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Romantic Movie: Love Letters

Featured movie – Love Letters:

The Love Letter

A romantic comedy about a mysterious love letter that turns a sleepy new england town upside down. Bonus features: talent bios production notes theatrical trailer and deleted scenes. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/06/2004 Starring: Kate Capshaw Tom Everett Scott Run time: 89 minutes Rating: Pg13 Director: Peter Ho-sun ChanIts ads portrayed it as a wacky farce, while critics largely ignored it, presuming it to be a vanity project from Kate Capshaw (better known as Mrs. Steven Spielberg). But The Love Letter is neither; on the contrary, it’s a low-key but surprisingly rich and touching film about love, illusions, and regret. Helen (Capshaw), a bookseller in a small seashore town, discovers an unsigned love letter that’s fallen into the cushions of a couch in her store. The letter doesn’t say who it’s for, but Helen assumes it’s for her and starts wondering who sent it. One would expect this to lead to a whirling comedy of mistaken identities, but after some amusing daydream moments, the movie follows its story with subtlety and nuance. The characters behave according to their own needs and desires, rather than the demands of standard Hollywood goofiness. The performances–from a

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List Price: $ 9.99
Price: $ 4.53

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