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Internet Dating Scam: Fake Soldiers (Part 2)

NOTE: This is the 2nd posting of this article as we had SO many comments on the first that it wouldn’t take anymore. 🙂 Too see the 984 comments on the first, please click here.

I just came across a post on “A Soldier’s Perspective” discussing a rather disgusting and disturbing trend that has guys posing as soldiers on Internet dating sites. Here’s the quote from CJ’s:

The latest trend involves trolling internet dating sites and convincing women that they are honorable Soldiers who have fallen in love and would do anything to communicate with the object of their affection. But, because they are deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, they need you to sign up for an expensive telecommunications service like “Military TELEX” in order to make that happen. They profess unending love as their motivator and, unfortunately, many women have fallen for it.

The BIG red flag here is that the guy is asking for money. NEVER fall for that con.

If you come across anyone on a dating site who is asking you for money, regardless of the reason; block them immediately from further contact and then report them to the internet dating service.

To read specific details about about one incident, read CJ’s post “The New Military Dating Scam”.

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  1. Margaret Rodgers says

    To Janet: Beverly is right. Most likely you have not found the person you are hoping for. The scammers love using Facebook as people tend to trust that site. But scammers use it extremely often. This is where my first original scammer came at me, using the profile of a military person. Have you used the technique’s Sgt Robert McLaughlin has advised using, on him ? Asking for his .mil address and MOS. He says if they ignore or refuse this , then they are fake. All military are issued a .mil address and this information is not secret. Also remember we have no more military in Iraq. Just think about it, our military are very busy with military business and have little time for romancing on the internet. I FOUND 100 PERCENT of men approaching me on the internet romantically over the past year to be scammers. Isn’t it sad.

  2. to margaret: thank you very much for your respond. you know, he actually contact me again today to wish me a happy valentines day! unbelievable, but okay. im busy now tracing the email adress. have a friend who help me. think its somewhere in sunnydale ca. im from south africa so i dont know the area.
    you know, i was very rude to him. during the apartheid era in south africa, the black people were called a certain name. im not going to mention it. but when i ask for adress and he said accra west africa, i said i dont trust that flippen……and i went on about the……he went quiet for say 5min plus, then i knew it was a black guy.
    im not racist but these guys are scum. beyond scum.

    the other 2 guys is that wants airtime, the other one is he is a contractor. i reported them to male the site is currently under constructionbut they send me a male when they up and running they will shown it.

    i dont have the heart yet to destroy his pics, so like you, will still looking. fortunately, my motto is that i dont buy gifts for men, they suppose to buy for me! really feel sorry for the ladies that lost so much money and stuff.

    ladies, go to google, type in, show pics of male scammers, you will be surprise who and what you see! i decided to make it my mission to report every scammer i met. thank you for this fabulous website. this is really an eye opener.

    regards to you all;

  3. Margaret Rodgers says

    To Aquablue : I was told we do not have any troops in Nigeria, and I wish I had known that a year ago.

  4. Margaret Rodgers says

    To Joanne : I was once told by the USO that finding my soldier would probably not happen for security reasons and to protect their privacy. My chances were extremely slim. I have two pictures of a soldier that was posted to me by what turned out to be a scammer. I fell deeply in love and did originally try some searching. I did meet two real soldiers and they did look at the pic’s I had. I was given some information, like the name of the uniforms he was wearing and when they were issued. They told me he was National Guard and they believed he was part of the troops that trained the Iraqi soldiers, and I was given a time period. There was one problem, and that was a patch that was on one of his sleeves. I was told it did not belong. The patch belonged to troops that existed right after WW11….and so my trail became cold. I believe the patch was doctored onto the picture as I am told the scammers do such things. Sadly for me I may never know who he is but I look for his face all the time. I eventually removed his pictures off my desk and have put them away unable to discard them completely. This is an example of the emotional pain and scars these scammers leave without even looking back or giving it a second thought.

