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Trust Your Intuition!

It is often kinder not to respond to someone you know isn’t your type, than to cultivate an online relationship out of politeness and later let them down.

If your online correspondent doesn’t answer questions directly, or omits essential information, trust your better instincts and find someone you can trust.

If you suspect someone is lying to you,you are probably correct. Don’t waste time trying to elicit the truth from them. Accept that they are dishonest, and not likely to change.

Drop correspondence with those who do not accept or question your feelings.

Do not reply to mean-spirited and nasty email. With luck, ignoring the sender will send them and their desperate attempts for attention elsewhere. If not, save their emails and forward them to your ISP or their ISP and ask them for help to get the person to cease and desist. If you’ve released no identifying information about yourself to this person, use a mail filter to send their trash, to the trash.

Relationships are built on honesty, respect and acceptance.

Don’t settle for anything less!