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Valentine’s Day Gifts: No More Lingerie, Chocolate or Flowers

A survey of 750 single men and women in the U.S. revealed that the typical Valentine's Day gifts of lingerie, chocolates and flowers are no longer trendy... or even desired. Seriously guys, you buy … [Read more...]

Valentine Gift Finds for Under $50

You can make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one without spending a fortune. The best gifts are usually very simple but have the ability to evoke heartfelt memories at the same time. Cards … [Read more...]

Wear Your Heart for the World to See

Do you love Paul? Does your heart belong to Ashley? Are you the "Property of an American boy"? Really and truly? Are you brave enough to tell the world by sporting it on a T-Shirt? Well, you CAN with … [Read more...]

When is Valentine’s Day?

I was chatting with a friend the other day when he told me that he was travelling half-way 'round the world to meet up with a lady he thinks might be his "Ms. Right". "That's fabulous!" I exclaimed … [Read more...]

Budget Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

For Valentine's Day or any day, here are inexpensive ideas for gifts that can be bought online and sent to your special someone directly. Gifts Ideas for Her What she really wants is ICE. This … [Read more...]