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Stay Safe Online

Are you worried about meeting someone online? You don't need to be if you use proper security measures and services. This section covers ways to protect your identity, do background checks, reverse phone lookups and more...

New Friends Online? Check Them Out Before Getting Too Close

The Internet has become one of the latest places to meet people. Whether you are looking for a casual friend or a romantic interlude, it can all be found on the worldwide web. Places like Facebook and … [Read more...]

Should I Get a Background Check?

OK, so you've read "Trust Your Intuition!", rejected all the phoney-baloney types, but are wondering if or when you should get a background check. The answer is easy! You ALWAYS want to check … [Read more...]

Meeting Offline for the First Time

Don't ever let yourself be pressured into meeting anyone online. If they threaten to terminate online correspondence if you don't meet them within a certain time frame, end your online connection. … [Read more...]

Online Dating Safety Precautions

Online dating can lead to offline friendship, love, and even marriage. Exchanging written correspondence is a great way to build loving, trusting relationships. However, you could expose yourself … [Read more...]

Trust Your Intuition!

It is often kinder not to respond to someone you know isn't your type, than to cultivate an online relationship out of politeness and later let them down. If your online correspondent doesn't answer … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Credit Card Safe Online

If you've never used your credit card to shop online, I understand that you may be reluctant to do so purchase an online dating service. I've done almost all of my Christmas shopping online for many … [Read more...]