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Romantic Movie: Mojave Moon

Featured movie – Mojave Moon:

Mojave Moon

Al who is a nice guy who stumbles into a weekend of wacky intrigue when he gives ellie a ride from los angeles to the mojave desert. All never expects ellie to fall in love with him nor does he expect to fall for her mother julie. When julies lunatic boyfriend shows up al gets more action the he wanted. Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 02/08/2005 Starring: Danny Aiello Anne Archer Run time: 95 minutes Rating: RDanny Aiello stars as a fiftysomething car salesman from Los Angeles who agrees to escort a voluptuous minor (Angelina Jolie) back to the desert trailer where her seductive mother (Anne Archer) and psychotic boyfriend (Michael Biehn) wait for her. Various misadventures follow: after the young people take off, Aiello dances with the older woman under the moonlight, falls asleep, finds a body in his car trunk the next morning, and is gradually absorbed into the boyfriend’s paranoid delusions. The script by Leonard Glasser is a bit intoxicated with its own offbeat tone, and the direction by Kevin Dowling leaves something to be desired about this independent feature. But the fine cast helps make up for these deficiencies,

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List Price: $ 14.98
Price: $ 3.90

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