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Created by Online Daters to Help Online Daters. founders, Dave Coy and Merav Knafo, met and married through

They know first-hand that the goal of online dating isn’t to browse profiles or even to go on dates. The goal of online dating is to make your next date your LAST date.

The only way to achieve real results is to post a serious profile, which includes a great-looking picture that shows you at your very best.

To help you look your best, has established a network of talented, professional photographers across North America who are prepared to reduce their usual rates and produce a series of exceptional portraits for cyber-daters at a special low price.

You’ll have 12 Web-ready photos ready to be uploaded to your profile within 48 hours of your photo shoot. offers wardrobe, hair and make-up tips. They’ll also suggest that you avoid having those 10 margaritas the night before your shoot.

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Site Highlights Better online photos.
Kudos An idea whose time was long overdue! Bravo!
Darts Not currently available in my little town. 🙁
Testimonials “I went through to do my photos. Definitely a good decision. I really liked the photographer, his studio is 5 minutes from my house.

You know, this is beginning to be fun now. I have a couple of really, really, cute ladies that I am communicating with now. As I said before, I have emailed them before with no reply. Now, they are emailing me every day.” –Chance, Kennesaw, GA

“I had a fantastic experience with your service…Not even a week and a half with my new photos, I met a very wonderful and special guy… If this so happens to be my bashert (soul mate), I look forward to working with you again as my wedding photographers! Thank you so much for your service!!! Sincerely, Cynthia”

Cynthia, Houston, TX

“The responses I’m getting now from
women definitely are of a different caliber than the ones who wrote to my “before” pictures…which is a huge improvement over what was happening previously.

Eric, Scottsdale, AZ today!