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Guys: Are You Making These First Date Mistakes?

Guys, have you ever wondered why so many of your first dates turn out to be last dates?

It could be that you are making one of more of these classic dating mistakes.

Have you…

  • Lied on your profile about height, marital status, age… anything?
  • Tried to connect with women who are too young for you?
  • Forgotten how to spell?
  • Used dirty innuendos?
  • Pushed for sex?
  • Expected sex?
  • Or, on the other extreme, been freakishly shy?

Be honest with yourself and the women you meet about what you want.

Don’t use a mainstream dating site to meet a woman who is looking for a loving relationship and try to make unrealistic demands on a first date.

If you’re just trying to get laid, there are a ton of dating sites specifically for that purpose, like AdultFriendFinder and SexyAds.

For the shy guys, there are a ton of great tutorials out there that will help you learn how to talk to women.

Check out one of the following:

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