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Didn’t You See the Signs?

Rose and Ted were absolutely elated to be chosen as godparents for his nephew’s son.

They traveled thousands of kilometers to attend the christening and arrived at the house where the event was to be held 15 minutes early.

Rose happened to notice a faded-out sign above the doorbell that read “please don’t ring, baby sleeping” (or something to that effect) and stopped to listen.

Sure enough, Rose heard new-Mom and baby’s voices clearly and strongly coming from the kitchen.

Knowing she wouldn’t disturb anyone, she rang the doorbell.

A few moments later, new-Mom opened the door, looked at them and said  (WITHOUT smiling) …

‘Didn’t You See the Sign?”


“Welcome!!” or “How wonderful to see you!!” or “I’m so glad you’re here!!!

But NO…

“Didn’t You See the Sign?” was the greeting they received.

They were both mortified.

Rose was so offended that she wanted to leave immediately and never return. Only for Ted and his nephew’s sake did she refrain from saying what she really thought at that moment… i.e. “Wow! what a bitch!”

Sadly, it got worse.

During dinner, new-wife-and-Mom chastised new-Dad less than 30 seconds into a conversation about his career as a pilot – to ‘cease and desist’ because “no one was interested or wanted to hear it”. VERY poor observation on new-Mom’s part, because Rose counted at least 5 people at the table who were completely interested in the discussion.

And despite being the godparents – Rose and Ted were specifically REFUSED a picture with their god-child because the request came after his nap time — despite the fact that the child was still awake and quite lively.


The point?

All the signs that new-wife-and-Mom was control freak were there BEFORE they married and had children.

Ergo… ‘see the signs’ BEFORE you choose to marry… and if you can’t see the signs, start asking questions!

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