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Online Dating: 7 Red Flags and Warning Signs

Here are 7 red flags and warning signs that the person you meet online is NOT the person you want to meet offline! Go on high alert if the person: Asks for your phone number or other contact … [Read more...]

Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers (Part 2)

NOTE: This is the 2nd posting of this article as we had SO many comments on the first that it wouldn't take anymore. :-) Too see the 984 comments on the first, please click here. I just came across a … [Read more...]

How to Avoid an Online Dating Scam

If you want to meet your soulmate online, you better be prepared to fend off a few creeps - a.k.a. online dating scammers. The following article tells you how to spot and avoid dealing with … [Read more...]

Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers

I just came across a post on "A Soldier's Perspective" discussing a rather disgusting and disturbing trend that has guys posing as soldiers on Internet dating sites. Here's the quote from CJ's: The … [Read more...]

Don’t Waste Your Time Responding to Fake Singles Profiles

OK, I thought you should see this. It’s a flagrant example of the real problem with free dating sites and brand-new dating services. This is a request made by a project developer through, … [Read more...]

LifeLock: Avoid Identity Theft Online and Off

Have you seen those LifeLock ads with Todd Davis showing the number on his social security card? Well, that really is his social security number. He puts it on TV and on the LifeLock website to show … [Read more...]