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Don’t Waste Your Time Responding to Fake Singles Profiles

OK, I thought you should see this. It’s a flagrant example of the real problem with free dating sites and brand-new dating services.

This is a request made by a project developer through, which provides outsourcing services for freelance programmers, web & logo designers, copywriters, illustrators and consultants.

Need 500 unique dating profiles included. English must be readable and understandable. Include age, interests, and what your looking for in a date. 3-8 sentences. Sample profile included.

Here’s that sample profile.

Looking for a casual date or a new friend to hang out with from time to time. Cuban female 22/5?6/Cute..wait… very cute. Im serious about meeting for some drinks or a date guys. Dont wanna make my ad long so email me and I’ll tell you a bit more about my self. If your looking for dating please dont be gay or married! Or married and gay LOL!!

Now why would a dating site developer want someone to create 500 fake singles profiles? Well, they want to ‘pad’ their database with fake profiles to make it look like there are a lot more singles active on the site than there really are.

The point is that you should stick with the tried and true services that don’t need to pull such stunts.

Good examples include those listed under my 5-Star Dating Services.


  1. Margaret Rodgers says

    To Megan: I don’t doubt he gloated — this is a perfect example of how cruel, vicious, unfeeling, and monstrous they are. They are maggots to me, and are the sewage of this world. They do laugh every time they succeed in their game. I can’t remember now for sure what the word is they use for their victims but I was once told it, and seems it is something like “maws”….can you imagine, they have a disgusting word for the women who send them money.

  2. UPDATE !!!
    Fake scammer Sgt Dudley contact me.
    Making fun over the victims and how he wants to improve his skill. Well if he needs sites like this to get better shows his IQ really is. I wish him and all human scum like this to rot in hell. To all real people, please be careful.

  3. Hi girls,

    This is about Sgt Dustin Dudley, who obviously does not check forums otherweise he would change names.
    I checked his profile and found his picture attached, to three different profiles age between 42-48y. Country’s Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. Home states AZ, OH and SD.

    Staff Sgt Dustin Dudley
    Camp Leatherneck

    He was so romantic….lol, I copied and searched his poems, I wanted to wait to confirm.
    He claims to be a Marine, has a Dog Tope and a 5 year son Mickey, divorced from Roxane. Yes, he did not even know how to fake his exes name.
    Says at the military since 13 years and this is second time to Afghanistan.
    On photos he has huge tattoos on both arms, not even sure if the person on the photo knows about this.
    Next day, he told me in order to call him I have to request a security line link.

    This was an email I had to sent to

    BTW the first time he wrote

    Obvious right there its NOT a .gov also they respond only after an hour, pretty fast for the government right?
    Finalized by an document that ask you $270 per month.
    This was my goodbye to the scammer, like they always say, if sounds to good to be true its most likely fake. Was fun for a day….but they should get the stories straight.

  4. says is good for email scammers. I’ve been on that site for years,
    Been in contact with a “Sheela M Walter, Kingsford MI.
    Strange thing is that what she talks about can only be known by a real person & the photos sent are not those of a scammer. BUT: The notices for “request of leave” that I must pay money to someone in Port Gratiot, MI tell me it is a scam. So I have continued to write to her asking Specific questions about her duty station and at the same time I’ve contact a Marine Base asking if the information that I’m being given is accurate. So to scam a scammer takes patience. If you know how to do it, you can get alot of information and get them to slip up once in awhile.

  5. Dustin Dudley on evow. I think hes a scammer.

  6. Wow I have been scammed by Alex Derkeyhoff for $1300.00. , he’s email address is n his accomplice Kenneth Stut , , they even made up an email for USmilitary….. The email address is And they got me to send the $$$$$$ to Crystal Edgar. Address:104 West Avenue E. City:Midlothian. State:Texas, Zipcode: 76065, Country: USA….Alex Derkeyhoff always calls me honey , n got so called military to email me lastnight 28/12/2012 to send money ‘coz so called Alex Derkeyhoff is stranded at da airport n needed money to come to me in Cairns ,Queensland,Australia……. The so called military sent me an email 28/12/2012 request I send money (BTA) for his stop over to come to me… At the end of da so called military email its got at the very end “Get free email that has everyone talking about…. Unlimited email storage-POP3-CALENDAR-SMS-TRANSLATOR- much more! I have sent my last bit of money that I saved 4 Christmas n I ended up having a very poor Christmas! I’m on a disability pension … I have Scholiosis Of The Lower Lumba.. Pls help me n put these scammers in jail.

