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Online Dating: 7 Red Flags and Warning Signs

Here are 7 red flags and warning signs that the person you meet online is NOT the person you want to meet offline!

Go on high alert if the person:

  • Asks for your phone number or other contact information when you barely know each other.
  • Tells you they love you and looks forward to spending the rest of his life with you when you barely know each other.
  • Asks too many questions about your living arrangements.
  • Does not provide clear answers to your questions.
  • Behaves erratically from one interaction to the next (e.g., he acts harshly, then apologizes profusely; then later he acts harshly towards you again).
  • Wants to meet you at a private location (e.g., your house, “friend’s” house, etc.).
  • Needs money for a ticket (e.g., plane, bus, etc.) and suggests that you to send money so the two of you can meet in person.

Stay safe online. Pay attention to those red flags and warning signs.

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