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The Living End

The Living End: Remixed and Remastered

Gregg Araki’s acclaimed Outlaw Couple romance has been totally revamped in THE LIVING END:REMIXED AND REMASTERED. This take-no-prisoners story of two HIV-positive lovers on the run in 90’s America is even more powerful and politically charged than ever. Featuring 5.1 Dolby Stereo sound, this new version has been personally remastered, re-color-timed and remixed by the director, Gregg Araki (MYSTERIOUS SKIN, TOTALLY F*** UP, THE DOOM GENERATION). Starring Mike Dytri, Craig Gilmore, Mark Finch, Mary Woronov, Darcy Marta, Scot Goetz, Johanna Went.Hard-core and unsentimental, this low-budget road movie/romance between two HIV-positive gay men manages to be bizarre, bitter, and intriguing. Figuring they have nothing to lose, Craig Gilmore and Mike Dytri hit the road as fugitives, where they act out bad-boy fantasies amid provocative conversations. Director Greg Araki, who also wrote the script, does a decent job of juggling black humor and bleak rage. It’s a tough movie to watch, but nihilism rarely looks this good. Araki continued his bleak look at life with later films, The Doom Generation and Nowhere, both of which pander more obviously to self-involved Gen-Xers. –Rochelle O’Gorman

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