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How to Connect with Women Online

These suggestions result from numerous emails and talks with women about what they will, and what they won't respond to. Say Something! The following email was chuckled at and hit the bin in record … [Read more...]

Online Dating Tips for Women

Ladies, prepare to be deluged with more suitors than you ever dreamed possible! The Internet dating scene is still somewhat male-dominated, and this time, that's to your advantage! Certain facts … [Read more...]

How to Write a Personal Ad

The most frequent complaints men share with The Sage about internet dating are that women don't respond to their ads or their email. You can avoid both these problems by following a few simple … [Read more...]

Sample Personal Ad

The following is a REAL personal ad which generated several hundred responses in a few short months. The writer is a VERY happy (and busy) individual indeed!! "A classic Sag, born in a pig year, I … [Read more...]