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Women: Are You Making These Classic Dating Mistakes?

Ladies, have you ever wondered why so many of your first dates turn out to be last dates?

It could be that you are making one of more of these classic dating mistakes.

On a first date do you…

  • Talk about past relationships?
  • Dress too provacatively or like Mother Theresa?
  • Boast about your big salary?
  • Go on and on about your cat?
  • Get drunk?
  • Become emotional?
  • Talk about marriage or babies?
  • Expect sex?
  • Give mixed messages?

Any and all of these are big no-no’s on a first date.

If you want to see a guy again:

  • Dress appropriately for the venue
  • Engage him in conversation that interests both
  • Refrain from boasting about your salary – that’s pretty tacky
  • Don’t gush about cats, babies, weddings and your previous boyfriends
  • Be honest. If you don’t like the guy, don’t tell him you’ll see him again.

And for goodness sakes, leave sex out of it.

As many mothers have said, ‘why would you buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?’.

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