  5. Margaret Rodgers says

    To Everyone: I posted some information on an individual going by the name of Robert Anderson. I made a mistake , it is Armstrong, not Anderson. He claims to be living in Cape Town, South Africa. A few days ago he confessed he was not the caucasian man in the picture he posted to me but a black man, half Nigerian, and sporting some other race as well. This did not come to me as a surprise, as I already suspected a scammer from somewhere. What did happen to my surprise however was his sending me supposedly his real pictures. He is black in the new pictures. I asked him what would have happened if I had agreed to get the WalMart card he was asking me to get. He answered by saying his “friend” who is a bad person, had asked him to ask me. Hahaha – yeah right. I said so you are not a contractor then, and you are not planning to come to the States next month to meet me, which was the previous line of bull he was handing me. He just said, “no”. He said he sold cloth in a store owned by his brother. To make a long story short, he is a scammer, and got upset each time I called him on it. Kept saying I was making him upset by continuously asking questions and referring that he was a scammer. I retorted by saying I was upset he deceived me. I finally told him I had no money. He then says he wants to come to the States to marry me but I will have to pay for half the cost. Hahaha – these people never cease to amaze me !! If one angle doesn’t work, they try another. I told him then get ready to wait a long time. In my last chat yesterday he stated “I am not in the mood to chat”…hahaha….. gee I wonder why…… have not heard from him since. Many of them will leave you alone when they realize they will gain nothing and you are on to them. It becomes a waste of time and effort for them to spend anymore time on you.

  6. hi ladies. anyone being contact by a chief warrant officer rafeal david lopez? his base in bagram in afghanistan. he needs a phone to hear my voice and to tell me he loves me. adress please? accra in west africa. can someone please tell me where i will find the real soldier?im sure his scamming other ladies too. and what about the soldier and his family? i also reported 2 other scammers that said they was contractors and they wasnt. please anybody?

    thank you.

  7. Beware if anyone goes on yearbook. Ralph Edwards is on that site. His email is There is a real commander with this name, he lives in Tallahassee Fl. He is very good looking man. This scammer is posting his pic on yearbook. I talk to the fake on messenger a week, when he started asking for money for connection fees for his computer and said he loved me….the red flags flew and I started an investigation

  8. good to hear from you Margarett Rogers..its so nice hearing from all of you lovely ladies this kind of stories that will somehow help give a warning to avoid this scammers…

    TO UPDATE RE MY FRIEND CHATMATE/SCAMMER that i shared here, after my official trip i was able to talk with my friend and learned that she stop chatting and receiving the calls . With my tips given to her, i told her to ask the guy to chat cam to cam, and make sure to identify the tone of the Voice of him as the Daddy and Voice of him as the 5 years Daughter, and have them talk at the time…hahaha/… before my trip,my friend had listened carefully and had big doubts that the voices came from the same person… make the story short, of course my friend as a matured professional doctor maybe dont want to get embarrased , she just told me that she stopped chatting with the guy………Who, same as what described by Ms. Rodgers, wanted to come and marry asap my friend, with all those guarantees that he owned a very stable Hardware/Construction company that supplies in China..etc..but he said he is based in UK….

    I WISH THIS KIND OF SCAMMERS TO BE HEALED…and have peace of mind..

  9. Margaret Rodgers says

    For Everyone: Back in Aug.2011 I started chatting with someone named Robert Anderson but not being too interested in him, our chats stopped. A couple weeks ago, we came across each other again, and so I started chatting with him once again. Within a few days , he states he is “crazy in love with me”, and is coming next month to marry me. Basically without even asking me how I felt about this. He stated he is working in Cape Town, South Africa but is from the States.So I’m thinking here we go again. Sure enough today he asks me if I have a Walmart Money Card. I said no, and why. He says he needs to send his pay and have it put onto my card. Hahaha. Oh so funny. Well I told him no , I could not do that. He gave me so many reasons why he needed to do that, and all sounded like reasons coming from someone retarded. He also messed up and during the two weeks gave me two different addresses he supposedly lived at here in the states. The first time he said in Ohio, and then the second time he said Arkansas. I’m sure he thought giving me his address, he could get mine, as he did ask for it. Course I did not come forth with that info. He use’s the email of Robert_am9. Say’s he is a contractor. So don’t fall for taking any money from them to put in any account you have.

  10. mary smith says

    Is there some place to report these scams?? If anyone know a real George Edwards, perhaps George Neal Edwards possibly posted at Ft Dwyer, Afghanistan His name was used in the scam. Also many pictures were sent of the same soldier so I would like to foward them and maybe someone would know this guy because he got scammed to.



