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Meeting Offline for the First Time

Don’t ever let yourself be pressured into meeting anyone online.

If they threaten to terminate online correspondence if you don’t meet them within a certain time frame, end your online connection. Nice people don’t make threats or put pressure on people they care about.

When you do decide to meet someone whose company you enjoy online, meet in a public place and bring your friends. Your online buddy will understand and accomodate your wishes if they are honest about their intentions towards you. If during the date, you decide to go somewhere else, use your own car.

Don’t agree to hiking dates or meetings in remote areas until you know someone very well. Plan a short initial meeting. If, on meeting, you know you won’t be seeing this person again, sharing coffee and a little polite chat won’t be as painful as spending a long day together.

Keep the date light-hearted and fun and leave as originally scheduled. Answer honestly if asked whether you’d like to get together again. Tell your friends and family where you are going, with whom, and arrange to check in with them at a specified time during the date and again when you arrive home.

If you travel to meet your online love, make your own hotel and car reservations and don’t give out the name of your hotel. Drive yourself to the hotel,or take a taxi. Follow all of the recommendations above about meeting someone for the first time. Provide your family or friends with necessary contact information.

Getting out of Trouble

If you start feeling unsure or uncomfortable about your date, politely extricate yourself from the situation. Excuse yourself and leave by the back door if necessary. Do not hesitate to ask for help from persons nearby, call your family, friends or the police if you feel the situation warrants. Trust your judgement and don’t be afraid of potential embarrassment. Better to be embarrassed than physically hurt.

If you follow all of these recommendations, you will feel safe and enjoy your online dating experience to the fullest! Be happy, find love!