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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Long Distance RelationshipsLong distance relationships CAN be successful.

Everyone is different and some adapt well to long distance relationships whereas others are unable to cope. It often comes down to your upbringing. Being raised in a close family where both parents were always about could mean that you won’t cope well to living a long way from your partner. Alternatively being brought up with only one parent or in a family where relatives were absent regularly, then you will probably handle a long distance relationship well. However a long distance relationship establishes it is down to both people involved to keep the relationship alive.

The two main factors in maintaining a healthy long distance relationships is, trust and communication. Without these your relationship will most certainly suffer. Trust pays a huge part in any relationship. In a relationship without trust you usually have jealously. Trying to survive in a long distance relationship with jealousy and lack of trust is practically impossible. You will constantly be checking up on your partner, worrying about what they are doing and who they are doing things with. You may even find yourself being the partner being checked up on. Knowing your partner doesn’t trust you is disheartening, especially if you have given them no reason to do so. The last thing you want in a long distance relationship is interrogation; you need reassurance and affection instead.

Communication is vital for a long distance relationship to work. You must understand how each partner is feeling and try to resolve any issues. Ask your partner how they feel and ask about the future. Don’t be scared to ask questions, after all it is your relationship too. Knowing where you stand will help you to sort out your perspective for the future and prevent any confusion further down the line. Instead of assuming that you are exclusive to each other and that you will one day live together again or even for the first time, make sure you have discussed this, or you may find yourself waiting for that perfect relationship that just won’t happen.

During a long distance relationship make sure that you communicate on a regular basis, ideally on a daily basis. It isn’t always possible to talk on the phone everyday, but there are other ways to make contact. Send a text message, write a letter, send an email, send a recent photo and even send a present. Try to meet up as often as you can and once planned, stick to the arrangements. Sharing the same experience simultaneously is a great idea to make you feel closer, such as watching the same television programme or film; you can then discuss your viewings together afterwards. This is just one way to make it feel like you still have a connection together. Another idea is to stargaze at the same time, which in itself is romantic. Your aim is to keep the emotional connection alive and keep the relationship healthy.

Having a positive outlook on your long distance relationship will help you partner to stay positive and feel secure. If you are determined to make a long distance relationship work for you then there is no reason at all why distance between you and your partner can prevent your relationship from working; it is all about personal perspective, trust and good communication.

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