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Mental Secrets to the Perfect Weight

Enjoying Weight Loss - lose weight with hypnosisIf you are having problems with losing weight (we know sticking to a diet can be difficult), then this message will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s why:

A major league weight loss psychologist, Dr. Roberta Temes, has finally decided to publish the same hypnosis sessions she uses with celebrities and other VIP New York clients. These sessions allow them to follow the advice of their dieticians almost effortlessly, even with their hectic schedules.

She has had great success in working with people who have problems following the eating and exercise plans they know they need to use in order to get to and maintain their ideal weights.

Although she has worked with some celebrities we can’t name, she also has also been able to help normal people gain control over cravings they never believed they would overcome.

Ann Carlo from Sag Harbor, New York is an example:

Enjoying Weight Loss is fabulous. Thought I forgot all about it yesterday, until I realized that I ate breakfast (which I rarely do), drank a lot of water, had a veggie dinner and DIDN’T EAT ANY SUGAR . . . A MIRACLE! Can’t convince me that this system does not operate on some level . . . even though you’re not always conscious of it at the time.”

Dr. Temes is on the Department of Psychiatry at the SUNY Health Science Center Medical School, so everything she does is based on research, not “pop” psychology. That’s why her program is the first hypnosis program we have ever recommended.

This is not the typical weight loss program you might be used to. It is not a diet or a workbook, and it won’t try to psychoanalyze you with a bunch of “inner child” mumbo jumbo. It is straight medical hypnosis from the author of Medical Hypnosis, the first hypnosis textbook used in medical schools.

Here are some of the amazing things you will learn when you go through Dr. Temes’s seven-session program:

  • How to stop your cravings instantaneously, allowing you to stop bingeing before you start.
  • How to get off the diet roller coaster. (Learn how to move from being a “dieter” to being someone who is permanently healthy.)
  • How to create new neural pathways that empower you to replace unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones.
  • Why willpower will not work as a long-term weight control plan, and how to create effortless motivation.
  • How to eliminate your desire for sodas and replace them with a craving for WATER!

And that’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll learn how to do in this 4-CD audio program.

The best part about this program is that it uses hypnosis, so there are no guide books or things you are supposed to do later. All you do is spend 15 minutes a day listening to the sessions and the changes start to happen. Most people notice a dramatic change within just 21 days!

This program comes with an iron-clad 1 YEAR no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, and it’s easy to order.

Best of all, because it is so important to your health that you get this program, I have negotiated a special deal from the publisher.

Right now you can get this program for less than $100! This expires soon.

P.S. This program is recommended by doctors, trainers, and dieticians who us it to help their clients with diet adherence:

“I have been using the Enjoying Weight Loss program with my patients who tell me they don’t even think about ‘bad’ food anymore . . . it’s just a fact in their mind. They find it easy to change self-destructive behavior and ‘stay with the program’ that I recommend. This has always been my biggest challenge as a clinician.”

Dr. Deborah Baker-Racine

Huntsville, Canada

Check out Enjoying Weight Loss today!

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