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Personal Ads: Acronyms Least Used

Here is another list of acronyms similar to our Personal Ad Decoder. UYFSOMWPOV Ugly Yet Financially Secure Older Male With Plenty Of Viagra RCGWJWTW … [Read more...]

Look Better Online

Created by Online Daters to Help Online Daters. founders, Dave Coy and Merav Knafo, met and married through They know first-hand that the goal of online … [Read more...]

Personal Ad Decoder for Men and Women

Having a tough time figuring out what he or she REALLY means by something they said in a personal ad or over dinner? Here are some very funny clues. Men's Personal Ad Decoder: 40-ish...56+ … [Read more...]

True Story: Her witty profile got my attention

Personally, I never thought I'd be writing a letter like this for two reasons: First, I always found them cheesey, sappy and self-gratifying. Second, I didn't think I'd ever find my perfect mate, … [Read more...]

How to Connect with Women Online

These suggestions result from numerous emails and talks with women about what they will, and what they won't respond to. Say Something! The following email was chuckled at and hit the bin in … [Read more...]

Online Dating Tips for Women

Ladies, prepare to be deluged with more suitors than you ever dreamed possible! The Internet dating scene is still somewhat male-dominated, and this time, that's to your advantage! Certain facts … [Read more...]