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Romantic Movie: The Cement Garden

Featured movie – The Cement Garden:

The Cement Garden (PAL/Region 2)

Out-of-print in the US.

PAL/Region 2 pressing.

Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and directed by Andrew Birkin. When a family of four fatherless children hide their mother’s death to avoid going to an orphanage, the eldest two think they are capable of assuming the mature roles forced upon them. Parenthood and maturity, however, brings with it stronger urges–urges which brother Jack and sister Julie find hard to resist. Extras include: Feature Commentary Additional footagewith commentary from Andrew Birkin Alice Coulthard screen test Andrew Robertson screen test Alternative poster designs Introduction to the film by: Andrew Birkin Andrew Robertson Alice Coulthard and Ned Birkin Bernd Lepel’s shooting album.

List Price: $ 23.98
Price: $ 13.28

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