  7. Margaret Rodgers says

    FOR JIM STRANGER – Once again I will tell you, everyone of the scammers posing as military personnel, sought me out first and not the other way around. A good man doesn’t have to only be from the military. Can be from any walk of life. I have discovered recently, as I posted above, we can no longer trust any kind of video cam’s. I received two hoax’s or fake cam’s in the last three mos on Skype.

  8. Margaret Rodgers says

    TO PAULA, BETH, & AMANDA – DUSTIN DUDLEY, REALLY ? SOUNDS LIKE FROM A CARTOON AND DERKEYHOFF ?? The names alone are enough to give them away, and yes they think we are idiots because so many of us fall for their idiotic bull crap, including myself once upon a time.

  9. Margaret Rodgers says


  10. Wow, I also am talking to a Alex Derkeyhoff. He has not asked for any money but I think he is the same guy everyone is talking about on here. I confronted him and I have also turned all my texts and emails over to the Military and they are looking into this guy. I hope no one else fall for this guy or a Dustin Dudley who claimes to be overseas fighting I also turned all his things over to the proper authorities.

  11. I was also talking to a Dustin Dudley in the Marines over seas and he too is a scammer, so becarefull ladies. I was married to the Military for 15 years so when he asked for money I knew it was a scam. He says he is stationed in Camp Leatherneck then he changed it to Camp Kandahar

  12. I have gotten an email from an Alex Derkeyhoff. He told me that he needed $1200 for a phone so we would be able to talk. I knew this was not the case. We have only been talking for 2 days and he is already saying that he loves me and calls me “honey”. But he also wants for me to keep it a “secret”. I am too old to fall for this stuff. Hopefully reading this will help keep other women from falling for this trick.

  13. I am currently talking to Alex Derkeyhoff. I noticed right of hand that his messages were off and not adding up. I also had another scammer on fb, goes by the name John Mclaren. Both have tried to get me to do things for them. Of course I’m not falling for it.

  14. Jim Stranger says

    Women again who seeking one type of man-When will you learn-only seeking military men. Cannot a man be a good man who is not in the military?

    Agreed-If the person cannot Skype you then you must be suspicious.

  15. It’s true. Don’t believe it, unless you skype with him. I think the same guy changed his name to Alex Derkeyhoff. It also might be an accomplice. Because I asked him to skype with me, and he was making all these excuses.Then I finally told him, that I don’t want to continue this unless I see him via skype. So he pretended that his comp was out, and said his fellow marine friend was going to let him use his skype. Lo and behold, his name was Kenneth strut.But coincidently,his video camera didn’t work. This guy must think I was an idiot. Thank God, I only talked to him for a few days before I realize his story doesn’t add up.

  16. To unknown,,,,post May 17, I have recently just heard from a Kenneth Stut, who says he has a nine year old girl, I have asked lots of questions of him and some didn’t add up, he has sent plenty of pictures but apparently that is easy to steal someones identity which is awful for the real person, he wanted to skype and when i looked him up he had a different picture of another man so alarm bells went off so I tried searching hiim again and this came up, which is enough for me to now delete him, but feel really sick about the fact I have shared photos and personal stuff with him to…..

  17. i have been contacted by capt aaron johnson airforce is the person real or a scammer?

  18. Margaret Rodgers says

    To Olivia: Two emails is enough. Open the Headers on the email. The first IP number is the company they subscribe to like Yahoo who is based in Sunnyvale and sometimes it will say Mountain View. Scroll down to where you see “originating” and you should see another IP number and I believe that is the one you want to trace. I have done a few on my scammer and am still learning how to do this, it is confusing. I only had two emails also and the IP number showed they came from Nigeria. In my first two emails he claimed to be in Afghanistan.He said on Feb.1st he would be deployed to Nigeria. There was a lapse of three days on Feb 1st and so I believed he had been deployed and he came online and said he had. Out of curiosity I opened a months worth of chats that had begun on Feb.1st and got IP numbers on them, and it said they were coming from Columbus, Ohio. I just found that a couple days ago and don’t know what to think yet!! I printed out every communication I had with my scammer, so I have 3 files full of correspondence.In looking at this info it appears he was in Nigeria and ended up in Columbus Ohio!! My scammer presented a picture of a soldier and used the name of Walter Bruston. He asked me to be friends on Face book and that is how mine started. He has a profile on FB but it is under Waiter and not Walter. I don’t know if the spelling was an accident or intentional. I am the only one friend he has on that page and he said he did not use the FB anymore, no explanation as to why. I think that page was created just for him to get to me. I believe he uses other pictures and names to suit his needs. Walter is very sweet, loving, convincing, and smooth. Very good at scamming. That is their job. He will not give up trying as long as he can contact you. Walter still comes online with me and is still trying to get more money, even after my losing the $3000 and my telling him what a low life scum he is. I still get “L love you’s” and I miss you’s. Everything they say is a lie, they just want your money. See my letter to debbiebrice. Best to you.

