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The Jewel In The Crown

Featured movie – The Jewel in the Crown:

The Jewel in the Crown (25th Anniversary Edition)

Adapted from Paul Scott’s The Raj Quartet, The Jewel In The Crown focuses on the human and cultural entanglements of the men and women struggling to adjust to the drastic changes brought about by the end of the colonial regime. From Gandhi’s call on the British to “Quit India” to the birth of an independent nation, this magnificent eight-part series is brought to life through intricate storylines and a sterling British cast including Academy Award-winning, legendary British actress Dame Peggy Ashcroft (A Passage to India) and Emmyr nominee Charles Dance (Alien).Filmed on location in England, Wales, and India, and rich in mid-twentieth-century historical detail, this best-selling series narrates a stirring finale to the British Empire in India.The Jewel in the Crown, adapted from Paul Scott’s Raj Quartet novels, tells the story of the final years before India gained independence in 1947. It is rare for a filmed adaptation to successfully preserve the richness and complexity of a great novel, but this epic miniseries succeeds both as personal drama and historical panorama. In 1942 Daphne Manners, a naive young woman newly arrived in the town of Mayapore, befriends Hari Kumar, an Indian-born journalist who has spent most of his life

  • The New York Times called it Superb! and Time found it Ultimately rewarding.with a sterling cast.This acclaimed adaptation of Paul Scot’s masterpiece, The Raj Quartet, won over 20 international awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Filmed on location, it re-creates the turbulent period when British colonial rule in India came crashing down. The memorable cast includes Dame Peggy Ashcr

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