards, or anything from him. Do not open any accounts for him. The Military take care of their own. He will never need anything from you. Be careful.

  15. Hi I know someone is being scammed. The scammer is posing as a soldier in Syria, where recent news reports has confirmed there is NO US Military troops. His story is he is retiring early due to complications to a very minor injury that was sent in a picture. He has showered my friend with love letters, poems and promise of marriage. He supposedly will fly in tomorrow eve on private airlines, not connected to Army. His other flight stops include Holland and London, prior to coming to the United States. His name is Frank Warren and his email address traces to TWO ip addresses in Sunnyvale, CA. He has already used the isolation from family and friends technique and she won’t talk to us. She has sent him a package. I don’t think she has sent money. Can you please explain more about the ip address tracing back to Sunnyvale. Thank you.

    • No US troops at present in Syria to my knowledge.Highly possible this is a scammer.Highly unlikely using private airlines. They have use of military flights home. IP address to Sunnyvale is where Yahoo corporate office is located. When an ip is blocked or set to private you usually see Yahoo’s ip number showing Sunnyvale. Interesting she has sent a package to him and if she used an APO address. If she won’t listen to her friends or family then she probably will end up very disappointed and heartbroken. You can lead a horse to the trough but you can’t make them drink. Perhaps she will read the many testimonies here on this website.

    • I’ve been talking to a guy who was in the UK now in Nigeria . He says he is in the Army his rank is SSG E-6, 101st EOD. He says he’s with the CIA. His name is Miller Vega. We’ve been just chatting for 3 months he hasn’t asked me anything . What do you think is he for real ?

  16. The name of the soldier was first class Sgt. Kieran Hill and he said he is in Afghanistan but want to come to see me.

  17. Missy Miller says

    I met a guy online we chatted and talked, he is single no kids being deployed to Syria this month. he hasn’t asked me for anything he did ask me to open a bank acct a a credit union so he could send me money and then once in a while once he sends me money can i send money to his mom. I found that odd. He was deployed today. I thought it was a scam i wasnt sure.

    • Missy Miller – they use different type’s of ways to scam. Don’t open any financial accounts of any kind, nor accept any money coming from out of the country. Very dangerous to do this. Do not give out any personal information on yourself. Send money to his Mom ?? Lol, yeah right. He can do that himself. Your instinct’s are right, very odd. It’s a scam dear.

  18. I don’t know if anyone is aware of the new scammer from dating site.

    His name is Alex Nadarcuci and email

    He will tell you that he is an engineer and after chatting for a week or so, he will then says he has to fly out to see an Architect in another country. He will lead you along for a few weeks with his pictures of the building he is working on and his great love for you. Then suddenly there will be an accident on the site. Two people are in hospital. He will then lead you along again stating that one is being operated on and the other is seriously injured. One will die and the other will have his leg amputated. He then has to find the money for the hospital bills and eventual will ask you for money. I refused to send him any as I had unfortunately been scammed with the Afghanistan scam a few years ago.. It will never happen to me again but I did lead him along to see when he would pounce. It took about 5 weeks.
    I write this in the hope that no one else will get caught.

  19. He is a scammer, not sure why females send money to someone that they have never met or would want a man they have to send money to…

  20. Please I want to know is someone who says is General Frank Daren is real him, he contacts to me and we has a great relation chip but he lend me a Ipod and money because he says he lost his ofunds, so I m not secure about that, he has a profile in Google plus and is nice and kind, but that action makes a suspect, please help me to believe in real person or if he is a scamer , thanks for all, and for disturbing your time.

    • Luisa I think you already know the answer. I have seen a few scammers on google + so they are on there. If he is a General, which I doubt, he makes a WHOLE lot of money dear and would not be asking you for any or any other kind of help.

    • Hi Louisa, do you have Frank’s email address? I know someone who is being scammed by someone who says he is in the miliary and calls himself Frank Warren. But the email address could be used with multiple last names.

  21. Janet – sorry don’t ever remember trying to contact you on Linkedin as I’m not signed up there but anyway my advice is just delete and block him. Many are aware we run their ip numbers and so will block their email. When it says Sunnyvale, that’s what they have done. Sunnyvale is where the corporate office is for Yahoo. Many are in Nigeria, Ghana, and Malaysia.

  22. Janet – all the dating sites are infested with scammers and have been for years. I stopped going on them several years ago. Was nothing but trouble. It is their highway of choice finding millions of women throughout the world to try and scam. The scamming industry is a billion dollar one.It is basically a waste of time reporting them as all they do is abandon the profile, steal a new pic and name, and post the new one up and start all over. This is what they do. Scamming is just a job to them. Many are Nigerian students in Malaysia and fund their schooling this way. I just chatted with one the other day.He uses the name DrawohmateoVergara. Another new one is Mcghee.williams.

