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From a Hurricane to a Honeymoon

After the tragedy of Katrina, James (Jay) Diamond, a New Orleans resident, was left with nothing. He moved up to New Jersey to stay with family while he tried to rebuild his life. Shortly thereafter, he joined, and his entire life changed.

The patent-pending Profileâ„¢ questionnaire accurately pegged Jay as a “Negotiator/Explorer” and he was matched with several women who had complementary personality types. One woman, Stacie Stuart, a “Director/Negotiator” caught his attention immediately. Stacie was a single mother in nearby Howard Beach, New York, and considered them a great match.

Stacie is a second grade teacher, so for her spring break Jay booked a trip to Sandals in the Bahamas. On their third night at the resort, Jay got on stage with the resort band and made a speech – asking Stacie to be his wife! When the excited crowd died down (and Stacie accepted) he told her that he had completely planned the wedding for the following day – even making arrangements for makeup and hair!

Stacie and Jay now live in Queens, New York and have made a new family with their three children from previous relationships. They renewed their vows in a second ceremony in Howard Beach, New York on June 17, 2006.

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