  12. Hello
    I am from Sweden , I met a man on last year in May and he say he is in the militaryand presently deployment and assigment on duty in Darfur in Sudan from Oct 2010 and we first talk in yahoo and he had sent me his address from yahoo after that we have talk in MSN and he have address from UK. from last year in Sept he said he want to go to a course centre in Nigeria for a course not paid from the military is an volunatry course , Because when he was in Sudan his boss went to same course and he ask me to send money for a cellphone and computer to this address usarmydepartment @,,,,, his boss should take his computer with to Nigeria . and have peolpe to send money to me trough westen union and I should send them to some in Nigeria because is cost lot of money for the course and also he said his boss want to help him when he was in the course but in last sept is stop for money, I know the folks can access to computer and phone so I was stupid to send money to him .only for the computer not course fee…why did they send money to me the women, it was different name who send it lot of money ,they could send to the Nigeria not to me . when I have ask about something he said I should not ask that kind of question about where he is and rang he say he is captain and he say he is from Aurora in Colorado when I have ask his address there he not give me that and he have a house and have housekeeper look after that He have a son who live with her aunt in UK in Bristol and his wife died 6 years ago and he have a sister he not seen in 20 yearsand his parens past away 1989 and his wife died in cancer 6 years ago and he is 53 years old I have not ask for a year when he was born , we have talk in Msn and now I have ask why he not go back to Sudan he say he must do the project from the course first and is cost 400 euro I say I will not pay that and the pic he have on MSN look l like in a motell room I have ask about that and he say is in his house I dont belive that .sometime when he is online is show up it saythe messages you will send by a cellphone and when I write he never answer me and next time when he is online I can see the came on his msn he never call me last time he call me was last sept when his boss want some help. is there any address to the military .mil I can send and ask about him his name is Leon Jacobs he have say he have been in Hawaii for a year and also in Afganistan2010Now he is an Air force base in Nigeria and couple a days when we talk I ask what he doing he say he was in library and read books and he went to breakfast and came back after 10 minutes Wednesday when we talk he want to go the library and I said is the the same area there you are ,he say I have to take a taxi to townI think he forget what he told me I have told him I want the address to the air force base but he never give me that and today he is not online

  13. Hi My Name is Maria Reynolds,
    I would like to thank those of you out there for reading my post. I hope it helps some of you out there to understand the seroiusness of these scammers and I hope I have helped some of you already. Remember, it is not just the victims that suffer from these scammers but the real soldiers that are out there really putting their lives at risk for our freedoms. It is also the families that suffer the consequences of the actions of these scammers.
    Think about it the pictures of my soldier scammer really do match those of possibly an actual soldier who is out there. If my soldier Steve G. Witt aka Sigmund Witt does actually exist, his identity has been stolen while he is overseas. The pictures of my soldier are on an actual scammer website called “A Soldiers Perspective” Soldier Witt might really exist but his actual first and middle name may be fake or may be real but my scammer was using his identity to scam women out of their money. Our real soldiers moto is “We Take Care Of Our Own!” which simply means the military takes care of all of our soldiers needs.
    If U.S. Army Soldier Witt does actually exist and does actually look like the pictures on his Facebook page and on the scammer page, I would like him to know that I think he is cute and I would like to get to know him better but most of all I would like him to know that someone has stolen his identity. I hope the person that is running this website that I am posting this post on will find the real U.S. Army soldier Witt and let him know what is happening with his identity and cares enough to find him. It is not fair for someone especially a soldier to be victimized like this. Maria

  14. To Margeret Rodgers From Maria Reynolds Good Job on your research. I am glad you did it like I did. If you want to help other women whom you know that you feel are being scammed refer them to my post hopefully yhet will read it and stop their scammers dead in their tracks so that no one will be scammed by these fake soldiers again. Always remember that the women that are being scammed are not the only victims here it is also our real soldiers who are getting hurt and their families. Sometimes these scammers use dead soldier idetities, some times they steal our real live soldiersa idetities, and sometimes they make up identites. Please be careful do the research, google the fake soldiers names and look at the dating a fake soldier scammers websites. Always remember the moto our real brave military soldiers “We Take Care Of Our Own!” Because in all actuality our military branches do provide all the services that our real soldiers need. From phone cards, to food and fluid, to clothing, to money, pens, pencils, paaper, envelopes to free 15 minute calls to their loved ones at the call center provide for them. The military also has access to computers and internet connections we do not need to send them anything. If a soldier is asking you for money he is probably a fake Maria

