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In a study of 5,541 single adults (21 and over) living in the United States, 40% were uncertain about wanting to get married and another 27% were clear that they did NOT want to marry.

Even having a relationship seems to be in question with most folks.

21.3% report they don’t have time or prefer to stay unattached. Only 12.7% are actively seeking a relationship. Just under half (46.8%) are not actively looking for a relationship but say that if they met the right person they would consider it, and 16.9% are dating someone. Another 2.2% like to play the field.

When asked about ‘deal breakers’, surveyors found that the top five in order of importance are:

  1. having a disheveled or unclean appearance (67%);
  2. being lazy (66%);
  3. being too needy (63%);
  4. lacking a sense of humor (54%);
  5. and distance — living more than three hours apart (49%)

Match.comThe 2nd annual “Singles in America” study, was developed for by the Institute for Evolutionary Studies at Binghamton University, along with biological anthropologist Helen Fisher and sex therapist Laura Berman. The study was conducted online and completed in December.

You can read the Singles in America report on’s blog.

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  1. Modi Ngoyeji says

    Hi Rosalind! You are doing a great job! I have been reading all of your dating tips, love. marriage, advice, etc. I found it to be very helpful. I like this.

    Well, about love and marriage for example here in Africa.. , love and marriage seem to be still ok, many people like it. And most people if you ask them about love and marriage, may be around 94 percent will say yes to love and marriage. But unfortunately lack of jobs and money for so many people here is the biggest problem, so, men become more worried to engage in full relationship… mainly because they can’t support their love or marriage. So they end up living single or attached but not ”official” or ”legalized” marriage or relationship. They choose this simple style due to economic reasons.

    But in western world, where economy seems to be not bad, about relationship, love or marriage seem to be like ”no one likes to be loved anymore” Because no patience, no acceptance, no caring, no sympathy, no trust. No forgiveness. People forget that men and women are different, and we are also animals! Most of wild animals are polygamous!

    Thanks Rosalind!


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