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When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's DayI was chatting with a friend the other day when he told me that he was travelling half-way ’round the world to meet up with a lady he thinks might be his “Ms. Right”.

That’s fabulous!” I exclaimed and “How nice that you’ll be there for Valentine’s Day too”, I added.

Valentine’s Day? When IS that? The 7th? The 11th?“, he asked.

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th” I told him. “Get her something nice and / or plan a special dinner and you’ll score some really BIG points with her.

Seriously, having a boyfriend remember Valentine’s Day is a BIG deal for lots (if not most) women.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for women either.

Making your valentine (man or woman) feel special and remembered is a good thing to do, not only on Valentine’s Day but everyday.

And because so many of us are feeling the pinch of the economic crunch, I’ve posted some budget gift and cheap date ideas.

Even something as simple as sending a free ecard will brighten someone’s day.

So, remember the date – Valentine’s Day is February 14th – every year.