  15. To Kathy– Hi This is Maria Reynolds. I am sorry you lost alot of money to Capt. Dave Palmer if you are still in con tact with him ask him for his 2 militray issued e-mail ID and then ask him for his actual overseas mailing address. Go to my post and write down what I said about what you are to ask him for. If you have a printer print out my post. Like I said if the man you are communicating with is legit his overseas address should include an APO,FPO,the number of his bettalion, platoon, squadrent or troop, it should also have his unit followed by a 5 digit number, the department he is working under, his official rank followed by a 4digit serial number/identification number. My brother and my 2 cousins were actual soldiers deployed overseas when they sent me their addresses all of these things were included on their official military addresses. The military issued e-mail addresses should end if he is an actual army soldier with one or all of these endings., or just .mil. Remember what I said, the moto of the military is “WE Take Care Of Our Own!” The military provides our offical soldiers with a paycheck and if our soldiers need anything the military provides for all their needs. A real soldier deployed overseas of stationed at home does not need to recieve any money from our U.S. citizens stop sending him/her money report your fake soldier to the U.S.Army CID take care Maria l.Reynolds

  16. pls visit site: view Scammers email address

  17. Has anyone else been scammed by this name it started as Sgt.David Palmer now hes Captain David Palmer please let me know I lost alot of money

  18. by the way….with my interest to help my friend, i search the yahoo mail of my friend chatmate and found out that the email ad used was among the listed Scammers emai ad…

    LADIES, PLEASE DO SEARCH THE EMAIL AD USE BY THIS SCAMMERS….a lot of email addresses was listed on the site


  19. Margaret Rodgers says

    To Maria Reynolds – While I was doing some investigating on Christian Walsh, a Anne M. posted regarding a Christopher Walsh, and per my gut instinct told me this was the same person.Their locations both being in southern Africa region (Lagos and Accra) She discovered Christopher was using the alias of Sigmund Witt. I confronted the person I knew as Christian and he has disappeared from online after previously corresponding for about 6 mos. I believe this is a scammer, using all three these names, and who knows how many more.

  20. hi everybody….im an active member sof a womens group here in phils and i am very much concern about this ladies that are victims of scammers, of which lately my boss househelper who was supposedly ask to send a money to one of this scammers..

    letely i have a close friend, that currently was having a chatmate of who she meet in facebook….introducing him as a widower with one lovely daughter age friend had been chatting with him for 2 months now and he is planning to visit and meet her soon…..promising good life and to but a house for her during his visit…i told my friend to cchat him with cam so she would know who she is talking with …since they were not able to chat face to face on cam….this guy had been using the baby…and had even let tha baby talk /call through long distance calls….i just had the feeling that this guy is an scammer who is using a family name of Morgan……this gives me a feeling of doubt because the name Morgan was mentioned in Ms Reynold comments here….most scammers have yahoo mail…so i think, women should be witty enough to avoid this scammers…

    thank you for sharing all the ideas..this somehow helps and guides women not be victimize by this scammers..

    more power..

