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Responsible Nigerian Dating

I laughed SO hard when I found this site about Nigerian Scam Dating, I just about piddled myself.

It’s a parody on those Nigerian Scam emails we get with regularity. If you don’t get them, be glad.

The site is hilarious.

Featured members include:

Username: DavidMark
Location: Abuja

I am Mr.David Mark. an Auditor of a BANK OF THE NORTH INTERNATIONAL,ABUJA (FCT). I have the courage to Crave indulgence for this important business believing that you will never let me down either now or in the future…

And the funniest testimonial reads:

My experiences on this site have been so negative. I have tried many other sites and they are always the same old thing–value for money, great people, excellent relationships formed, etc. I’ve been there done it and got the certificate really!! But this site? Well nothing compares! Excellent, well done and many thanks spot on!!! I’m absolutely loving it. You know I may have just found my Mr. Wrong.

Thank you Nigerian Scam Dating for the rest of my miserable, penniless, broken life.

– Sally Fairfax, TX

If you need a good laugh about the online dating scene, check out the Nigerian Dating Scam site now.


  1. Kristy Harrison says

    l’ve been on a couple of dating sites and all that l ever recieved wss men who started out like the man you have been searching for your whole life…telling you what you want to here.. and the longer we chatted the more l thought we were getting to know each other only to find out it was a scam they must have a script they go by and a time limit because after the twentieth email and chat somehow there’s a disaster that they need immediately need money for something…pressuring in every aspect like a car salesman telling you of things that most kind human would want to give…but l always whatch for the flags for this…and never give anyone especially a stranger you don’t even know money…they will find every way to get money…just keep telling them no and evenutally they will leave you alone…ladies who are vulnurable think with your mind don’t let your heart lead you….just wanted to share…l’ve had three now and it’s quite hiliarious…they way you stop them is tell them you are in desperate need of money to because they always say they are rich and will pay you back when you meet…ask them to wire you money or give you their credit card or bank… tell them to send you a check and you will pay them back…switch it up and they will leave you alone…thanks,

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