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The Way We Were

Featured movie – The Way We Were:

The Way We Were (Special Edition)

ABOUT THE PERILS OF LOVE DURING HOLLYWOOD’S BLACKLISTING ERA. SPECIAL FEATURES: WIDESCREEN VERSION, DUAL LAYER, SUBTITLES:ENGLISH, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, CHINESE, KOREAN, AND THAI, TALENT FILES, DIRECTOR SYDNEY POLLACK’S COMMENTARY, DOCUMENTARY LOOKINGBACK, AND THEATRICL TRAILERS.Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand star as sociopolitical opposites–he’s a WASP novelist, she’s an activist–who nevertheless strike up a romance in the 1930s, and have a rocky relationship through the next two decades that reflects much of America’s history. An essential part of the movie–the Hollywood blacklist and the McCarthy witch- hunt years–comes across as a botch, due to some excessive cutting before the film was released. But except for that hole in the heart of the story, director Sydney Pollack (Out of Africa) has crafted a strong and moving drama about two interesting characters. Redford (always good with Pollack) is at the height of his powers, and Streisand is persuasive. –Tom Keogh

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