  21. My name is Maria Reynolds ,
    I am speaking my mind about a fake soldier who approached me on my facbook page on December 13,2011.
    I was checking my messages on face book when I recieved a personal facebook message from a man claiming to be U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt deployed in Kabul, Afganistan. His message was”Hi am Captain Steve G.Witt of the U.S. Army,am new here was looking up some old friends when I came across your picture u are a lovely beautiful lady and I just had to meet u and would like to get to know u better!’ I responded to him with this ” Did you see my facebook profile page!” I asked him this because I am a married woman of 22 years to an ex U.S.Army Sergeant E5 Ralph John Reynolds Jr. back in 1984 -1987 my husband was in the tanker division of the U.S.Army and training to be deployed in Desert Storm but the war was over before he could get there. Anyway, on my facebook profile page my husband is listed as my spouse. It is all right there on my profile page. Well he did not respond to my question and continued to message me. I told my husband that I was communicating with a U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt deployed in Kabul, Afganistan because I though this Captain was just trying to reach out to someone back home. My husband said “I don’t care I know how Patriotic you are! Your grandfather and two of your uncles fought in WWII, Your brother was enlisted in the Marine Corp and fought in Iraqi Freedom. Your two cousins were enlisted in the U.S.Army also fought in Iraqi Freedom. I really don’t care just as long as it stays on a strickly frienship basis!” I said “Are you sure?” he said “Yes!”
    U.S. Army Captain Steve G. Witt and I communicated for a little over a month our last conversation was on January
    14, 2012. It started out all innocent we communicated on a daily basis and he used to call me babe the relationship we had was still strickly on a friendship basis all through the time we communicated. He started asking me for money I refused on a regular basis and then one day he said that he wanted us to communicate on the phone but he needed money for the connection. I questioned him about that I told him that when my brother and cousins were deployed we never had to send money to them to recieve a call from them. He got angry and then said to me ” U need to get connected with me go to a Western Union and send me the money so that I can call you and we can get to know each other better!” “What don’t u get about this!”
    So I did some extensive research on this sending money to a deployed soldier to get a better understanding of the situation. I found out that every military deployed soldier is provided with a call center set up by the military so that soldiers can call home. I found out that every soldier deployed overseas is allowed free phone calls for 15 minute intervals so that they can call home to friends and loved ones over in the states. I also found out that if a soldier would like to call home and talk to family, friends and other loved ones for longer then 15 minute intervals they are provided with a military issued phone card. The soldiers can call anyone they want including their family, friends or loved ones and talk to them for as long as they want provided that the phone card still has minutes availiable on it and that they can use their phone cards at the call center provided for them by the military. As I am researching this situation in detail, I remembered asking my mother and my aunts what to buy and send to my brother & my cousins on special holidays and birthdays. I remembered them saying “Just get a card and send them phone cards they apprieciate them more then anything else because when they use their phone cards the minutes get used real fast and then they have to wait a month for a new card given to them by the military!” “The more phone cards they have the more they can get in touch with us by phone!”
    I did further research on this and found out that if U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt is really who he says he is before I decide to send money to him I could varify if he was really legit. by asking him for his military issued e-mail accounts. Real Army military soldiers deployed overseas or otherwise are assigned and issued two e-mail accounts. One is a personal one and the second one is a regular military one. Both of the e-mail addresses will end with, or just .mil. I am not sure about what the other military branches use though. I also found out that if I still was not satisfied that U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt deployed in Kabul, Afganistan was legit. I could ask him for his military deployed address which would include one of three abbreviations APO-AE, FPO-AE,or AKO-AE. It would also include the # of his battalion, troop, platoon or squadrant, the department or division he is working under like, weapons department, tanker or other division/department and finally Unit and a 5 digit number following the unit. The address would also include the soldiers official rank and his assigned identification/serial number which would be a 4 digit number. Just to be on the safe side and to make sure that the information I got off the soldier scammer website was acurate I decided to compare it to the soldiers that were deployed in my family. I double checked the deployed addresses I had for my brother and my two cousins. Sure enough all that information was there right in front of my face. I sent a message to U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt and asked him for it he never answered me back or gave me that information. The next time we talked I brought it up again he just changed the subject and told me that after we talked for awhile he would give the information to me. We talked for awhile and all of a sudden he went offline. I did not hear from him for awhile after that. then I heard from him again but it was only for very short intervals. I would see him online and he saw that I was online I would send him a message and he would not respond instead he would just sign off. Finally I started leaving him messages and he would never reply. I told him about the research I did and I have not heard from him since.
