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Free Interview Series with Relationship Experts

Today’s post includes an invitation that will bring you joy — An on-going podcast series of exciting and revealing interviews with leading writers and relationship authorities which is absolutely free.

This series is a fantastic way to learn techniques and tips about dating and get the inside scoop about love and dating from a series of experts. Plus it will be great fun!

This very exciting series of interviews is available FREE, for a limited time, with dating experts from all over the world speaking about love and relationships on audio that you can download.

I am proud to say I was invited to be one of the speakers and you will be able to download my podcast, along with many others, when you register for this series.

Let me first say that…

It can be a challenge navigating the unknown roads of dating. Listening to these experts as they discuss love and relationships from many different perspectives will get you thinking about how you are managing your own relationships….

In this series of interviews, relationship experts and award winning writers such as April Braswell, Steve Nakamoto, Dr Jackie Black, Katherin Scott, Carolyn Bushong, Anna Karimo, Annie Gleason, Ann Robbins and David Steele (and more!) discuss love, romance and dating and talk about the principles and secrets that underpin successful, happy, loving relationships. This is an opportunity to listen to some powerful advice that is bound to deliver an “a-ha” moment.

Listen to the experts discuss love, sex, and dating. It is FREE! 🙂
Follow this link to get the entire series.

Rosalind Gardner

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