  19. Margaret Rodgers says

    To debbiebrice: They change their names and profiles constantly. Many times it is more than one person who is contacting you. You are a file they have and they take turns “working you” so to speak. I picked up on a different personality in my scammer after 5 mos of chatting. I am very observant person however. They also have a script they go by. I began to notice a different opening and closing with each one.One would just say Hello but the other would always say Hello Love or Hello Dear. One closes with just love you Bye and the other always closes with Bye,Bye, and Bye. They will almost never admit to anything and rarely answer direct questions and if they do answer it will be some off-the-wall response that really doesn’t answer your question or they will just ignore your question all together. EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS A LIE…their there just to get your money, and they will never stop trying you as long as they can contact you.It is just a job for them and some are very good at it. They take their time and are very patient. I have done extreme investigating since Walter scamed me out of $3000. I have learned a great deal in doing so. I have had contact with who has real lawyers and was advised there is never any fees to our Military personnel for leaves, flights, or retirement ,and was told they have everything they need from computers to cell phones. All paperwork is handled through the Military also. No civilians are ever involved. I know your pain, I was devastated by this scammer Walter Bruston and am still trying to recover from it. I took out nine loans because I believed him to be real, and fell deeply in love. I now have to figure out how to repay this money. I am only on social security. He had promised when he got here to the states he would take care of them. Maybe all of us together can help stop them or prevent someone else from this pain they cause, or at least slow them down. Best to you debbie.

  20. This goes for all the other mail order bride sites you have mentioned or rated highly as well-To me when it comes to ethnic imbalances going over the limit Elena Models takes the cake

  21. I need your help ladies. I am convinced that the “soldier” that I am communicating with is a scam artist
    I tried to find out where the email is coming from (IP address) but I only have his two email addresses
    No other info, numbers, letters, etc. He is very convincing, and every time I have had enough
    He comes back to tell me that he is sorry. He misses me. This person is real sweet for appr. Two weeks
    And then comes the $$$$ request. This has happened 3 x. Why does he continue to email. Me
    If I am not sending him $ this is the part that makes me believe that he is who he says he is. Why devote
    Months of emailing if I am not sending hime $ please help. I need your advice ladiies. How do
    I find out real or fake????? Olivia. Thank you in advance before I do
    Something I will regret

  22. Hi, I feel for all, lucky for me I just strung the guy along until he made a mistake and replied to an email from his blackberry wireless phone…he has not replied as of yet to whether he is really in the marines or not…but his name is apparently Kenneth Stut in the Marines and has a 9 yr old daughter, but has yet to tell me his rank. I figured he was not really in the service (I am an army brat) and he uses words such as mate, holiday and so I am wondering has anyone heard his name?

  23. please can you let me know if a Capt Aaron Johnson camp victory Afghanistan us marines has scamned anyone else . i have lost £11,000 absolutly devasted in serious dept. he still denies his scaming me and even had more e mails from a Colonel Watson usa, requesting, urging me to pay the Capt flight back to the uk. also said i could have all my money back if i agreed to put some large amount of a friends money into my account! money laundering ! thankfully the fraud police had warned me about this. this has destroyed me , im in such a state, everyday is so hard to get through. im on my own with an Autistic son and on my second kidney transplant these eveil scum deserve to be put away for ever

  24. Hey Cowgirl I was reading your comment about Janys
    Rivera I had that samemguy say the same thingas about mqarrying me and the nchains being sent and all that I gasve him my e-mail and phone number and he never came through but he was using the same diplomat and the same story but he asked me to send him money for his computer because it was dying and he asked me to marry him as well I refused to send money and I have 3 pics pne in his living room one i n his kitchen and one i n his fatigues and his e-mail was and their is Janys rivera that is a women on face book and shee is spanish very interesting isn’t it take3 care

  25. I know the feeling of being scammed. I have been scammed too(myodhs, macho1333, charlesbiggg, mack.ray009). It is a very bad feeling because you never know to whom you are talking to and there is some similarity between them too, they all have work in the same field too so it make you wonder what is really going on…

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