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Facebook is NOT a Dating Site

Perhaps I should be flattered (and I am a little bit), BUT I wish guys would stop hitting me up on Facebook.

Here’s an example of the latest…

Hi Sweetie, Its a great pleasure to come across such a gorgeous and special sweet woman like you on here,I am new on here,Just join..i have now looked your profile to me you´re very much liked.You such a Pretty,Gorgeous and beautiful on a photo..And do really catch my eyes i think this the reason why i am contacting You Before we proceed I am (name removed) ,I’m single man of 46yrs yrs,5.7ft…I”m a widower..I live all alone in Brookyln,New York City!!!, well i will love you to know ,I m outta state for now…I m in west afrcaian country for now ,but i will be coming back to the state as soon as my mom she gat better and i had been all alone since 5yrs now,i saw your profile you did catch my attention,Cuz something was telling me deep inside of me that you my kind of woman and i found you very interesting and looking young and Gorgeous like a 25 yrs old lady.. I will be glad if we can both keep in touch and see what tomorrow hold for us …Babe you re beautiful !well i will u to tell me more about you you have kid….!


The guy is calling me “Sweetie?” and “Babe?” and all he has seen is my profile on Facebook?

Give me a break.

Give us ALL a break.

Facebook is NOT a Dating Site.

Try using Match, FriendFinder or eHarmony to find a date, folks!


  1. Lonely Peasant says:

    As a physically unattractive lonely eccentric heterosexual male, i find facebook is absolutely not a dating site, because it is full of my friends and family. Family wants me to become conventionally conservative; therefore i would not be lonely. Friends (females) do not want me to be attracted to them. I can try to make new female friends, but then that would make me even creepier and far more unattractive.

  2. James Huber says:

    He can’t even spell!

  3. Guys used to do that on MySpace as well. Remember that site?! I suspect these types of messages could be from scammers. The ones who try to get you to converse with them and then tell you a woe is me story and ask for money. I have no idea if that’s true… that’s just my guess.

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