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Dating in the Modern World

As human interaction decreases, so go our social skills. This is what makes dating such a difficult task the modern era.

It begins with the problem of how to meet new people, in our small world’s consisting of school\office\home. Even when you do come across new people, there is the indecision of how to interact with them initially. Finally, after you get a date, the hardest of it all is, of course, how to navigate it successfully to another one. 🙂

In my articles I will offer new insights and advice. Starting with the initial stage of ‘how to meet new people’ and going through all the possible subjects that relate to the dating scene.

The most important thing to remember is that first of all dating is a game and therefore, should be fun.

Some people treat dating as a mission to overcome or as a world that needs to be conquered. We must remember that the consequences of successful dating are mainly the bliss of having another person to be with and enjoy mutual things with; therefore the road that leads to this outcome should be equally joyous and satisfying.

If at any point of the process you feel hurt, used or humiliated, there is no point to continue dating the person who arouses these feelings within you.

On the other hand, this world requires certain qualities that are sometimes hard to obtain without practice. Remember that relationship is a game for two (or more) players, so you have to play your part in order to advance the game, but also remain attentive to the other’s moves all along the road.


  1. All these caveats aside – Online Dating can be a fun adventure and a good way to at least practice your Dating skills. Bear in mind that online dating is a numbers game, so get in the game and give it time. It can take several months or more and dozens of dates to meet someone you click with enough to consider a real relationship with beyond dating. Give it time, and don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet “the One” right away. Get out there and make it fun. And, like so many others, you just might meet your soulmate!

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