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The First Kiss

Most men don’t get it. So, here’s the scoop – when a woman kisses you for the first time she’ll decide then and there if she ever wants to kiss you again! Most women crave romance more than men. That might be from the 100’s of romance novels that flood the market or the larger than life leading men at the movies. But whatever the reason today’s man has about 30 seconds to make a great impression or be left struggling to make up for lost ground.

Here are 8 ways to make that first kiss memorable and romantic.

  1. Privacy. You may be so focused on that first kiss that the rest of the world fades away. Remember, however, that she may not be as focused and providing privacy for the both of you is a must. If the first kiss is special and you want to share that moment with just your date then make it private.
  2. Watch your breath. By all means watch what you eat and carry a mint. There is nothing more unromantic than kissing a man whose breath smells of onions, garlic, beer or smoke. Kissing an ash tray doesn’t make for a good impression. If you are out to dinner stick with meals that have lemon or mint and save the garlic and onions for date number 100.
  3. Watch and wait. Don’t just reach in and kiss her. Lead up to the moment with small movements toward tenderness. Watch her body language and when you think the time is right reach over and touch her hand. If you are out walking playfully bump bodies and grab her hand. These are all moments that let you know she is interested.
  4. Lean in slowly. When the moment is right lean in, but only halfway. Keep your eyes on her. If she leans in then you have the green light. Some women will meet you halfway, others won’t. But watch for her to make that imperceptible move toward you.
  5. Don’t go for the gold. Some men want to go for the gold immediately. Don’t. The first kiss should be gentle and tender – not passionate. Kiss her as if she is sleeping and you don’t want to wake her.
  6. Leave the tongue home. Some women enjoy French kisses, others don’t. The first kiss isn’t the time to find out which way your date leans. It is the time to communicate that you are interested but restrained. You have control and have no intention of giving it up.
  7. Some say ask, some say don’t. Here’s the real deal. Most women don’t want you to ask because they treasure a man who is confident and secure enough to kiss her when he reads the signals correctly. But there is a way to ask that is more than asking, it’s demanding – and more sensual. If the situation places the two of you in physical proximity and you know from her body language that she is interested you can take the first kiss to a plateau she’ll never forget. Place your hands around her waist and draw her near. Looking deep into her eyes tell her, “I want to kiss you.” Don’t ask if you can kiss her but tell her that you want to kiss her. Be prepared to support her body weight as she melts!
  8. Now it’s time for slow motion. This final moment as you are kissing for the first time should feel like slow motion. Women don’t want you to be quick – but be decisive. You’ve decided to kiss her. Now go in slowly. Let your lips brush against hers. If she’s interested in more her body will lean in towards yours and she’ll kiss you back.

Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy and appreciate every second of this first kiss because you can’t recreate it and it won’t last forever.

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  1. ArmysgtsgirlfriendisAngela says

    I wouldn’t want to be kissed on a first date, maybe not the second date either. I’m also not sure if I would wanna go on a third date with him. It all depends if there is chemistry between he and I anyways… 🙂

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