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Korean FriendFinder Review

Korean FriendfinderAvailable both in English and Korean, Korean FriendFinder is the most popular place for people looking to meet Korean singles for romance, dating, friendship and more!

Korean Friendfinder reports 9,286,803 active members* (as of latest review). Ch’ungch’ong-bukto had 1,208 members and Ch’ungch’ong-namdo had 924 Listings. Here are some more members in South Korea:

  • Cheju-do (547 Listings)
  • Cholla-bukto (878 Listings)
  • Cholla-namdo (731 Listings)
  • Inch’on-gwangyoksi (1,797 Listings)
  • Kangwon-do (1,050 Listings)
  • Kwangju-gwangyoksi (800 Listings)
  • Kyonggi-do (10,560 Listings)
  • Kyongsang-bukto (1,070 Listings)
  • Kyongsang-namdo (1,777 Listings)
  • Pusan-gwangyoksi (3,082 Listings)
  • Soul-t’ukpyolsi (16,353 Listings)
  • Taegu-gwangyoksi (1,834 Listings)
  • Taejon-gwangyoksi (1,199 Listings)
  • Ulsan-gwangyoksi (770 Listings)

But you can meet Korean singles from ALL over the world at Korean FriendFinder.

Site Link Korean FriendFinder
Category(ies) International/Ethnic Dating Service
Free Trial YES
Regions Served ALL
Relationships and/or Activities Heterosexual
Activity Partners
Services Offered Photos
Personality Profiles
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Korean Friendfinder offers more than a static directory of people looking to connect with others. People join for a sense of community ­ the ability to be amongst other people with similar mindsets and desires. Without the limitations of geography, members can develop relationships and enjoy all types of encounters with members from around the world!

Korean Friendfinder gives members the opportunity to meet friends and partners, and enhances the member experience with daily horoscopes, photo ratings, free e-greeting cards, videos, blogs and the interactive Korean Friendfinder Magazine written by and for members. The Magazine includes member-submitted articles and poetry, as well as a question and answer advice forum.

Darts None.
Testimonial “I’ve always found Korean women to be so beautiful, and now I’m engaged to one thanks to Korean FriendFinder!!” – Mikael671*The calculation of the number of accounts, members, listings, logins, and any other similar information appearing on this website is updated approximately every 24 hours. A “member” is a user account which has been logged in within approximately 2 years, has an available profile, and has an active email account. A member is considered “online” if they have logged in within approximately the last hour. The calculations made are approximations and should not be relied upon in making membership or payment decisions.
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