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Don’t Waste Your Time Responding to Fake Singles Profiles

OK, I thought you should see this. It’s a flagrant example of the real problem with free dating sites and brand-new dating services.

This is a request made by a project developer through, which provides outsourcing services for freelance programmers, web & logo designers, copywriters, illustrators and consultants.

Need 500 unique dating profiles included. English must be readable and understandable. Include age, interests, and what your looking for in a date. 3-8 sentences. Sample profile included.

Here’s that sample profile.

Looking for a casual date or a new friend to hang out with from time to time. Cuban female 22/5?6/Cute..wait… very cute. Im serious about meeting for some drinks or a date guys. Dont wanna make my ad long so email me and I’ll tell you a bit more about my self. If your looking for dating please dont be gay or married! Or married and gay LOL!!

Now why would a dating site developer want someone to create 500 fake singles profiles? Well, they want to ‘pad’ their database with fake profiles to make it look like there are a lot more singles active on the site than there really are.

The point is that you should stick with the tried and true services that don’t need to pull such stunts.

Good examples include those listed under my 5-Star Dating Services.


  1. Margaret Rodgers says

    To Lindsey: Yes he Dustin Dudley is quite known here as a scammer. Glad you realize that. Many times and quite often they do not give up real easy even when you tell them you know what they are. The best way to get rid of them is to delete and block. Just remember everything, and I mean everything, is a lie, and your not chatting with the guy in whatever pic he presented. He only wants your money and will say and do anything to get it from you. Run.

  2. Dudley Dustin is on here to he has been chatting to me for 2 days luckily I have found out he is a scam, he has been chatting to me on yahoo messanger but have now sent him a message telling him I know he is a scam, how can people do these things, hopefully will never hear from him again he told me he served in us marines has a 14 year old son and is widowed he says he is back in uk in two months already calling me honey and babe, he must think im thick

  3. Dustin/Owen also tried to convince my sister that he knew about the ‘rumours’ on the Internet and that he was *actually* the real deal. He got his ‘mother’ to write to my sister too, and a search on the email address located it to Nigeria and a Facebook profile of a very young woman. Such a scam. Luckily my sister found out before she parted with more money and ruined her life.

  4. Dustin Dudley is still operating on romance sites/social media. He sometimes goes by Owen. But this is a SCAM. He says he has a son, his ex is called Jane, been in military since 13 yrs old and stationed in Kabal, Afghanistan. Unfortunately my sister fell for this. She sent money to request leave, sent it through Western Union/Moneygram. His Facebook friends are all middle aged women, so going to message them warning about him. It breaks my heart my sister fell for this, so I hope other women will see this and know its a scam.

  5. Quality articles or reviews is the secret to be a focus for the people to pay a visit the site, that’s what this website is providing.

  6. i too have just been contacted by a dustin dudley. same pics. only his son is 14 and at west point. his wife was killed in a car accident. so sad to abuse our military like this. please beware….

  7. When you are meeting up with someone for the first (and maybe even the second) time, make sure you have
    a friend who knows who you are meeting, where you are
    meeting and when you are meeting. If you don’t want to date a drinker, use the filter to eliminate the men who drink from your search. You may have seen web sites that allow you to follow the site’s update with Google Friend Connect.

  8. Message for rylighe:
    Yes. Owen Dustin Dudley. Have your mother contact me, we can compare stories. I saved it all.

  9. sorry the website froze on my phone again…sorry for the bad spelling my phone….Anyhow one last thing, as I ask him about being fake and, and what I found online. He answered,, then I just need to get better then those naive h#s. He called me that twice, followed that he wants to sent me to hell. That’s surely a man anyone would date….
    Anyhow,good luck you need it

  10. sorry the website closed…
    Go online the defense department and a satellite phone service firm warm of the calling card scam. The Defense department even warns that pictures of soldiers get stolen from Facebook and others and used to lure you. Google it.
    Now,that we established that the email is wrong and he sandyour mom.Why would he do that? And where go those 400 buck to? To other Women ! Do you really like to finance a man you never meet and no nothing of? Most likely while your mom waits for him he talks to others and spends your moms money with his real livepartner. You basically pay the dating he does in real life. If your mom is ok with spending her money on his future bride, you won’t be able to stop her. Maybe get some pros and Ip addresses and see a lawyer.
    s? Answer as he confessed in the email to.he needs to get better

  11. Dear RY,
    You can’t help her, she will loose all savings for a man she never,meet. Buying calling cards from a fable defense department email address. ALL government emails are ending .gov AND NOT IN USA.COM. She can call the defense department and check that. Further one thing she might further

  12. ok i need some addvice. my mother is talking to a dustin dudley, witch is described perfectly above. i showed her this and she is still talking to him. i dont know what to do. i think she is still sending him money. how do i make her relize he is a fake??

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