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How to Connect with Women Online

These suggestions result from numerous emails and talks with women about what they will, and what they won’t respond to.

  1. Say Something! The following email was chuckled at and hit the bin in record time. ‘Hi, my name is Sparky. I like your attitude. Tell me more.’ Go beyond standard bar ‘pick-up’ lines.
  2. Speak Directly to Her. Some men craft a single email query, and send it to numerous women. ‘Form letter recipients are usually unimpressed by lack of effort, and you probably won’t hear back from them. Speak directly to what she said in her ad. Note and compliment what you thought interesting, funny or entertaining. Tell her if you feel you meet all her ‘qualifications’ and why.
  3. Give More Information Share more personal information about yourself than contained in your ad.
  4. Essential Information. Include your personal ad mailbox number so she can check out your description, mug and voice. She’ll respond that much sooner!
  5. Patience and Persistence.Women lead busy lives! She might be out of town, her ISP server down, the computer crashed, or snowed under by kids and business paperwork for a week after you write. Wait awhile, then write back, mention your first email, and include the fact that you are really interested in her.
  6. About Being Polite…. Another winner…’Hi, my name is Bob. Write back if you’re not a liar or a thief’. Our recipient prefered to be considered a liar AND a thief than respond to this negative approach.
  7. Real Gentlemen Always… A closing statement which conveys best wishes for happiness whether she chooses to respond to your email or not, speaks volumes about the sender. It may be the one nice thing she has heard all day, and enough to generate a response for you!

There are kind, caring, loving and beautiful women out there, and one of them is waiting just for you!

Best of luck and good wishes on your search, guys.