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How Long was Your Longest Relationship?

Just for fun, let’s compare notes on how long our longest relationships have lasted… and that includes your current one.

Voice your opinion in the poll below and let us know!

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  1. I met a beautiful girl on Jan. 4th. 1957 on a blind date while serving in the Royal Canadian Navy. I agreed to going on the date reluctantly because the type of girls we sailors met sometimes were not the type home to mother. Not all but some. My buddy on our ship had a girlfriend who had a sister and caused a problem for him and his girl. Four or five times over a short period of time he would come back from his date and beg me to go with him on the next. Finally to shut him up I agreed. i couldn’t believe my luck. It was love at first sight. A year later we were married. We raised four wonderful daughters who are all happy and healthy and our best friends. I have loved my wife through good times and bad every day for the last fifty two (yes 52) years. I wish everyone in the world could have even the happiness we have experienced.

  2. my longest relationship lasted for six years,we seperated because she died.God’s ll ?

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