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Before You Call Your Man — Read this Book!

Ladies… have you ever WANTED to call a man you like…. but worried endlessly about whether it was the right thing to do?

Or, have you ever called a man and later regretted it?

Calling Men is a book that empowers women! That’s what women tell Mimi Tanner over and over again!

This book is on a subject that is of interest to millions of single women worldwide, and it has received wide acclaim. This is a very well-written, original book that has helped women to claim more power in their relationships with men and with everyone in their lives.

Calling Men was first published as an Ebook in December 2006. This book goes into great depth about why you should or should not call or text a man in your situation.

The author, Mimi Tanner, says…

“Many women tell me that they read the book again and again when they are tempted to call a man who is not calling them. I have received enormously positive feedback on this book!

My books are special for many reasons – and one reason is that I am very passionate about this topic. I don’t mind taking a stand even if other disagree – if taking a stand means giving the advice that makes a relationship stronger. Being a true writer who loves her topic passionately MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. If you want bland, you can read the back of the cereal box!!!”

Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay say…

Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man. She has become well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Why? Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled.

Her book “Calling Men” is truly a magnum opus when it comes to dealing with one of the most frustrating problems women face in the dating world: How to handle calling, emailing and text messaging men.

You want to give him every opportunity to call you first, but you also want 100% control over your dating life. What to do? Mimi lays it all out for you in logical steps that are a blast to read.

If you know the feeling — take this opportunity to get Mimi’s information-packed book, “Calling Men“.


  1. If you are a woman who’s having difficulty understanding the ‘rules’ of calling and e-mailing men, then Calling Men may be for you. This is a new book by author Mimi Tanner that not only sheds light on the blunders that women make when calling and e-mailing the men that they are interested in but also gives alternatives on what they should do instead.

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