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Our Robert Gets Married

I am SO thrilled to let you all know that our own Master Sgt. Robert McLaughlin just got married!! Robert is the fellow who responds to all your comments and questions about fake soldiers. In the … [Read more...]

My Best First Date Ever

What was your best first date ever? I had to dig deep to figure out what mine was. It turned out to be with someone who shared several of my interests WAY back in the day. He was a geologist and I a … [Read more...]

Would You Have Sex on a First Date?

What do you think? Would you have sex on a first date? Yes No? Maybe? It all depends.... Answer the poll below and let us know [poll id="15"] … [Read more...]

Cindy and Mike’s Online Dating Success

[Read more...]

From a Hurricane to a Honeymoon

After the tragedy of Katrina, James (Jay) Diamond, a New Orleans resident, was left with nothing. He moved up to New Jersey to stay with family while he tried to rebuild his life. Shortly thereafter, … [Read more...]

Two Perfect Days of Love

"I received a gift subscription to from a friend in January. After nearly a month, I'd already enjoyed several dates. By the first week of February I was trying to decide between three … [Read more...]