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Cindy and Mike’s Online Dating Success

Cindy and Mike on their second dateIncluded below is a love story that Cindy recently sent to me and to the left is a picture of she and Mike on their 2nd date taken in December 1997.

About the picture, Cindy says “This was the first largemouth bass I ever caught…” but it looks like she caught something MUCH better that day! 🙂

In September 1997 I was playing around on the internet and came across Matchmaker. Thinking it was a cool site, I thought it would be an easy way to meet men.

Earlier that year I had left a 20 year marriage and was really interested in finding out what men were all about.

I completed their questionnaire and the last question: “Why did you sign up?

I answered “Just Curious.”

Based on my answers I was matched up to several different men. I exchanged emails and phone calls with quite a few guys. I even met a few of them in person – though I was extremely cautious and had a few set rules I followed.

One of my top matches was Mike. I read his answers several times and laughed each time I read it. I kept debating – should I email this guy or not. Finally I decided to go ahead and email him: BEST choice I ever made. As I emailed him on the last day of his subscription to Matchmaker and he wasn’t planning on resigning.

We began emailing each other daily. I loved his sense of humor! He made me laugh like I hadn’t in ages. After about a month of emailing we decided to talk on the phone.

You see Mike was also being cautious – as he states “There’s a lot of crazy women out there too!“.

Our first phone conversation was Eight hours!!! Mike had strep-throat at the time and I’m sure we didn’t help it heal any faster. J The next night we talked 6 hours. The third night we talked 4 hours and the fourth night we talked for 6 hours again.

It was at that time, that I told Mike, I couldn’t afford the phone bill! (Remember – we didn’t have the luxury of cell phones or google talk at the time.) Mike continued to call me every single day. His phone bill was averaging over $300. a month!

We spoke on the phone for about a month before we met in person. He lived 200 miles from me, so we decided to meet in the middle – in the city of Victorville.

We met for breakfast and then played miniature golf. We spent hours just talking in his truck. Before we parted he picked me a red rose. He made me feel like Cinderella at the ball.

On our second date we went fishing and I introduced him to my best friend. I caught my first largemouth bass.

We dated for a couple of years before I moved in with him.

We were married on May 10, 2003.

He is truly my soul-mate. I thank God for him every day.

Cindy is a writer and the webmistress at HonestDietReviews where she shares the story of the couple’s struggle with weight loss and how they are winning the battle. - Free Compatibility ProfileEditor’s Note: Sage-Hearts no longer recommends Matchmaker as a dating service.

However, check out Perfect Match (read the review) for truly compatible relationships and matchmaking services instead.

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