    U.S.Army Captain Steve G. Witt has a facebook page with some information on it that is very vague. On his Facebook page he states that He was born and raised in Baltimore,Maryland. He claims he went to The University of Baltimore , Maryland but he does not say when he started college, he doesn’t state what he majored in , he doesn’t state how many years he attended this college or what year he graduated form this college. He states that he is employed by The U.S.Army Department of Defense but he does not say when he first enlisted in the military, when he finished his Boot Camp Training, when he graduated or how many years he has worked for The U.S.Army Department of Defense. U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt claims his birthday is July 22 but he does not put down the year he was born. He claims that he is 49 years old, he claims that he lost his wife in 2005 to a certain type of cancer but he does not state what kind of cancer she died from. He states that he has a daughter by the name of Morgan and that he is one of three children him being the youngest of the three children and the only male. His two sisters are significantly older then him. He claims that his religion is Christian and that he is a very devout and good Christian man. He states that he likes the music of the Moody Blues.The sports he is interrested in are soccer, Tennis and Karate. He states that he likes Serena & Venus Williams and Bruce Lee. The movies he likes are mostly Karate movies.
    On his face book profile page he has set up a series of photo albums, 2 are of of combat, one is on family and the last set of photos is on his lovely daughter. One set of his combat videos shows him as a reenactor of the Knights of the Templar in this set of combat photos he is surrounded by other reenactors of this Midevil time period of The Knights of the Templar. His next set of combat photos is of him in his desert cammoflauge fatigues. These desert cammoflauge battle fatigues were discontinued after the Desert Storm war but he poses in them like they are still in use today but they are’nt. I just found this out yesterday on this website (This website is a soldier dating scam website. This web site shows the same combat pictures that U.S.Army Captain Steve G. Witt has on his facebook page on combat, only this time he is known to women he has scammed by another alias which he is known by as aka Sigmund Witt whose parents were of Aulstralian decent. As Sigmund Witt he Claims that he has a son and that his wife died in a car accident taking his sick dad to the hospital). The next set of photos is on family. In this set of photos he is posed in several pictures with his daughter.He is waring a navy blue suite with a bright blue shirt under the suite. 1 of the pictures shows him posed with two women and his daughter.Woman 1 is waring glasses and has very bright medium length curly hair, woman 2 has medium long length white hair and glasses, he is standing next to his daughter who is waring a long black robe with cords an ropes I am assuming that the robe she is waring is a college graduation robe. The next picture is just of him and the folowing two pictures are also of him. Picture 1 shows him well dressed in summer atire he is waring tan kaki shorts, a dress golf shirt that is checkered and a big expensive watch on his right arm. His hair is parted on the left side of his head he looks very well groomed and cute. Picture 2 is of him posing and lying on a lawn chair lounger he is waring kaki tan shorts and has no shirt on. This picture I am assuming was designed to attrack a woman his chest is very hairy and his upper body is well defined. Then there is a series of photos titled my lovely daughter it is basically just showing pictures of his daughter but two really stood out for me. Picture one is of her in front of a brand new gray SUV. Picture 2 is of her in what he is trying to portray daddys little girl. She is supposedly modeling and posing in her dads dress uniform greens. However, daddys dress uniform greens are actually tailored to fit her and another thing that stood out for me is the tie she is waring. The tie she is waring is a ribbon type black tie designed for a female U.S.Army soldier not a male. The dress Uniform is equipped with a fancy blue rope type decoration placed on her top right shoulder that is designed for a Captains dress uniform which would figure but the dress uniform is tailored to fit a female officer. If it was her daddy’s dress uniform it would be oversized and just barely hanging onto her. His daughter looks to be like 20-22 years old she is not old enough to even be considered as a Captain in the U.S.Army. I asked my husband to put on his Army Dress Green uniform he did and his uniform was equipped with an olive green tie, a formal olive green coat and formal olive green dress pants and a formal type barret not surprising because my husband was a sergeant and no where near a captain. So the dress uniform she was waring was not her daddy’s. U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt’s e-mail address is and his yahoo messenger identifies him as His Facebook page just states him as Steve G.Witt that stood out to me as well because if his name is Steve Witt why are his yahoo adresses under stevegluff and why don’t the yahoo addresses match. His other alias is aka Sigmund Witt.
    I hope that if there really is a U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt serving for our country overseas in Kabul, Afganistan that he is notified and made aware that someone has stolen his identity and is using it to scam women out of their money. I am a very patriotic woman and I admire the soldiers who are actually fighting for our country and our U. S citizens. Real soldiers are deployed overseas defending our country from terroism and protecting our Declaration of Independence, Our Constitution and Our Bill of Right. They are risking their lives every day to defend and protect their family, their friends, their other loved ones and our United States Citizens. Thes real live actual soldiers should not have to worry about their identities being stolen and used by others for financial gain. There are also wives, children, family and freinds that are affected by this it is not right. Some wives and husbands of real soldiers deployed overseas will even surf these social dating sites , my space, facebook and other social networks to see if there loved one is cheating on them. If they find that their loved ones identities on these sites looking for love and other extra marrital affairs they will assume that it is their soldier. They will get mad, jump to conclusions, and confront their loved ones about this. When their soldier denies it the spouses will assume that they are lying to them and decide to leave their soldier or file for a divorce, leaving their soldiers to worry about yet another added issue on top of their war effort duties. Some soldiers may get so distraught that they can not focus on their military duties and get themselves injured, shot or even killed. The soldier may even be so stressed out and distracted that they put their fellow soldiers at risk. All for what, for someone out their has stolen their identity and decided to destroy the real soldiers life. This is just so wrong that it disgusts me. Please find this fake U.S.Army Captain Steve G.Witt before he destoys other peoples lives. Could someone out there please send me the U.S. Army CID address and phone number so I can lodge and file a formal complait against this fake U.S. Army Captain Steve G. Witt.
    Sincerly Maria Reynolds

