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Misnomers About Background Checks

300-cautionCurious about background checks, but caught up in what you think they are and require?

Don’t fret.

Most people who have never run a background check on individuals have certain presumptions about what they are, what they cost, and what is necessary to complete one efficiently. The common consensus is that background checks are used only by government agencies – such a law enforcement and criminal justice courts – that they are time consuming, and ridiculously expensive. If you’ve never done one-you probably think this too; but here’s the real story on background checks.

Now, you have no excuse not to do one.


It used to be that in order to find out any background information on a person-such as criminal history and the like-you had to be a member of a criminal justice agency or law enforcement bureau. Today, all you need is a full name, and a desire to know the background of the people in your life. Many companies offer the ability to simply punch in a full name of the person you are seeking information on, and comprehensive results appear from the most reliable of sources.


Since access was not always easy, and the service not so widely accessible and used; it was once a given that conducting this kind of background check would require a lot of work on the part of the service; and therefore, a lot of money. Today, there are thousands of services that allow you to conduct a search for this information-and since the criminal history information is free-with a few situational restrictions-all you pay for is the service. It should be noted, however, that because of this-anyone owning a website can say they offer a comprehensive search, when they don’t; so consider yourself forewarned.


Another common misnomer about background checks by people who have never tried one is that background checks-because they reference a variety of national and statewide resources-take a lot of time-meaning a handful of days. This is not true! There are companies that can locate the information you are seeking, and offer you full details on a person’s background in a matter of seconds, and all they need is a full name of the person you are seeking answers on.


It also used to be that the only way to find a comprehensive background pool of information on a person was to physically visit the jurisdictional courts and law enforcement agencies to locate the actual documents in question-if there were any. Today, most all of this information is available online-as government bureaus and departments seek to make background information more accessible. So, therefore, a person seeking this information; can locate comprehensive information on a person if they use the correct online service.

Which, in conclusion, brings us to our service at Background Report 360. Our service is a way for anyone looking to find comprehensive background information on an individual to find it, in a manner of seconds, and with low expense and no hassle. By comprehensive, we mean you get all the answers you want, regarding criminal histories, property, court, and personal information in three easy steps: search, input a name, and view the report.

What are you waiting for?

You have no reasons to stop yourself from invaluable information that could alter and/or save your life.


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