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Regional / Ethnic Dating

Want to meet someone from your own country? Perhaps you want to pair up with someone who understands your ethnic background. You'll find them here...

Hispanic Dating Sites

So, you want to meet Hispanic singles? A Latin lover? Well, I can't say that I blame you and you've definitely come to the right place! In response to visitor feedback, will direct you … [Read more...]

WorldSingles International Dating Sites

Singles at come from countries ALL over the world and every ethnic group. To celebrate our geographic and cultural diversity, and to help you find someone who is either in your area or … [Read more...]

ArabLounge: Meeting Single Arabs Has Never Been Easier

I am happy to announce that I've added to the fold here at ArabLounge is the largest Arab singles and friendship community geared towards Arab men and women as well as … [Read more...]

Hye Singles Review is an online community where Armenian singles can find friendship, dating prospects, romance and more, in a safe and relaxed environment. Hye Singles is the largest Armenian dating site … [Read more...]

Canadian Personals Review

Canadian Personals is one of only a few dating sites specifically for Canadians. They even let you pay in Canadian dollars! Woohoo! What I DID notice was that they called it a Zip code, instead of a … [Read more...]

Asian Singles Connection Reviewed

Although not the biggest site for Asian singles online, Asian Singles Connection is a premier Asian singles community with features such as Click!® technology, video instant messaging, live chat, and … [Read more...]