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Romantic Movie: Parrish

Featured movie – Parrish:

Warner Bros. Romance Classics Collection (Palm Springs Weekend / Parrish / Rome Adventure / Susan Slade)

Includes the titles: Palm Springs Weekend; Parrish; Rome Adventure; and Susan Slade.Looking back on the films of the late ’50s and early ’60s, it’s clear that America had more than one Cold War going on. Besides its pervasive fear of the Soviet bloc, America was also nervously afraid of its own teenage offspring, who could apparently invade and take over a helpless resort community in 12 hours flat; cause spontaneous outbreaks of “roughhousing” and “rhythm dancing”; give local police chiefs fits of indigestion and high blood pressure; and very possibly cause mutually assured destruction between the generations. Of course, these rompy films, starring teen idols like Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Robert Conrad, and more, are about as chaste as The Trouble with Angels (also excellent). And that’s part of the fun in this four-film set. Teenagers are set to run wild in locals like Palm Springs (pre-resort), Rome, even the Dogpatch-like “Tobacco Valley,” with mostly wholesome results, though a few cautionary tales are thrown in for good measure. Palm Springs Weekend (1963) features a gang of young people descending on desert-y, and deserted Palm Springs for Easter break–and the flirting is out of control. Donahue, Stevens, Conrad, Jerry Van

  • Includes the titles: Palm Springs Weekend; Parrish; Rome Adventure; and Susan Slade. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: NR Age: 883929039456 UPC: 883929039456 Manufacturer No: 1000042987

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List Price: $ 39.92
Price: $ 19.49

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