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Is Honesty the Best Approach to Women?

>>> SUCCESS Story

Hey Dave,

Just wanted to drop you a line on how my personal story has been going since I started doing things “your way”. I have checked every “girl strategy” out there, you know the ones, and have to say that your system is the most simple, and most effective one out there. Your system gives men the start, and allows them to put their own personal touches on it. Then, after some success, (and some failures, of course, he he) we can come back and get even more out of it. Awesome, man.

I’m 27, and have tried your way starting 2 years ago. It took me a long time to get “it”, but the journey has been incredible. My friends can’t believe the change in me, and I am now helping friends who I once thought were so much better than me. My relationships with women are so much more fulfilling now than they ever were when I was just trying to “get laid”.

I think the one fundamental issue you push, which is so overlooked, is the idea that a man can be absolutely honest, know what he wants, and get it. There are no tricks here, this is about being absolutely true to yourself. That is what attracts women to us, our unfaltering honesty, even when we are afraid that that honesty will push them away. The exact opposite is true.

Buying dinner, flowers, kissing ass, all of that crap is, at its core element, dishonest. Being cocky and funny, being true to yourself, and acting like a man, is, at core element, totally honest. I think women really appreciate that, and I think it turns them on in a way that even they don’t understand. I am really starting to get this, and it gets better every day.

Please put out more products, we want them, and have no problem paying a reasonable price for this information. My several different girl “friends” each hotter than the next, appreciate this as well. My life has never been so good. Thanks for making it that way, I owe you way more than the price of your products, of which I have purchased all. God bless you man, you rock.

Your friend, M

>>>David’s COMMENTS:

Yea, it really is amazing that there is a way to have success with women… while still being an honest, straight-shooting guy.

Whodathunkit, huh?

A few more comments…

Yes, I know how frustrating it is to go searching for good information on how to be more successful with women and dating… only to find half-baked ideas from people who have no clue what they’re doing.

And you’re observation that buying women gifts, food, and flower is, at its core, DISHONEST is pretty interesting, too.

Most of the guys who look at my stuff and say “I don’t like your ideas because I don’t like to MANIPULATE women” will turn right around and have no problem buying a woman dinner in hopes that she’ll sleep with them.

Go figure.

Well congrats on sticking with it and getting this part of your life handled. It feels good, and I have a lot of respect for guys who take the initiative to go DO SOMETHING.

Thanks for your email.

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