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Oodles of Dates in ONE Night

Oodles of dates in just 1 night?

That’s right!

Check out a HurryDate party and you’ll go on oodles of dates in one fun night out!

What the heck is HurryDate , you say? It’s a party where you’ll meet tons of new people with the guys rotating from woman to woman every time we blow a whistle. You’ll indicate on a SCOREcard whether or not you’d like to see each person you meet again…and they’ll match you up!

Throw in a cool bar, great drink specials, and a fun, anything-goes vibe, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a night out after work! Check out the HurryDate website now to RSVP and to find out the full details on how it works.

And while you are waiting for your HurryDate party, check out HurryDate Online. It’s free to browse profiles and create one of your own, so why not? Click here to check it out now!


  1. silver account says

    If the location of a HurryDate party you see listed on our website has not been posted you can keep checking back on your city page. After you RSVP, to attend a HurryDate you’ll be able to log-in to your homepage and see all the parties you are registered to attend and all the updated information about it. We’ll also be sending you a reminder e-mail a day or so before the event that will contain all kinds of important info.

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