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Should I Get a Background Check?

OK, so you’ve read “Trust Your Intuition!“, rejected all the phoney-baloney types, but are wondering if or when you should get a background check.

The answer is easy!

You ALWAYS want to check someone’s background before you meet someone.

Here are a couple suggestions to help you out.

Before sharing intimate information with anyone online, confirm that the person you are dealing with, is the person they say they are. Trust me, it is a disappointing shock to learn that your online amour is living abroad because he is ‘wanted’ by the authorities in the United States! 🙁

Ask for references from your friend’s work, friends and family. Honest people will have no objection to this request, and will appreciate that you are ‘playing it smart and safe’. Verify their place of employment. For example, if they tell you they are an ‘internationally published author’, ask for titles and publishers and confirm their assertion. If you are unable to verify any details about your online buddy, trust your better judgement and move on.

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