  22. Kirk Jensen says

    All anyone has to do is take down the name of the person, and see if they have a Cell Phone, ask for their Number, see
    if they give it to you. Then write to the military, asking is there a person by that name, and do not call them or text them.
    I am very shocked as why this crap is going on, and not even the military is saying anything about it. Whenever you’ re
    asked for money, or they’ re asking for money being sent to Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana, or anywhere else for any matter or reason, thats a red flag, please report them to yahoo, or your Internet server. Always use the Doubt, never the benefit, since the other person is always talking the talk, without ever backing up the story, Heck,I use that all the time myself. I am constantly on the lookout for anyone trying to get something for nothing. Just ask them for their real name, see what happens next, I bet they will be using a Alias, or not bother with that person at all. You have to use your gut instinct, and ask someone else who you do trust, see if they can help you find out who the Said Scammer really is, that would be either in your city, or online.

  23. Margaret Rodgers says

    Awhile back I reported another individual I was suspicious of by the name of Christian Walsh. When I was unable to post here, I was reading some posts made to CJ. I came across one post from a lady named Anne M. who was concerned regarding a Christopher Walsh who she had been having an online relationship with. Her concern was that according to a friend of his he had gone to Accra Ghana and his friend texted her that he had been stabbed and robbed and was laying near death in a hospital there and would she send $150.00 asap for a blood transfusion. She told the friend she could not do that. A day later, Christopher emails her saying “for Godsakes send the money pleaseeeeeeeee !!”. Stating he was emailing from his Nurse’s laptop.

    Something told me that Christopher and Christian were one and the same. Also my party being located in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana, not being too far apart. Another odd element, is that according to her this all happened the week of Christmas, and I did not hear from Christian at all during that week. I got one small message on 1-6-12 saying Happy New Year and that was only after I had sent a couple emails asking about his absence in communicating.

    When I sent Christian an email stating I knew all this and what did he have to say about it, he sent one email stating “what is all this crap?” and to email him right away. When I responded right away, i received no reply. I believe Christopher and Christian are the same person, who as Christian to me, tried to get me to accept goods at my residence and forward it to somewhere, and being Christopher to her, trying to get money.

  24. Margaret Rodgers says

    Dear Rosalind – Thanks so much for letting us know what was wrong. I did try and post and it would not go through. I thought I had been banned for posting too many of these scoundrels. Haha. Just kidding. I did wonder what was wrong.

    I did try and post regarding also known as Abraham Wilford, who now has twice asked for money from me for two separate reasons, my denying both requests. I traced him to Saint Peterburg, Russia , which is where he says he is, however, yesterday i got an email from someone calling herself Stacey Richards claiming I owed money to some loan company i have never heard of. Stating I was to make a payment that very day to show good faith or otherwise I would be “dragged” into court. ( very professional language). In tracing her email, it took me straight to Saint Peterburg, Russia. What a coincidence !!!! Although this person doesn’t claim to be associated with the Military,he claims to be in the lumber business. I believe this person is a scammer. I met him on social website.

  25. Hi Robert.

    I was contacted by this soldier by the name of Dave Starlock on a Christian website called Christian dating for free on the 27th of December, 2011. He had pictures of him wearing his US military uniform but the name on the uniform was scratched off. He wanted to chat outside the chat room on a yahoo/MSN chat, which we did. He was pretty decent. After few days he was banned from the site for reason being he is a scamer. He claimed that he is in Libya on a tour of duty and his unit is the bomb squad. He lost his parents at the age of 10 in an auto crash and he his divorced with a daughter named Vera, he in fact sent me a pic of the daughter with him. He has a Face book profile with US military uniforms, location as Tripoli Libya and his university & school details as in Texas.

    I confronted him and asked him for his MOS, APO & US MIL ID, he refused to give the details. i know these are not classified, I have stopped communicating with him since, the reason why I’m sending this email is to know if there is actually a Dave Starlock or who ever is in the picture that’s posted on the site and which were sent to me is actually is him.If there is a Dave Starlock who is working for US Military then to bring it to his notice that some one is using his name/pictures and impersonating him to be as Dave Starlock and to advice him immediately so that he can take necessary actions. I still have my doubts if he is a scamer or not.

    i googled him and there were pix of the same person in civilian uniform and i military uniform on different sites like linkedin & on 333friends. i did send an email to theUS MIL CID department.

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