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Cosmic Compatibility – It’s All About The Moon

By Carol Allen

Tip: If you’ve spent a lot of time learning about the signs of the zodiac, it may surprise you to know that your Sun sign and that of the man or men in your life, does not have much to do with how you RELATE.

That’s right – it’s NOT the thing to pay attention to when you want to know about compatibility.

It’s not that it’s a waste of time to learn about the signs, it’s just that there’s A FAR MORE IMPORTANT SIGN to understand when it comes to love…

But it’s NOT your Sun sign, it’s your Moon sign.

In fact, the most amazing compatibility technique in all of astrology comes from the ancient system of India, and it’s based completely on looking at two people’s Moon positions.

To learn more about the power of this information to enlighten your relationships, check out a comprehensive compatibility report called, “The Right Man Report” which utilizes this technique.

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I have a confession to make: when I first started doing astrology readings for a living I was SCARED.

I was incredibly worried that people would want me to be this brilliant oracle.

You know, like that they’d expect me to know every detail of their past, present, and future to such a specific extent that I’d be able to tell them exactly what to do about EVERY area of their lives…

Including things like where to work, who to marry, how many kids to have, and what stocks to buy.

I thought clients would want me to tell them such exact predictions that I’d be responsible for their very existence.

But a funny thing happened…

Soon, I noticed a phenomena that kept occurring over and over with almost every client that walked through my door.

In fact, it happened so much that I basically completely stopped worrying about what I was supposed to tell them.

All my fear vanished.

What was it that kept happening?

A truly amazing thing – instead of clients wanting ME to be this powerful source of massive, detailed information, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

They kept doing ALL the talking!

It almost didn’t matter what I said.

They didn’t seem to care what I said – they wanted me to listen to what THEY said!

I just had to nod and smile and make the occasional “mmmm hmmm,” sounds, and they’d leave happy.

I couldn’t believe it.

And soon my fear was replaced by GUILT.

This wasn’t work – this was easy – and most of the time it was fun!

What was it that people were so desperate to talk and talk and talk endlessly about, that they were willing to drive across town for, and pay a total stranger to listen to them yammer on and on about?

You guessed it… boys.

Every astrology “reading” turned into an enormous girl chat about boys… men… love… and what to do to be happy in a relationship.

Pretty soon I figured out that I’d better find something of value to offer, beyond nodding my head and smiling from time to time.

So, for almost a decade I tried to learn all that I could about astrological compatibility.

That was what my customers were clamoring for after all – they wanted to know how to best get along with the men that they loved.

And they were asking for ASTROLOGY.

I wasn’t a therapist (though they tried to turn me into one!).

I am an astrologer, after all.

And sometimes the charts were very helpful.

I could see things like what timing a woman was in, and whether or not it supported her being in a full relationship.

I could predict when she’d marry (no kidding!) and when she’d likely have a big break up.

I could tell her main issues in relationships – if she was too sensitive, bossy, introverted, masculine, or fickle…

I could see who she was attracted to – older or younger, rich or poor, creative or square, and if they’d likely be available, faithful, addictive, or flaky…

But often it felt like my assessment of two charts together (chart compatibility) was vague.

I could see who of the couple made more money, the different ways they communicated, and basic specifics about their personalities.

But the women already knew that stuff.

What I couldn’t see was the very DESTINY of the relationship itself.

I started to get frustrated that I wasn’t being very helpful, even though my clients didn’t seem to mind – again, all they wanted was for me to nod and smile.

But I wanted to HAVE THE ANSWERS. I wanted to KNOW what they should do. I wanted to be a source of REAL CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING.

Soon I started to get bored with readings – not with clients, but with my contribution to the sessions.

I started considering becoming a therapist after all.

I looked into Psychology programs. (But I’d have to take more math classes – something I swore I was done with FOREVER in college – ugh!)

I got scared all over again – not of seeing clients, but of what I was going to do with my life.

Perhaps I’d wasted the better part of a decade studying astrology, only to abandon it…

And then, a miracle occurred.

I went to an astrology conference and I met an amazing man at a lecture. He and I kept both chiming in and participating with the speaker, and we both kept saying essentially the same things.

So, after a while I noticed this guy was very cool – because, hey – he and I kept agreeing.

So we talked at the break and he told me he’d given a class on an often misunderstood, misused compatibility technique that he’d uncovered and taught himself, by studying several books from India in their original (now dead) language that he’d also taught himself.

(Can you say GENIUS?)

He gave me a handout from the class detailing the technique which he explained was based on comparing two people’s MOON CONSTELLATIONS, said his goodbyes, and walked out of the conference hall.

Neither of us knew that in that brief exchange he’d changed my life forever.

I went home and started playing with the technique.

I started using it in readings.

I started sharing the information it revealed with clients.

And soon another amazing thing happened.

They shut up.

They wanted to hear what I had to say.

They hung on my every word.

No longer were my compatibility sessions vague.

Now I could give real, in-depth, specific, comprehensive overviews on exactly how two people would affect each other and FEEL together.

And not just that – now I could see not only how they’d get along, but the actual potential of the relationship to MOVE FORWARD or not, separate from how they got along.

And the best part? It never failed…

I fell so in love with the technique that I tracked down the amazing man who gave me the handout and trained under him for several years.

And when I started trying to reach more women to help them be more successful with the men they loved, I called him up and we figured out a way to make this information available for YOU at your fingertips!

“The Right Man Report” is the result. This lengthy, detailed compatibility report can help you to finally understand your man and your relationship, and just what to do with both.

To order yours now with a seven day, no risk, money-back guarantee, sign up for my newsletter and order yours today:

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Here’s why it’s so cool… It covers fifteen areas of connection (or DISCONNECTION), explaining just what you experience with a man.

(Because sometimes it’s not a compatibility report, it’s an INCOMPATIBILITY REPORT. :))

Things like: if you have the same sensibility and can truly be yourselves of if no matter how much you explain yourself he’ll never get you, if you can easily want the same things or if you’ll have constant obstacles keeping you apart, if you can feel peaceful with him or if his very presence will make you uncomfortable, if you’ll have that “meant to be” feeling, and more…

It takes all the confusion out of your dynamics.

Now you can know why you’re crazy about him but never want to do the same things, why he seems overwhelmed by your emotions, why no matter what you do you can’t have progress, why you feel more loyal, why everything that happens between you is your idea, and on and on…

No longer do you have to wonder if your issues or challenges with him are all your imagination or not.

No longer will you feel like your relationship problems are ALL YOUR FAULT.

Maybe they’re not your fault, or his…

Maybe they’re just how you go together.

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May God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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