  23. Virginia – this is a scammer. The Military DOES NOT require requests for leave from civilians nor do they pay for a leave.

    • I was being scam by a soldier or he called himself a soldier. HE said I had to help him get leave didn’t ask for money but got in contact with another officer.I set up a account with navy federal credit union and they would send me a atm card in which they would put money on the card so I could give it a agent to help him come home to me.I found out the document they sent me to help get him get leave was fake.

  24. Laura Poltz says

    I have been in communication with a solider by the name of David Lex Bianchi. We met sometime around May and I have definitely fallen for this man. We met on a dating website and I’m desperately awating his arrival as soon as he gets he’s leave. I have seen a number of these scam warnings and unfortunately I have small voice in my head that says I might be a victim here. In order for him to secure his leave i have sent the US military a number of fees thus far but unfortunately there is always set back on him coming. I feel comfortable with the fact that my fees will be refundable but I keep thinking what if this is not what it is. I have given close to $80,000.00 thus far. I know he will come and we will be together soon. He recently advised me that he was court martialed and need an additional 20,000.00 so he can fight the case to be released. I have been in communication with a Colonel Johnson who assured me I would have the necessary time to get the money together. The email correspondence I receive come from and David Lex Bianchi’s email is Can anyone confirm these emails for me? He accidentally emailed me an email that was address to an Andrea Beckford telling her that as soon as he received the $40,000.00 he will be here. I’m so confused.

    • Honey please please don’t send him any money. You are being scammed…jag provides lawyers if they can’t afford it.

    • Laura – your post left me very upset. I’m not in time to save your $80,000 for you which is a devastating amount. Hopefully I can stop you from losing an additional $20,000. These are large sum’s of money and I worry you have mortgaged your home, which some women have, and lost their homes, or maybe you cashed out a retirement plan, which possibly when you go to retire their will be no money for you to live on. Whatever you have done, you must STOP NOW !! The emails given to you are not legit military emails. They are not ending in the right way. They do not end in .gov or .com. The so-called General Johnson is only in hahoots with him. There are questions you can ask when they claim to be military. Their email ID and you can find what to look for, and it is listed on this site, use your browser, and ask for their MOS, which is military occupational specialty, which is what they do. Everyone needs to use their browser and check these guys out before depleting all your finances. If he has sent pictures, download them into your computer where you keep pics, then check them in google image.Go to your browser and search ” How To Identify Someone In The Military” – brings up many website’s for you to explore. $80,000 is ludicrous and he has committed internet fraud, possibly extortion, and this amount of money definitely comes under a Felony.I am very sorry for you. You have been scammed in such a terrible way. Stop communication, and BLOCK HIM today. He will continue to take from you until he knows you are dry and then move on. Please trust what I am telling you. I know. He does not love you or care what he does to you. He will continue to give you hard luck stories to keep you connected to him. Please report this to all law enforcement agencies.FBI, CIA, etc.. He is a danger to many on the internet. You already caught him accidentally, due to his error in sending other scamming communication to this other woman. So you know the truth but your in denial which is not hard to understand. What is difficult for me is why you sent so much money before investigating this person. Never send money or personal info to someone you met online until you actually meet them in person.And for God sakes, investigate first who you are meeting. I hope I have saved you from losing an additional $20,000. Lord, I shutter.

  25. could you tell me if anyone has asked about a man , soldier named Col. Raymond Carl Villarreal, i have been in contact with him over 3 yrs and thought we had a great realationship and yes i got caught up in the money sending , but it seems so real, was sending through a courier call emerit express, and even got mail and emails from them over him trying to send me a pkg that turned out to cost me lots and lots and lots of money and never got the pkg , always a problem even claimed homeland security involved over it , but only through email , i should have known better but i got sucked up in it before i did , can you tell me anything or if he is real, sudden i have not heard a word now in 8 months , and the last was like love you and will chat tomorrow with ya and then gone , poof , happen once before that and then sudden he was back but not this time , help me please i fell hard for him of course .

    • robin gilbert says

      No I haven’t, just stop all contact with them, they aren’t worth it!!

    • Hello Donna. May I please ask.., what was this guy supposed to be sending you in the package. Did he promise you money?., how where you supposed to pick up this package. Also about homeland security.., was it actually homeland or just an email. These people have a way I making fake documents look real. Donna.., you and your heart will be ok. We learn from our mistakes.., sometimes they cost us a bit.., but we learn. I am asking because I have learned. I am just curious about your situation. Thanks for your time. Deborah

    • Donna – you have been chatting with a scammer. This is a scenario I’ve seen before. Be glad he is gone . Many times they get caught and go to jail. That’s why they disappear for months and then suddenly pop back up.

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