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How Important is Your Picture?

300-beautyOnce you’ve made the decision to join a dating site one of the first things that you’ll be asked to submit is a photo of yourself.

While using avatars in chat forums may cut the mustard they just aren’t appropriate in this environment.

But how important is this picture anyway?

If you have the chance to see statistics related to how people evaluate online profiles you’ll realize that those profiles which have any picture at all get more views and more communications than those that don’t.

And those profiles that have good, or even great, quality photos get even more views and communications.

The picture you choose is almost as important as the profile you write.  Posting your picture shows others that you are serious about looking for a potential date or partner.  The dating site you choose may give more privileges to people who post pictures and people who have pictures of themselves have better response rates.  With all of these factors in the favor of those who post photos, you really can’t afford not to take the plunge.

You should address several factors in your photo or photos which will help to increase your ‘clickability’.

  1. The photo should represent who you are.  Don’t include crowds of people and, in fact, the primary photo should be an up close head shot.
  2. Make sure the photo meets the size standards of the website.  If it doesn’t then it will be distorted, making it difficult for people to figure out if you really do have a melon head or if it’s just the picture.
  3. Choose colors in your background and your clothing that complement your skin color and your eyes.
  4. Wear something that you find comfortable but is business casual.  When you are comfortable in your own skin it shows.
  5. Include as many photos as the site will allow to give people a greater chance to ‘get to know you.
  6. Make sure the photos are all current.
  7. Pay attention to the clarity and quality of the actual photo.  You’ll be best served by a digital photo that can be uploaded without scanning in imperfections in the picture itself.
  8. Don’t make your photos overtly flirtatious, glamorous or sexy. You’ll just attract the wrong type of person.
  9. Have a trusted friend or relative screen your photos before you put them on the site.  Ask them to be honest about the photo.  Find out if it accurately portrays who you are and who you want the world to see.
  10. Most importantly, if you are serious about finding a partner and using an online dating service to do it – get an accurate photo and load it on the site!

Now find a photographer and look better online:


  1. The dating site you choose may give more privileges to people who post pictures and people who have pictures of themselves have better response rates.

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